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I'm sorry guys, I know I haven't had  any pictures to post of myself back in the day, partly because I'm too young to do so.   ;D

How about this?

My old IT175 I rode before seizing a piston, rebuilding and then switching to a cr250r.

Or this:

Me and my rd400 when I first picked it up 7 years ago.

The red one started out a 78 but around 89 or so I decided to teach my wife to ride on it....... BIG mistake! The geneva green is a 76, You going to the extravaganza at Cooks Saturday?

Haha, Yah, that will happen to em.  Either that, or as most incorrectly people remembered the rd's, they pulled wheelies in every gear off the line until they pulled one that went a little to far.   Those bikes never did wheelies off the line stock, let alone in every gear, yet thats what a majority of the people I talk to recall about the bikes.   

I like the geneva green, its different.  You don't see too many of those, mainly the chappy red and that blue they had as well.

No I will not, for various reasons.  Funny you should ask though, my father and I, along with four other people are the ones who have been putting that show on for the past 8 years.  The past couple of years someone in the group has had a load mouth and figures that they could do it better than us and make a profit (which is impossible, that venue costs more money to put on then it ever brings in.  That's why it is a non-profit venue.  It should honestly be called a sink-hole venue because of how much it costs ever year).  Long story short, anyone who has ever had anything to do with that show is boycotting it this year and will be headed down to the Vintage Jap Car show (which is also displaying vintage jap bikes and where I will be headed).  Next year the five of us who are taking a leave of absence this year will be back in to properly run the show.  (there is a lot more than I'd care to discuss on a site as to why we are not running it this year and why we are boycotting the fake "show").

The wife and I Circa 1990 second pic is present day!  :42:

Yamaha RD's, great bikes to be on.  What year is the current 400 and what year was the chappy red?   I have a 77 myself, father has a 76, brother has a 77 custom as well.

He should have found another route around.  He was fine until he started running off of the mud and into pure water.

That;s it?  Psssh,  he's got more lean angle available...  65 is with the "safety net"  Who needs safety nets?     ;D


Pretty good sense of humor on the cop's part.  I have to admit, I probably would have done the same thing.  Can't forget the "more than  15" away from a curb" ordnance as well.

Laguna Hills never has bike nights. =/

They are supposed to have one each month.  Every store has one each month, the local stores all fall on different weeks so that you can pretty much ride to one a week.  I think Laguna Hills was supposed to have theirs towards the beginning of the month.

Misc / Re: Japanese Car/Bike Show Saturday
« on: 09/23/13 09:31PM »
Mt brother, father and I will be down there with four of our personal vintage 2-strokes  I am sure there will be more of us in the same section.  We will have three Rd's and another bike, you won't be able to miss us.feel free to stop by our booth and say hello.


This Thursday, 9/26.

If I have the day off I'm certainly in.

Off Topic / Re: Please, I beg you, I need your help...
« on: 09/11/13 11:01PM »
What I think you need is a surrogate rider, someone who can ride the bike for you with a GoPro mounted in multiple places so that you too can experience the ride but from the safety of your loved ones arms. 

I have volunteered myself for the job.  I have to admit, this will be a risky venture for me, but luckily for the both of us, I do not have a wife or kids to disappoint.  AND to top it off, I'll do it for free.  That's right, I need nothing but the bike, I'll even bring my own gear, GoPros and I'll pay for the gas. 
I'll vouch for this guy :D

I second this motion

 Thank you very much guys, I know it's going to be a tough and tiresome job, and I appreciate it knowing that you guys are there to back me up. 

Off Topic / Re: Jet Recon HUD...
« on: 09/10/13 10:11PM »
Looks cool, a bit expensive and a bit large, but it looks like a good idea. 

Personally I would like a HUD that displays itself on the inside of my visor (similar to the one in Ironman), now that would be awesome. 

Off Topic / Re: Please, I beg you, I need your help...
« on: 09/10/13 02:44PM »
Correct, riding through the mountains on an 899 is WAY to dangerous.  Not only are you putting your life on the line doing so, but you are risking the chance that you may never see your kids and family again.   What I think you need is a surrogate rider, someone who can ride the bike for you with a GoPro mounted in multiple places so that you too can experience the ride but from the safety of your loved ones arms. 

I have volunteered myself for the job.  I have to admit, this will be a risky venture for me, but luckily for the both of us, I do not have a wife or kids to disappoint.  AND to top it off, I'll do it for free.  That's right, I need nothing but the bike, I'll even bring my own gear, GoPros and I'll pay for the gas. 

Tales of the Road / Re: DAMN IT....
« on: 09/10/13 12:16PM »
Having changed many tires back in the day, yes some of it does harden which prevents air from leaking out.  But a good portion of it remains liquid.  Not too many things pissed me off more than getting green fluid/gel all over the tire changer and having to clean it up.

Agreed.  Slime leaves a small film on the inside of the tire that has hardened, the rest of the slime remains a liquid and is VERY messy.  When you remove the valve stem the released air pushes some of the slime out, getting it all over the wheel hub/rim.  Then when you remove the tire you get all that wonderful slime that now drips all over your changing machine and floor.  It smears when you wipe it up and if left to sit takes some scrubbing to get off.

Here is how I see slime and patch/plug kits and what I tell every one of my customers that asks about taking care of a hole:

IF you are stuck somewhere with a nail in your tread you should first ask yourself, "Is it holding air?"  If yes, and you are not far from home, then safely ride home either plug it or replace the tire.  If you are in the middle of nowhere or the tire is loosing air, then patch the hole if possible.  The patch kits work wonderfully when installed properly and will outlast the tread on your tire.  I know several people that do track days on patched tires and have NEVER had an issue.  Track time requires much more out of a plug/tire than commuting does. 

Second, if no patch kit is available or the tire is loosing air through the nail or other puncture item, then you may slime your tire.  I tend to tell people that using slime is a last resort, something you want to avoid at all costs.  Slime simply isn't worth it, it's too messy and in my opinion doesn't hold as long as a plug. 

Invest in a plug kit and be done with it.  Remember, trucks and cars use plugs and run them under more pressure for tens of thousands of miles without issue.  You should have no issue doing the same on your bike.

Yep, and until that guy has a mirror taken off as a reward for his douchey behavior he'll just keep doing it.

He should lose more than his mirror, he should lose his testicles!

Doesn't anyone else carry spark plugs or maybe ball bearings or something? Toss em over your shoulder or throw them high and back if someone ever does it to you.

Then GAS IT and        RUUUUNN!!!

Already been covered.  From page 2.  :D

hope their ready for a windshield full of pennies :32: :32: :32: :32:
jokes going to be on them
In this situation I'd go with ball bearings or spark plugs

Actually all of these are bad ideas.  See pennies are ok, they leave little dings in the hood and cracks in the glass but continue to roll onto cars behind the intended target.  Spark plugs will Shatter glass and could possibly send glass shattering into the face of the d-bag that almost killed you.  Equal action, I think so but the CHP says otherwise.  Ball bearings are similar to spark plugs. 

So you may be asking, what is the correct product to send hurling towards the offending car?

MARBLES.  Thats right, marbles.  They leave dings in the hood like pennies do, crack windshields like spark plugs/ball bearings do, yet funny enough, shatter when they hit the pavement, leaving no traces of your anger anywhere.  And to top it off, they can usually be had by the bag full from your local dollar store. 

Win win?

Do you really think that the driver of the car is going to sit back and say "Oh, I guess I won't do that again"?

If they are intentionally pulling out in front of me, then they don't have this mindset anyways.  Doing so won't make them pull out even more, they have already shown that they plan to pull out in front of bikers.  The only direction an idiot's thoughts can go is in the direction of "maybe I shouldn't do that again."   The way I see it, it can't hurt to knock a mirror, if they truly are pulling out to hurt us.

I think maybe a more appropriate scenario would be someone unintentionally riding the line on a lane and when we buzz by we give a little throttle blip, or hey maybe that horn button(whats that for anyway)?

Once again, your assuming that they are unintentionally pulling out in front of us, which both of us here have pointed out would not cause us to act in "aggression".  We have both mentioned that this kind of action only comes about when someone INTENTIONALLY tries to harm us. 

Yes, the horn is a great feature, for inattentive or unaware drivers, for those that purposely pull out, they already know we are there, so why bother with the horn?   

New Members / Re: New to OC Moto.
« on: 09/06/13 10:30PM »
I didn't recognize the name.  I don't post a whole lot on that forum, but I do an awful lot of lurking on the 03+650, general maintenance, SW regional, for sale, and vendor pages.  A lot of lurking.  haha

New Members / Re: New to OC Moto.
« on: 09/06/13 09:54PM »
I'd have to agree.  It's not the fastest bike out there, it's not even the fastest in tight turns, but it commutes wonderfully and still acts "like" a sport bike in the twisties.  And for the prices these things go for, hands down you can not get a better for street riding.

Now track days are a different story.  I know plenty of people who love the SV for track days, plenty of torque in corners.  So catching up to bikes in corners is no problem, but you WILL get passed down the back straight.  Re-gear for straights and you loose your cornering torque.  Unless you are doing tighter tracks like Streets of Willow or Chuckawala, your better off buying an I4.  Just a personal opinion. 

But yes, I love riding my SV.  It makes me very happy, especially since I picked it up for $900. (clean title included)   :32:   

Thank you Sudanblackb.   Is that your SVR name as well?

I'm going to have to agree with blamecanada here.  But before I do I feel I should explain his view a little better.  You guys are arguing that he won't be able to run and that he would be chased down.  Correct me if I'm wrong here blamecanada, but what I think he is saying is that he is traveling between the carpool and fast lane on the freeway during slow moving or bumper to bumper traffic.

If this is true, then when he hits the car's mirror and "runs away", the car is stuck between other vehicles and has no ability to run him down. 

I do not support the attack of inattentive drivers or their vehicles, but if someone intentionally pulls out in front of me with the hope of either stopping me or hitting me, then they most certainly will pay.  Besides, if they intended for me to hit their car with my bike then I am only doing them a service by decreasing the damage from a full on collision with a bike to a simple broken mirror. 

In the end here is how I see it:  If a driver is pulling out in front of me and attempting to, what I consider, take my life, then, assuming I survive the quick braking/swerving, the offending drivers' vehicle will certainly end up with either a mirror missing or a foot print sized dent in one of their quarter panels.   

Do I do this sort of thing often?  No, in fact I can only think of two times to date where this has happened.  The first one was on the freeway splitting lanes when a driver pulled out in front of me, dumper to bumper traffic, no reason for the maneuver other than to hurt me.  The gentleman ended up with a size 12 boot mark on his passenger door and no way to chase after me.  The second instance was on the streets;  my father and I were riding in Orange on bikes, splitting lanes as we came to red lights with stopped traffic.  We pulled up to one light, each taking either side of the center lane, get up to the light and when the light turns green we move ahead to the next red light.  We straddle the lane like bikers normally, side by side taking up only one lane.  Out of nowhere a lady in a sedan pulls between the two of us.  As the light turns green she punches it and narrowly runs us both over.  Luckily we had a clear lane to either side to swerve into.  At the next red light the lady ended up with two boot prints on the driver side quarter panel and door.

These are the only two times I have felt it necessary to damage another person's property.  I feel that if someone is willing to take my life then they have accepted the risk of their own property being damaged.

I don't advocate always doing this, but sometimes when the circumstances are right, (clear escape/safe altercation from your side), I feel that property damage is acceptable and honestly something that person deserved.

I replace gear when I feel it has passed the point of protection over cost.
^This! I'm not one to become attached to safety gear especially if it exceeds it's inherent tolerance and actual purpose of safety.

What gear have you retired so far?  (Genuinely curious)

A Shoei X-11, a set of off brand 50th anniversary yamaha race replica gloves and a set of Dainese all weather boots.   Every item having been replaced with my current gear, RF-1100, Dainese carbon gloves and Dainese Torque-Out boots. 

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