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Off Topic / Re: I got burned, Need advice
« on: Today at 04:34 PM »
Ughhh...kinda truth...I help a ton of people out but man favors go meh

Off Topic / Re: I got burned, Need advice
« on: Today at 01:14 PM »
Do you have the title?

Or the last registered name/address?

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

fun little ride!

love getting my fix on my work days

met at Cook's Corner

obligatory wheelie

quick canyon zip down live oak canyon

quite a bit of 4 wheel traffic...I'm guessing because this was the only open/local place, it just rained (= "good" conditions), and it was a weekend with later light

we passed everybody

stopped by the 4x4 crawl spot...there were tons of guys out foolin...but being on the Vstrom I had no interest in going up myself

this was never there in the past, but after all the rains the off-road guys turned it into a mud pit and dug a hole

onwards into the woods

we stopped at the entrance to Holy Jim Falls, when it started to get dark, so we turned around here

then a quick zip back to the entrance

Rogue's first ride on a Vstrom with rocked out suspension!

and my first ride on a DR650

fun fun fun

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Off Topic / Re: Happy saint Patrick's day
« on: 03/18/18 10:27PM »
I skipped the food...I was pretty drunk on Guiness by then LOLOL

Updated time 5:45pm!

Running late from work

So Trabuco Canyon Road does not have a gate right at the entrance where you get off of Live Oak Canyon Road. The gate on Trabuco Creek Road is farther down the trail in it is the last maybe 20% of the road before you get to Holy Jim Falls and the end of Trabuco Creek Road which is Horsethief Canyon. The benefit here is that if you just come to ride Trabuco Creek Road you can get 80% of the ride in then turn around and come back and that's enough dirt bike riding after work.

Off Topic / Happy saint Patrick's day
« on: 03/17/18 11:17PM »
Ya f*cks

since I'm trucking up the 2-stroke, I will likely just meet you guys at the best western...

then I'll leave my truck there and ride out to the desert...I have a 90-110 mile range

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

he sums it up...there's a prison, smooth graded desert roads, silver saddle ranch (a remote resort area), the desert turtoise area, Cal City MX, and of course, amazing views of the desert.

moto geo makes it look more exciting than it is LOL...I remember the off-roading being the usual open desert with some smoother sections from the city setup

but he shows you can only make a dual sport trip as good as you're willing to make it...there's terrain to see and things to find...just gotta ride and see what happens. But after watching that video, I would kinda like to spend a weekend out there...I'd likely bring the Vstrom for some light off-roading, but also ride pavement to Randsburg, the Mojave airport/boneyard site, boron abandoned prison, edwards air force base...then also take the dual sport out to the husky monument, cuddeback dry lake bed, and Trona pinnacles.

Ya most of the time they close Maple Springs due to can get through most of Trabuco Canyon

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

Easy breezy, local, noobie Trabuco Creek run

Where: Meet at Cook's Corner
When: 5:30pm on Sunday 3/18/18

all noobs are welcome - plated dual sports, adv bikes, plated MX bikes, supermotos, electric bikes, 4x4's, pre-runners, subaru's, etc.

if you have a plated vehicle that can go off road, you're welcome to come along

ride 'til 7 and go's mostly flat, but hard pack and washboard on most of it will be super bumpy

Do the Drz yourself lol

Does it fire? I have an ultrasonic cleaner you can borrow

Naah...I'd visit there but not retire there

Went in 2008...did my wheelie on the other side of the world though on a scooter LOL

Daylight savings means light until 6:55pm!!!

Next Saturday or Sunday 5:30pm - 7:00pm Trabuco Canyon run!

Then in a month or two with light until 8pm we can run to the peak at 5:30pm and be down before it gets dark!

negative...too many wheels!

Friends wanna go to "Price is Right" filming on Sunday, so right now I am thinking ride Saturday... working til 9:15 on Friday so probably just gonna sleep at home and drive up Saturday AM early... although possibly drive up late Friday and setup the back seat of the truck for sleeping

Ya definitely not dark, cold, and rainy...I rode Trabuco today and it was not fun with cold soaked gloves, socks, and crotch

Oh it looks like it will about tomorrow morning (Sunday) instead?

KSU 7:30am from Maple Springs visitor center?...I need to be back to ~ Cook's by 10am for work

  However, I'm game to ride with you on Sat after 5 PM.

5:20 tomorrow??

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