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Hey Todd why you not keep and eat that beast?

gonna be cold in Feb but if I win another free day I'll go :)

Ahh it was super fun. Also i was there for free excluding my new tires, brake pads and gas. Got some pics and a few make me look not as slow as i am but 4 yrs between track days is a looonnnggg time.  The bmw really makes that front straight seem smaller than when i had my 600.  I saw upper 160s and still got passed! People be crazy

Bike Nights / Re: RADwood LA [80s-90s Auto/Bike Show]
« on: 11/27/18 07:21PM »
lol that might be a good laugh to go


1 front Pirelli super corsa. Used. 120/70 17. Has about 5k on it. Good for another 1k probly

2 mirrors off triumph 675r 2014. Both have 1 missing bolt and 1 glass is broken.

Went Friday and Sunday, Rode the Yamaha Mt10 and the Niken. No Stunt show this time. Good fun allround!

how was the Niken?

I'm going. Anyone else?

Only got to demo the vulcan but i enjoyed the show and ran into a few peeps. good times.  Also took a ride on that polaris 3 wheel thing with the guy doing burnouts. That was silly but hilarious

going first thing in the am. shooting to be there at 8 to see what I can demo. Don't forget the secret ocmoto hand shake. i still need to get me a t shirt. I'm such a slacker

At supercars by the sea at beach/pch. Pics later

Thanks for posting up Eddie. Man I haven't seen Tominator in a hundred yrs.  hopefully in a few weeks my work stuff will settle down and I can get back to weekend riding

$4 off code D2D19

Todd can post up whatever. keeps things fun around here.

As for that cop on the biker's tail man I would've assumed he was after me and ummm... ya stuff

Off Topic / Re: Rider down 405 at Bake RIP
« on: 11/02/18 08:00PM »
sad day.


oh well. saving tires for a track day :)

Brand new, unopened package. Latest Sena communicators.  They go for about $520. Asking 400 .
Info here:

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