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Thanks to all for joining. As Capt.Bob mentioned to me this morning, going early sure does leave a lot of room on the road for us! It was also nice that the few cars we did encounter pulled over and let us pass. Although later in the afternoon when thepretender and I broke off from the group, we encountered a van that seemed to not want to let us by and when he did it was a few corners away from a road closure.

There was a motorcycle accident about half way through Latigo Canyon and they made us turn around. Not sure the condition of the rider or what actually happened but there were quite a few emergency vehicles attending to the scene. Hopefully the people involved are OK.

Working...8 days straight! Grrrr
You need a need line of work!  ;)

What? Too early to ride people?! Best time to experience Malibu is before all the craziness starts...

Off Topic / Re: Lyle, other east Anaheim check in!
« on: 10/09/17 03:50PM »
0 percent containment 2500 acre fire  :(
He chimed in on FB and is OK but did have to evacuate...

Miscellaneous / Re: Accent lighting
« on: 10/04/17 05:00PM »
Can any members recommend someone to help fix or replace accent lighting (LEDs)? Please message me.

Trying to fix up my girls Ninja.

If he doesn't see this and respond soon, maybe PM R0ckrat, he works for a company that offers accent lighting for motorcycles.

Racing Headquarters / Re: Fib-Tib break for Rossi
« on: 09/20/17 07:58AM »
He said he was heading to Aragon and if he's declared fit to ride he's going to try. He admits that riding the M1 is much different than riding his R1, so he should have his final answer after FP1. Michael van Derek Mark is still listed as being his replacement if Rossi doesn't race.

I have one you can have. Will send a picture and measure the O.D. to see if it will work. Works with Honda VFR800 for reference
thatd be awesome! thanks! I looked online and it looks like they are different sized pins, but it should work for the time being until I can order a replacement pin.
If the Honda pin is too big, you can probably have a machine shop turn in on a lathe to the right size. Although it might cost you about the same you wouldn't have to wait as long to get it.

On some or most ppl I suppose, it's one of the stages of "growing up" on two wheels, going up the canyons and treats it as local track. I was once a dumb 20 years old thinking I'm the fastest man on hwy 18, Idywild, and Palomar. I'm lucky to be alive.  But if you riding around with nice bike, expensive gear that were bought new and think twice to buy a track day, don't substitute canyon as one. Stick to bike nights, Starbucks and/or work on bikes (I do all three, no shame in that)... better that than ended up dead and took someone that's not at fault with you.
With great power comes great responsibility! I think what helped me as well as some of my riding buddies was having a mentor, someone who could teach and preach what it is to ride a motorcycle. Having someone who can give you the finer points of riding and/or help keep you "in check", can make big difference in your learning and survival rate.

Yes, at 20 something we all think we are invincible but when you see others, often older riders, not able to handle a bike, it sure does make you stop and think, unless your ego is too big that is. Knowing your and your bike's limitations can go a long way in making it a long and prosperous riding lifestyle. I always stress to anyone who asks about getting on a motorcycle the dangers of it, I tell them that it is not for everyone and there are serious repercussions if you don't pay attention or take riding seriously. I will also tell them the great enjoyment they can get from it too but that there is a lot more to it than taking an entry level riding course and hopping on and riding. Glad you were able to keep yourself alive!

Let's ride smart and safe out there guys, I'd like to be able to meet more of you and hopefully get to know more about you. So far I have met a lot of members here and often ride with a few of them consistently, I'd like to keep that trend going.

What makes this incident even more tragic is that these riders were so young. I get the challenge of riding fast on twisty roads, I've done it, I do it but I don't take it beyond my or my bike's capabilities, that to me is the most important thing to remember, on the track you can push 85%+ but never on the street IMO.

RIP riders.

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Ride To GMR - Sunday 9/17
« on: 09/17/17 07:59AM »
Not one to flake normally but wasn't feeling great this morning, so had to back out. Have a good ride!

According to the description, the truck cut the biker off. 

This "19-year-old kid" picked a fight all because he was cut off?  And lost no less.

Motto of the day:    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
This always cracks me up, even if you're in the "right" battling against a larger vehicle, or in this case a larger individual isn't the wisest choice to make. Here, he just got his ass kicked, in other cases much worse happens to both rider and motorcycle. Choose your battles wisely folks!

Racing Headquarters / Re: Fib-Tib break for Rossi
« on: 09/11/17 11:08AM »
It was announced today that Michael Vander Mark of WSBK will be replacing substituting for Rossi for the Aragon race.


Rossi interview.... had me rolling on the floor:
That was funny!

another bump...Make an offer if you don't like the price.

Racing Headquarters / Re: Fib-Tib break for Rossi
« on: 09/11/17 06:38AM »
It was announced today that Michael Vander Mark of WSBK will be replacing substituting for Rossi for the Aragon race.

If anyone is interested in this stand but don't have the same bike, Bursig makes adapter kits for other bikes but alas not any of the three I have. I ended up buying the ABBA Skylift which is very similar and as BCMC mentions, it's one of the best stands you can have. If Bursig had the adapter kits for my bikes I would have gone that route. Before you pass this up, check the Bursig website to see if they have an adapter kit for your bike, guaranteed you won't regret it.


Racing Headquarters / Re: Fib-Tib break for Rossi
« on: 09/01/17 11:59AM »
Not sure if a MotoGP subscription is needed to view/read this but there was a good interview Rossi had before his accident.

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Ride: Saturday, September 2nd
« on: 09/01/17 08:50AM »
I have to say, I'm only half surprised not many takers on this ride. If I didn't have to do some prepping for my trip this week, this would be a ride that suits my taste.

Although it may be on the warmer side of hot weather, having the right gear can make a world difference. If this is what is keeping some of you away, look to spend a few bucks on some cooling gear, you'd be surprised how much it can make a difference.

For those who think that a holiday weekend is the worse time for ridng, think again, many of the trips Rouge and I have done with almost no traffic, have been on holiday weekends. Most drivers are looking to get out of Dodge on Friday and postpone their return at the last minute on Monday.

Oh yeah, the length is nothing, even on a sport bike. Repsol has done this same ride and similar length rides on his CBR1000. Taking breaks and staying hydrated is the key to comfort.

Anyway, have a good ride you guys. Ride safe and enjoy!

Good stuff brother! Always great to see when father and son can share the same passions. I'm glad I got to share the love of the outdoors with my pops. Lots of camping, riding and sand rail fun for us. :1:

Man crush on RDTodd!!! LOLOL
I did "NOT" have sex with that man....
LOL Yeah, but you sure made an impression upon him, enough so that us proletariats don't count!

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