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New Members / Re: New/old User city of orange
« on: 09/11/16 07:52PM »
I'm in Orange on the east end.  Haven't had much time to ride in the last six months.  That should be changing in the next two weeks.  I'll keep this thread in mind and ride with you guys.

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: 0 to 250 in 26 sec
« on: 07/04/16 09:00PM »
Sweet bike and sweet vid.  I remember when they tested the H1R.  Sick bikes, but at $50K.  Whew...   

Side note:  Now that MotoGP is looking to ditch wind fins for the 2017 year, how will they expect to run the new bike?  XD

Looked like he touched his rearset to the ground, picked the bike up a little then went to drop in again and thats where he lost his front wheel.  Too much input on the handlebars maybe?

Off Topic / Re: chumlee gets no jailtime.....
« on: 05/26/16 07:06PM »
Not surprising what he was hooked for.

That, was, awesome.

Yah, I get what the signs mean.  My inquiry was geared towards when the transition took place.  Anyways, ride safe out there, it's going to be a hot one this week.

I get what the thumbs up means, but why?  When/why did we transitino from the peace sign/tapping of the helmet?

My guess is, Corporate Heads within Cycle Gear has been probably looking to bring in something more premium gear into their line-up....looking at Revzilla to fill that role vs. reinventing their stores. Makes sense, since Revzilla along would also bring in that well-established customer base, reputation, website, reviews, immediate revenue stream, etc....

Do people forget that Cycle Gear used to carry high end gear?  They had Dainese, A*, Icon, Shoei, Arai, Icon etc. etc.  They had all of the main brands carried in every single store.  It's only been in the last 4 years that they really started pushing their own gear and forcing out name brands.  They have always had access to premium brands and for a while that was primarily all they sold.  Adding Revzilla to their portfolio will not increase the premium gear Cycle Gear carries.  The only thing it would bring is the online site/videos and the following Revzilla has.

My guess:

Revzilla is realistically their only big online competitor.  Cycle Gear wants the Revzilla name and fan following.  They will probably leave the site relatively untouched.  I'm sure that they will add their own brands to the website and make them the front page product in all sectors.  Videos will probably remain up; they may create their own version of these videos after a few months but I bet you they will be no where near the quality of the original Revzilla videos.

Second option is that they will tear down the website and get rid of their competition.

Took a ride through Ortega this morning, busy with cars earlier in the day than typical.  Great ride, great scenery etc. etc.

While riding I noticed something.  As I passed by riders going the opposite direection I gave the peace sign for being clear up ahead as usual.  What was unusual was the response I received.  Riders were not giving me the two fingers, instead they were giving me thumbs up.  When did we move to a thumbs up/down system for bikers?

I saw Javier up there on his CBR1000RR at the look out.  I don't think he noticed me though.  Also, backside, just a bit passed the look out was a CR-V (old model) or something similar pulled over with the front passenger side bumper torn apart and two bikes pulled over just after it; we passed by before the fire even got there.  As we passed I couldn't tell if the bikes were a part of the accident or just stopped becasue they saw something.  Anyone hear anything while they were up there today?

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Super Bowl Sunday Ride
« on: 02/06/16 06:48PM »
I'll be running through Ortega, meeting at the Ortega Starbucks at 9 AM.  Done before kick off for sure.

Yup, about two years ago CycleGear sold themselves to a round of investors.  Those investors took control of all of the beans up at corporate and made some huge changes thoughout the company the second they stepped in.  Thiis potential buyout seems right in line with what those bean counting investors wanted.  CG "prided" themselves on being a corporate business with the small family run business feel.  That changed instantly when the new investors stepped in.

I have no love for CG, they stripped all of the name brand product out of their stores and replaced them with their own brands.  Yes, the profit margins on their own product is much better than the name brands, but sometimes us riders don't want the cheap sh*t, we want the real deal.

Any who, I hope this doesn't go through, I'd hate to see the CG investors destroy Revzilla like they have their own business.

Not bad, and at $265 list it's much cheaper than buying two bulky go pros and having to worry about forgetting them on the bike when you park.   Footage suggests that it doesn't do great at low light, i.e. night, riding but dawn to dusk looks good.  Would be a great tool for use in accidents/insurance claims.

I might look into getting a set once I start having to travel to LA for academy.

Agreed, It should be returned in the same state you dropped it off in.  No pun intended.

Bingo, too much front brake.  Looks like he thought he could get around, then got scared that he was going to run the corner short.  He would have been better off coming in on the outside of you to set himself up for the inside of the next corner.  Live and learn?    Hope he heals well.

blah.blah.blah    Notice the ".uk"?  European news, everything is a gang to them.

Does anyone know what movie that big line was for?  I know they were screening a movie but didn't hear anyone mention what movie it was.

It was a good movie, worth missing work for Rockrat.  Didn't you say you were feeling sick?  *cough*,  *cough*

With over 250 people going, they say to get there early for the best seats.   I was thinking of getting there around 6:30 to get my seat.  What time are you guys planning on arriving?  Should we have an O.C. Moto cheering section?

the girl and I will be there.

I think the one second interval was for how fast the lights flashed, not for how far away the car behind you is....

Cool concept, but nothing new. Rear view cameras and HUDS for helmets have been around for a while, most of the companies fail due to low sales figures....

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