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Man...I have not posted in a long, long time, but this one got me goin'!

I watched the video. I see a more complex interaction than many would have this be.

The bikes 'swarmed" the cager. They surrounded him and rode exceedingly close to him. I suspect he thought he was about to get stopped and mugged.

So disappointed at that statement...smh.

So disappointed at that statement??????  I am shaking my head at YOUR statement.  What are YOU talking about????  I saw the video and saw the same exact thing.  I do believe in reading this thread many others felt the same.  Reading your word wall of what you "thought" transpired...the motorcyclist with the broken leg...that happened AFTER the rider swooped in front the SUV, looked back at the SUV and slammed on his breaks.  That's what I understand thus far.

Help me understand the chain of events, please?  Because I see this video and before I even knew the details of the passengers of the first thoughts were...there was a child in that car, someone was scared...because the riders were taking over the highway and were very intimidating.  ANYONE who has a family would have been in absolute defense mode.  If I were in that situation and had my children in the car...all bets would have been off.

Also, watching this video, made me appreciate even more than I do, the insight and counsel that has come from OCMOTO and certain people affiliated with OCMOTO on how to be a respectful and responsible rider.

REGARDLESS of the chain of events...the riders were COMPLETELY in the wrong for pursuing the SUV driver.  Events were on video, license plate was noted and police should have been called.  Instead, vigilante justice ensured...substantiating the SUV drivers assertions of fear and and intimidation.

Off Topic / Re: Send a Message to our Troops!
« on: 06/08/13 08:34AM »
You are the best Mom we ever had!!! :17:  How about a picture of one of our "haulin" women, dragging knee around a turn with a little "Wish you were here!" message. :29:

LOL!  I do miss you.

Off Topic / Send a Message to our Troops!
« on: 06/07/13 09:09PM »
I again am helping my company put together care packages for our deployed military.  Along with each package is a handwritten message.

Would any of you like to send a message?  I will transcribe your message to a postcard to include with the packages.  It could be a "Thank You", words of inspiration, joke (keep it clean  ), etc...

Please post or PM me your message by Sunday evening, June 9th.

Thank you!  :8:

"OFFICIAL" OC Moto Rides / Re: Noobie Ride #41 - 1/27
« on: 01/04/13 09:56PM »
Holy S#!t, Batman!  I actually have Sundays off now.  I'm in.

How good is this place?

The pizza has a nice flavor and lots of cheese...the crust is not my favorite.  I love the salads, nice and fresh.  It's an American Pizza Parlor...not authentic Italian.  Our waitress is always great.

Is it 8:00pm yet?

Oh AJ!  So, so sorry.  Really bummed to hear it.

I might come thru again

I'm finally gonna make it out this week!!!


I love the little emoticon thingy's

Thanks for posting, Freddie!  I'm going to try and go to this one.  Haven't been yet.


In!   Oh, wait...  :26:

Bike Nights / Re: Eccos Pizza Long Beach bike night
« on: 08/30/12 10:39PM »
Had fun!  Thanks guys.  Looking forward to seeing a certain BMW and Street Triple next week. 

Sweet "Candy Apple" red CBR  ;)

311  :1:

Bike Nights / Re: Eccos Pizza Long Beach bike night
« on: 08/30/12 07:34PM »
PIZZA!  I'll be gimping along shortly.

It's warm summer on a saturday gotta get down there before noon to get a spot. If I can make the next one I am down to go down real early and get a spot :)

You're hired!  LOL....that is what I usually do (go early).  Oh well.

Glad I was only half way down there when I saw this.

I'm glad, too!  I feel really bad.  I have done these before, but always on Sundays.  I would get there before 10:00am and grab a spot and stay all day, but there were always spots to be had later in the day.  Not so today.

Herm... anyone bringing boogie boards?

We'll have one.  My kids will use it a bit, but it's up for grabs otherwise.

Would love to go but going down to San Diego for a 311 concert. Next time guys, have fun!

OMG!  I love 311!  I'm going w/ you to San Diego!  Lol...just kidding.

Last year there was bacon wrapped hot dogs. Will we have more of those? It might impact my decision......
:13:  There will be if your bringing it :P

I remember the Carne Asada wrapped hotdogs.  I thought we had pictures of that.  Pics or it didn't happen!

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