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Hi everyone!

I have a project bike sitting in my garage, '82 Yamaha XS650.

Can't figure out electrics, even with all online resources available, there's some fault in circuit that I cannot identify, even with brand new wiring harness. Definitely need help here if I want to get it running.

Do you know anyone experienced who could help me with that? I don't want to move bike just for that, so they will have to work from my garage. Will pay for this, ofc.

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: Powder coating
« on: 08/08/18 10:40AM »
Some bits ready for assembly

I see you have same Harbor freight lift I have

Mine has been leaking oil ever since I got it, now I can't raise it to a second socket level, it raises just enough to fit bar in first socket

Looking at the piston I don't really see how I can refill it, any ideas?

Very sad. Haven't had a chance to meet her in person but I might've seen her at Lookout while ago.
Rest in peace.

Misc / Re: Long Beach Motorcycle Show - 2017
« on: 11/19/17 12:56PM »
Rode new yamaha star venture
Looks great, rides like that one super expensive  harley but without engine parts rattling and falling off

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

When he pulls up his shirt, this is when you know shit just got real

Went to metric method this morning and when I was getting back on the freeway to LA, saw a huge red traffic jam on my radar. Screw it, took a detour and then my wife calls me saying plane crashed. Wow. When you think you can have a safer commute in car, this shit happens.

Tales of the Road / Re: Just bad on both parties
« on: 06/22/17 04:56PM »
Love the reporter:

"motorcyclist kicks at a car in HOV lane, car goes out of control"

Oh really is that what happened there?
All I saw was an attempted murder by car driver, a very sloppy attempt

Off Topic / Re: Cars and Coffee Aliso Viejo RIP
« on: 06/17/17 09:46AM »
San Clemente C&C is shut down as well, been there this morning (parking lot at Target)

Off Topic / Re: Buying land in California city
« on: 06/10/17 02:47PM »
Nvm I'm dumb

Off Topic / Cars and Coffee Aliso Viejo RIP
« on: 06/10/17 02:45PM »
Came there this morning only to see bunch of cops patrolling empty parking lot.
Apparently same reason C&C Irvine was shut down for: some people just couldn't keep it down and neighborhoods filed noise complaint.

This sucks, location was good and Bagels and Brew did their best with breakfasts

Really, no city in OC sees a good business opportunity there? Smh

I slept through my alarm :(
Hope the ride was good!

Miscellaneous / Re: Bike detailing
« on: 06/03/17 05:43PM »
just got back from Todd
I kinda forgot my bike can look this good!

I'm sure they sold enough $15 raffle tickets to buy a new Grom :) Crowdfunding at it's best.
Lots of  SubDelinquent fans came over

I started riding about month later same year, so I might join the celebration. Also on dirt tires!

Thanks guys, hope everything works out.


I ate shit hard yesterday, doing my regular commute back home on 405 S around Hawthorne/LAX. Classic case of Car jumping over DY, tried to swerve but too late. Busa most likely totaled, forks bent inwards. hit my balls against tank, broke collarbone. Jacket is shredded on the back, where back protector was.

Where was my bike towed to?!

Misc / Re: Sunday Ride
« on: 04/10/17 02:14PM »
makes me want to install a permanently running dashcam.

Misc / Re: Sunday Ride
« on: 04/10/17 10:47AM »
Damn, get better man!

What exactly happened? Some other rider decided to u-turn in a blind corner,  IQZERO went down to avoid collision?

It's been getting better and better as time goes on, actually. This week and last have been sharply better than the norm, though. Even on other freeways I'm noticing an increase in awareness.
405 has been improving lately as far as drivers actively moving to the side.  sometimes freaks me out if they suddenly move over.  I wave thanks as often as safely possible

Some move over too much, even driving on the shoulder. If there was no divider, feels like they'd even move to opposite lanes.

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