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Off Topic / Re: Happy saint Patrick's day
« on: 03/18/18 04:07PM »
Corned beef and cabbage is traditional.  :3:
I had 2 bites of corned beef at Costco that was good enough for me. Not a favorite of mine even once a year and I'm half Irish.

I'd  give it a go could tbe great enquiring minds want to know. The front should stick like glue, three wheel drift with a knee down look out MM here I come lol.

Bikes For Sale / Re: 2010 aprillia Tuano/07 Vino 125
« on: 03/09/18 02:20PM »
I think it's stock just less plastic than came from the factory :) I think at one time you could have picked it up on GMR. As I recall there are some nice suspension mods/upgrades done.

Went to GMR today from the lookout near the lake road, didn't go up to the lake as the icy warning was out and it was dam cold up there.

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: One lucky dude!
« on: 02/28/18 08:11AM »
I had the beginnings of a tank slapper the other day, didn't progress to stop to stop full on slapping yet still was not fun.

Post about the area near Calico posted awhile ago looked cool, at least I remember it that way.
Anbody want to trade a Vmax for a small BMW GS or a DR650 lol

Off Topic / Neil Young Hi Res free online.
« on: 02/25/18 02:44PM »
If your a Neil Young fan and enjoy the highest quality music then you are lucky. Neil just put his entire library at the highest digital quality for free until June up Some of you millennial's may not know who the hell this is but I have a good DAC and headphones hooked up to my computer listening with a grin on my face.  :3:

"If there is no special license to drive it then itís a car." This is opinion not a fact. :)
Can-am's and Slingshots are both motorcycles in California and you don't need a motorcycle license to operate either one.

If they should or violate the sprit of the HOV lane is a mater of opinion. I don't care is mine, the number of them on the road is a statistical blip on the map as to make them irrelevant to most any conversation.  Live and let live just go out and ride  :17:

California considers it a motorcycle so of course its legal.

Don't take a wrong turn down a hiking trail, it really pisses the bi-peds off.  :17:

Well I have to admit it I puss'd out this morning just didn't want to take on the mid 30's. There is no hang head in shame emoji but if there I would use it  :34:

Yeah great to see some new faces nice day for a ride.  :)

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Intermediate ride, anyone?
« on: 02/17/18 09:07AM »
Sunday morning 8:30 am Lone Hill and Foothill (route 66) Shell :17:

Still going can't keep me off the mountain.  :17: 

Looks like TC and I can make it.   :30:

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Intermediate ride, anyone?
« on: 02/16/18 05:31PM »
Looks like a plan to me  :31:

The 6 people that tried to get on thank you.  :3:
The was attempt at humor.

Cop was probably tailgating trying to figure out how somebody was riding a bike that ugly :32:

Just funnin' with ya BD.

Off Topic / It's National Pizza and Bagel Day
« on: 02/09/18 09:23AM »
Just noticed its National Pizza day do your part and go get a Pizza :)  :3:

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