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Ben Franklin said it well.
"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."
Get a warrant then bust the m-f'er.


how do you guys do all these long touring rides and keep tires?!? Feels like I just got 6 months and 10,000 miles later...I already need another one loves me  :7:

Great ride nice pace little traffic good people. Anybody who didn't go should be wishing they had gone.  :17:

Bike Nights / Re: Hooters Bike Night 2018--Ontario
« on: 01/11/18 09:23PM »
It only feels like 300 miles if your riding a 675R  :32:

I've tried it on the VFR wasn't so bad but the makes you lean forward so all your weight is on slim jim and the twins so not a long term position  :36:

I'll be there at 7:45 no problem. I don't get bypassing Palomar though S6 and S7 may get a rock or two but I've yet to see them real bad. I can see avoiding Mesa Grande as it can get real dirty as well as rocky from a good rain. Carlee's is good but Kesling’s Kitchen makes what looks like a good wood fired pizza. Just something to think about  :)

General Motorcycle Discussion / GMR is open again.
« on: 01/11/18 03:35PM »
 Been closed so long, started with the wind then I'm told they kept it closed because it was so dry. Guess the rain we had did the trick  :31: :31: :31: :3:

Well there goes my Saturday morning :)

Off Topic / Re: Forum Design Opinions
« on: 01/05/18 11:52AM »
Don't much care about the layout right now if it comes up at all it's a win :)

What no surfing?

I went with a single R when I needed heated grips but to each his own.  :17:

Come on people just get a electric liner and laugh at the cold, best $150 you'll spend for winter time riding.  :17:

I now some had given up and deleted shortcut to Ocmoto but not me I kept pressing that button until presto it's back  :3: :1:

Off Topic / Re: Goodbye OC (moving to Temecula)
« on: 12/27/17 10:32AM »
Half way to your goal, next move next move half way again on to Pala then on to somewhere on the Mountain  :3:

Sensor size plays a part also the D850 is full size 35mm  $$$. I paid less for my VFR. He's not alone I paid more for my Canon than I did the VFR also  :32: Photography can be spendy for the good stuff.

Misc / Re: Long Beach Motorcycle Show - 2017
« on: 11/19/17 08:58AM »
Be there in the morning  :17:

Nikon D850 possibly 70-200 wide open so f2.8 iso 160 1/200th of  a second. Nice kit.
(could be the 105mm prime)

Racing Headquarters / Re: Lorenzo 2017 Final Position
« on: 11/17/17 08:14PM »
Nailed it!

He ended up way better than you predicted.

Ok, Ok you were only one off, I bow to your genius  :1: :1: :1:

Misc / Re: Mission Motorsports Annual Sale
« on: 11/10/17 07:37PM »
This is good sale lot of deals and plenty of people I suggest you get there early.

I think last time we did this route we said back between 2-3 pm and were correct.

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