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Off Topic / Re: I got burned, Need advice
« on: Today at 05:45 PM »
No title no registration now his phone# is out of service don't want to deal with a lien sale a true "DICK MOVE", Shoudve trusted my gut I frkn new better!

Off Topic / I got burned, Need advice
« on: Today at 10:21 AM »
A so called "friend"came to me recently needing a place to store a couple bikes while he sells them I reluctantly agreed and posted on CL and here but told him repeatedly it was short term. Long story short I bought one of the bikes but he has now left the country for at least a year leaving me with a Tuano a box of parts and  another motor and frame. I'm subletting the space a need it it all gone , What are my options?

Do the Drz yourself lol

Does it fire? I have an ultrasonic cleaner you can borrow
  Its a three beer fix limp it over to the shop and ill do it for an 18 pack!

Its for people that rode quads instead of dirt bikes as kids, a crutch/couch, Pussification of America!

Bikes For Sale / Re: 2010 aprillia Tuano/07 Vino 125
« on: 03/09/18 09:38PM »
Vino is now mine (SOLD)Tuano still available more pics soon lots of upgrades + extra motor stock rims and lots more  NEED TO SELL hit me up!

3-7-18 While chillin' in HB I ran into RD Todd - no pics so it didn't happen!  :D
Fancy bumpin into ya yesterday Eddie, This happened a few hours after our meeting.

Bikes For Sale / Re: 2010 aprillia Tuano/07 Vino 125
« on: 03/03/18 09:49PM »


Misc / Re: New Rider Night at the D-Store
« on: 02/28/18 08:42PM »
I plan to attend

 Seat time seat time seat time!!!!MayI suggest you truck your bike to the further spots then ride the terrain? you don't need  practice on the slab.

Get out there n ride!

Cal City has all kinds of terrain with beginner to expert trails, Galileo hill country club offers suites and pool access or camp in the desert that's what we do, Randsburg mining town is about a ten mile ride from Cal City with a fire road route for the moms n kids  but up in the hills theres a nice snotty nasty ride for the boys to take. I grew up riding CC and so did my kids, taught them both to drive my dually at 6 n 7 yrs old on all the derilect roads.

Post about the area near Calico posted awhile ago looked cool, at least I remember it that way.

I was just there!  But in the truck.

Soda Lake
by rogue_biker, on Flickr

Trona Pinnacles near Ransburg.  DS playground.

by rogue_biker, on Flickr

There is a whole other world of riding out there and I've barely scratched the surface.

Hahaha...thanks Todd - I started I'm your garage with some pants and goggles from team Motocutz!

@Rogue - consider motion pro - the tools are ultra light and the opposite side doubles as an axle nut wrench
Lots of laughs man GOOD TIMES for sure lets set something up soon!!

Boy last Sunday at Comp edge.

Exactly... Santiago is just close... it's a quicky rip that you can ride part of the day and be home for lunch (or breakfast?). I rode Santiago and surfed the same day then went out the same night

Mojave is amazing!!
Breakdirt cutting his teeth in Cali a few years back, Now a seasoned rider/ surfer/Ladies man.... ATTA BOOOOOY!!!

Tjs  Blast from the past graphics haaa!

Bikes For Sale / 2010 aprillia Tuano/07 Vino 125
« on: 02/22/18 10:09PM »
 MUST SELL!!! To much to list call IQZERO (Ilya) for info 562-584-2259
4500 for motorcycle
800- scooter

Todd, this is the Internet dude. Donít be so sensitive.
Ben hosting rides probably 5years now on this site "Dude"  Angers me when peeps post up n don't show, we are all busy but geeze..... no one keeps there word these days WTHF???

What has become of our forum, people ditching riding to go to the movies! Creating rides and then backing out?! Come on guys, I just spent the weekend riding the track in Las Vegas, otherwise I would have been all over these rides! Today is playing catch up on all the things I left undone this weekend. Small sacrifice for living the life.
For the record mine was not a ride but a feeler started on the 9th without reply till the 16th, I'm DONE creating rides but still love bombing GMR weekend mornings  any other like minded send me a PM!

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