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Installed new foam grip cover covers, as the old set was falling off. Love cushy, thick grips.

Yes, it's legal. I think the Slingshot is too.

The rest of this thread is completely off topic. Going to hate on Harley-Davidson and Goldwing trike conversions too? Let people ride what they want. If it's not for you, that's fine. Ride what you want. Stop hating.

Yeah, that sounds a lot like entrapment, actually.

What I would do is take advantage of being small to move into slower traffic that the SUV can't follow into and force them to either brake to stay behind, or pass.

Question - when they first appeared behind you, were you speeding?

Sad face. Missing so many rides these days due to work. Heading to Cleveland for the weekend as part of the IMS tour.

Bike Nights / Re: Women's Motorcycle Show 3
« on: 01/20/18 10:49PM »
Jrod was there?!? LOL

I knew her from bahsten

Hers was the electric supermoto near the forge furnace...

Here's another article with a different take from the folks at Revzilla...

What I plan to do in 2018 for the good of motorcycling

I wish we were on the cusp of a thriving era for the industry and for ridership, yet all the data indicate we are not in the midst of a Golden Age of motorcycling in the United States.

Whatís a rider to do? Itís not likely an individual can favorably sway the employment environment of an entire country. I can't easily alter income inequality, snowy weather, or the price of gasoline. However, Iím confident there are things an individual person can do to promote a healthy, growing motorcycle climate in the United States. Here are some things I plan to do in 2018.

Bike Nights / Re: Women's Motorcycle Show 3
« on: 01/20/18 01:43PM »
It was a really great show. Glad we got to chat for a few minutes, Andy!

I also got to chat with Brittany Morrow and JRod, and reconnect with Ginger from Gigi Montrose who I met at EICMA.

Here's my gallery on Flickr from the event.

One thing that hasn't gotten much attention is the role the dealer plays. Lots of people walk into to dealers with a passing interest, and leave thinking that it's too expensive. Dealers need to work on their sales people to get that first sale so that there will be a later sale. The sales guys often focus on the expensive, high profit margin options rather than working to make an interested party into a longtime rider and purchaser. So they might get one sale that has a high return, but then that buyer scares themselves, sells the bike never to return. If the dealers would work more on getting people onto the smaller displacements to start, and getting them into education courses, then there would be greater numbers tha would return to that dealership for bigger bikes later.

Here's another article on the topic...

Give A Shift: Trying To Help Save The Motorcycle Industry
Kickstarting a needed conversation

"Give A Shift is the punny name given to an initiative intended to forward the cause of motorcycling in the U.S. market, which is showing signs of shrinkage due to a variety of reasons: demographic, cultural, and systemic.

Spearheaded by Robert Pandya, a moto industry stalwart in public relations and marketing, GAS is bringing together all interested parties to identify problems and to come up with possible solutions. All voices are desired, from newbie millennials to veteran industry personnel and stakeholders.

The first GAS conference was held last November, with a panel of 25 individuals from diverse backgrounds, including yours truly. A follow-up gathering was assembled last week.

Flattening motorcycle sales will have a profound impact on the transpo-tainment aspects of motorcycling that weíre passionate about. Baby boomers have girded the moto market for decades, but their collective influence is dying off, quite literally. For the motorcycle industry to maintain its current sales volume, particularly here in North America, we need an influx from younger generations." - Continues at link.


US Motorcycle Industry's Woes - Part 1

Evaluation & Analysis
The US motorcycle market is very different from all other markets in the world. In India for example they sell 17M bikes a year. It's no wonder European brands are flocking there. We are a country of 320M and last year we purchased 17M new cars, SUVs and pickups. However, in the same year we bought only 470K motorcycles, including scooters and three-wheel vehicles (down from over a million units in '07). The US moto market has contracted or shrunk by about 60% in 10 years.

Read the rest at the link.


How was attendance at AIM Expo?
Sorry about the late reply...
Reasonable, but I heard it was down from last year. Also hearing that he IMS shows are both smaller and have less attendance than previous years. As in 50% decrease from last year at Long Beach and New York, 70% down at Minneapolis. The remaining shows are coming up soon, so will report back after those. I'll be at shows for 3 weekends straight soon, then 1 weekend off before the last show in Washington D.C. last weekend of February. Racking up some airline miles, though...

Rode to eat at Irvine Bruxie.  we hard core n chit. So what's a good photo hosting site cuz I'm still trying to get all my pics off that photobucket failure.
Imgur, Flickr, Amazon Photos if you have a Prime account, I think iCloud even can work, Google Images (aka Picasso), there are others, too. If you aren't worried about someone using them, 500pix might even be an option.

Did a bunch of maintenance, and added some effects.

Adjusted exhaust valve clearance... Reference photo for reassembly...

Effects... Lights glow red under brakes.
(click to view video)

Bike Nights / Re: Women's Motorcycle Show 3
« on: 01/05/18 11:09PM »

There are a few moto specific spaces at DTD - pull in through the gates, first left, first right, right again, and left down the "front" row to the end. Last two or three car spaces are "reserved" for motorcycles.

We finally moved our containers down from Seattle, and have the wife's piano. Surprisingly, it's held its tune quite well. Only a minor tune would be needed for those with sensitive ears. It's currently located in the LEXIN offices in Montebello. Asking $500 or best, see full details here:

Personally owned since 1992 and just taken from 4 years in climate-controlled storage (moved from Seattle). This is a spinet. Spinets are ideal for the smallest of spaces due to being the most compact of the "upright piano" family. It's very apartment-friendly in size.

Chickering & Sons makes a quality piano. They're American-made, and the company was founded in 1823 in Boston. This piano, made in 1954/55 based on its serial number, is in good condition and has true ebony and ivory keys, although some ivories are chipped (from before my time). I had it tuned regularly and should still be in fine condition. The wood is walnut. There is some cabinet damage - it's a 60-year-old piece of furniture.

All the keys have full action and it's still reasonably in tune, so you can play before you buy.

The piano can be moved by four men, one on each corner, or two body-builder types.
You are responsible for moving to your own location.
I recommend tuning once it is in position in its new home, although it is playable now.

Off Topic / Re: Forum Design Opinions
« on: 01/04/18 09:39AM »
Check out - they have LOTS of those features.

Just looked, they use Xenforo with add-ons by Waindigo. They have a "like" button for posts, and the quoting is really nice. No idea about the admin/mod side. Didn't know Xenforo couldn't split a thread... Is there a need for that?

When you ride a naked bike for a couple of weeks straight you develop neck muscles. After the first few weeks of riding naked only, you don't notice the lack of "protection" or feel any additional strain, but when you then get on a bike with a fairing you notice a huge lack of sensation. The wind can tell you a lot while you are riding, and you are less likely to be as surprised by a sudden side gust...

Now that RockStorePhoto is retiring, you might have a nice following if you can get the name out to others that ride Mulholland...

Set up the company trade show booth...

The trick is where... EICMA (like AIMExpo, or Long Beach IMS, only 5 times bigger. Bigger than SEMA.) In Milan, Italy. Enjoying some really good Pizza!

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