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General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: Powder coating
« on: 07/12/18 09:22PM »
First stage of the chrome powder, clear tomorrow.

Off Topic / Re: Hella suprise yesterday while fishing
« on: 07/12/18 06:45PM »
so what bike does he ride?
surfer and fisherman from San Clemente Hes on the Yamaha Riva 125 scooter

Off Topic / Re: Hella suprise yesterday while fishing
« on: 07/12/18 06:59AM »
Cool deal! Wanna be proud even more, I was watching this video when I hear your sonís company Motocutz mentioned. Itís right around the 5:15 mark.
Yeah they brought that bike by the shop so he could design the patterns , The kids blowing up!

Off Topic / Hella suprise yesterday while fishing
« on: 07/11/18 10:38PM »
My daughter Niki has been bugging me to take her bo Hayden fishing for a month or so now little did I know... Hes a great guy I didn't give it a second thought we had luck on the fish then on the way in he dropped the bomb and like a gentleman asked for my daughters hand in marriage I damnear  fell off the boat!!!! Both kids are self empowered and self employed saving for a house and planning on raising a family here in HB Jill and I could not be happier!

Ken in Cypress 714-423-4273 he can fix anything tell him I sent ya.

Times have changed its hard to find anything affordable especially in south Oc I been having work done on my vehicles with the mechanics in our complex since the 80s we got a good thing going (Good ol' boys) waited around a year on the list as my son did also now manufacturing motocross graphics n such(MOTOCUTZMX) when one came up I swooped, Good luck!

Long ago when I was working on several bike and car projects, I got lucky enough to find a neighbor on my block who was single and didn't use his garage. I rented it and as long as I was quiet and didn't make a mess, he was happy with the extra money. Might be worth scouting around or asking your neighbors if they are friendly. I thought I'd never get that lucky but all I did was ask.
Kinda like fishin gotta have your bait in the water my kid waited 6 months on a list in our complex and now has his own gig, Be diligent it wont come to you YOU have to go after IT!

  I got lucky a few years back its super hard to find something affordable in Oc or South county these days I pay a buck something a square foot No gas No heat No office no give a  F@#K from the landlord, Be patient and get on waiting lists.. Good luck!

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: Powder coating
« on: 06/29/18 09:58PM »
Werd up. will give ya a ring when it comes in. Was hoping this weekend but not sure now
No worries Vince bring it by when ya can Ill hook you up!

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: Powder coating
« on: 06/29/18 01:19PM »
@BCMC Yes sir Im still detailing bikes 714-309-7110

@ 1fastrider I have semi gloss and wrinkle black, Matte black chrome and pink was ordered last night

Hes got NO business being "visibly upset" He should be humble and take responsibility for his actions its very simple, People are are so frkn intitled these days it pisses me off!

All down hill with hits and banked wood track, Tjs videos are gnarly I wanna go!

Tj raced 450 "B" class at Mammoth last week with all his homies they went mountain biking fishing and a buncha stuff he holeshotted all four motos but faded and let the serious kids race, Hes a business man now so kept it safe did whips and diced with his buddies instead.

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: Powder coating
« on: 06/18/18 09:40PM »
Thanx Jeff hope all is well with you and yours doing the wheels next then tear into the triple clamp n such.

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: Powder coating
« on: 06/17/18 10:01PM »
Some bits ready for assembly

New Members / Re: Been a long time!!
« on: 05/31/18 08:41PM »
Welcome back!

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: Powder coating
« on: 05/27/18 10:27PM »
Not much thicker than paint but way more durable

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: Powder coating
« on: 05/25/18 08:51PM »
Very cool!!  I may have something next week or so.  Trying to make some stuff for the bike :)
  Sounds good Vince  Id welcome some parts to practice on I have Semi gloss Matte and wrinkle black at this point if you want another color the powder runs around $25 a pound on Ebay

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: Powder coating
« on: 05/25/18 07:10PM »
$75 of oven off craigslist at the shop built myself a rag tag ventilation system for the time being.

General Motorcycle Discussion / Powder coating
« on: 05/24/18 10:14PM »
Iím fooling around with it  for my own use doing field research if yíall got small parts hit me up 🤙

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