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More pics...

Hanzo rode home and Pepe and I rode to the Vintage Bike Show in HB.

We got there when the people's choice bike was chosen, guys were heading back home!

The furry VFR guy brought this bike to show and sell.

The People's Choice for January!

1-14-18 Rode to Dunkin' Donuts in SA to meetup with Hanzo and Pepe.


We were heading to San Clemente, stopping at Cresent Bay Point Park in Laguna Beach that has a nice overlook!

Headed to Biggie's for lunch!



1-5-18 Rode to HB Honda...

Going to meet the Honda Supercross riders!

There were 2 Jet-ski guys, then the 250 SX guys, then the 450 SX guys!

I brought my retired Bell street helmet for them to sign!

The Honda 250 SX signatures!

And the Honda 450 SX signatures!

Also had a hot dog and a burger!   :)

Haha, you got a pic of Kim and me as we were heading to Cook's Corner!   :17:

12-27-17 Rode to Kim's house, gave him his Xmas gift...

He finally got his bike back, we rode Santiago Canyon to Cook's Corner!

Replaced inner primary cover, cylinder gaskets replaced, new rings. valve job and heads polished! Kim says the torque is awesome!

Stopped for lunch!

Pizza! Kim has a headlight issue, thinks he has to replace the switch.

12-17-17 Rode thru Santiago Canyon to Buffalo Wild Wings in Lake Forest to meet with some OCMoto peeps for Justen - RIP...

Good times!  :)

More pics...

Another cool scooter!

This bike won the people's choice for December!

12-10-17 Rode to the Vintage Bike Show on HB.

Parked next a buddy's bike, diggin' the helmet!

Cool scooter!  :cool:

12-7-17 Rode to meet Kim and Doug at Ruby's Diner in Whittier...

$2.99 cheeseburger and fries today only, 1 order per person!

A line was forming outside!

We got in and out of there just in time!

11-25-17 Hanzo and I rode to have breakfast at Walker's Cafe in San Pedro...

The coast was cool and foggy!

This Harley pulled up as we were leaving.

Pic of San Vicente Lighthouse, you can barely see it!

This pic is from the Point Vicente Interpretive Center.

11-23-17 Thanksgiving dinner...

And dessert...


11-19-17 Kim and I went to IMS in Long Beach...

Ran into Felix who works for Honda!

Kim checking out the Honda Gold Wing.

SV bike!

SV concept bike!

SoCalMotorcycles marketing girl!

Ruben from MotorHelmets!

Jenn & Pete from Track Experience!

Randie working at Russ Brown!

Gaffer girl!

Gil from TrackDays!

Ducati girls!

Misc / Re: Long Beach Motorcycle Show - 2017
« on: 11/19/17 05:38PM »
Kim and I were there Sunday. Saw a few peeps there!

11-18-17 Rode to Starbucks in HB to meetup with Hanzo and Trent!

I woke up realizing that I set my alarm for pm instead of am?!

We rode to Crystal Lake!

Then we rode to Donut Man!

Good times!

11-17-17 Rode to the Elks Lodge in BP (my hood) for a car show!

Kim was there and his friend Russ drove his Mustang there! The peeps do a pot luck and they have a raffle! I rode home and  noticed my headlight was not working?!

11-16-17 Rode to BPHS...

KTLA 5 doing a news report from the HS I went to!

Haha cameraman selfie!

Pic with KTLA 5 Lauren Lyster!

11-12-17 Rode to meetup with Hanzo and we went to "Biggie's" in San Clemente for lunch!

Who is that longhair hippie?  :D

Hi Grom111, it was overcast and cool out today!

11-5-17 Rode to Newport Beach Ducati for the 2018 Ducati Lineup Event!

OMG Freddie No Wheelie showed up! Been a long time since we have seen each other!

He had his bike out earlier but it was raining along the way so he drove his car.

Huong showed up!

Now rides a 1200 Monster!

Fezz and his GF were there!

They were off running errands! Fezz now rides a Triumph Daytona.

GF bike!

The Event was taped from Italy.

Hanzo showed up!

We ended up leaving for lunch at El Michoacano, haven't been there in a long time!

Good times!

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