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Bikes For Sale / Re: Kawasaki ZR 6 636 ABS
« on: 04/22/18 01:45PM »
OMG say it isnt so!

Bike Nights / Moto gp at Newport Ducati
« on: 04/22/18 10:15AM »
11am to 2pm. 1601 Newport Blvd
Costa Mesa, California 92627

Got a slip on for the bike.   1/3 the weight of the stocker and looks sooo much better

Anyone know the OP? I'm interested

Bikes For Sale / Re: WTB: Street Triple R
« on: 04/22/18 07:37AM »
Tried any of the Triumph forums? CL. Offer up and Let go apps are good to check also

Hey Eddie post up here or on the FB when you going. Might want to join ya

thanks for the heads up

I lowered my price to $6500 but only a couple bites.  Got a few people coming this weekend but if they don't buy it I guess I'll get a new upper fairing on there and replace it myself but bump up the price to whatever I end up paying.  Seeing all the other bikes out there I thought it was a good deal but I think the mileage scares people

I saw this trailer in a bag thing but the price is ridic

i've seen a lot of good ones on the interwebz but sadly I'm not that skilled

make me an offer.

nothing exciting.  didn't feel like waiting in line for demo rides.  No music but few booths and a 40 person line for some hamburgers.  Was hot when I got there so did a quick walk and left

been thinking about those visors cuz right now I just right everywhere w/ my dark smoke one.  tempting

I'm shooting for around noon depending on how much I get done this morning

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: GMR???
« on: 04/14/18 06:59AM »
sounds good.  still healing up but a few more weeks and hopefully be able to push that right side clipon a bit harder.  with the new bike I can probly run all of gmr in 1st gear :D

Eddie those local news folks need to do stories on you. Much better to focus on a rider than the usual nonsense :)

Selling the bike so don't need these.  Scratched 1 side uninstalling. Shown in pics but if not clear I can email or text more pics. $200 shipped in US. Fits: Daytona/Street Triple 675R 2013-15

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: GMR???
« on: 04/12/18 06:55PM »
not this weekend but soon. hope to be out there soon with y'all

It's tough work but someone's gotta do it.  I'll do my best in the name of Eddie

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