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Sooo heres my fix Still on a walker at this point, If yer gunna be dumb ya gotta be tough...

Ill be back!

Where does this madness you speak of take place?

 Hey guys thanks for all the well wishes finally out of pain enough to  post progress, wish I had a good story but I was just doing what I normally do at work and tripped over a parking block  landing directly on my femur I had surgery last Friday night was discharged from the hospital Sunday night.  First three nights after surgery were the worse because there is no cast for this injury they want you moving as much as possible so having to get up to urinate in the middle the night to to three times was no fun,  as of now I am using a walker able to stand on both feet evenly  bend my knee enough to get on a step for stretching and finally able to dress n bath myself. Pain is around a seven he last two days so Im able to actually work through some stretching exercises and feeling better all the time,  hope to be full throttle again  within a month or two Ill post  x-rays of the fix next week when I see the doc,  ride safe yall !!!

I have a nail going from my hip to my knee

Broke my femur Friday at work.

Todd, what kind of paint do you use to paint the cylinder on your RD? Was it high temp powder coat?

Thanks,  :17:
Right now their painted with hi temp but Im going to powder in the future

My best friend of 30 yrs and I spent some quality time on my tub tonight.

F dude let's drink some beers in the garage and read 'em...was watching some old youtube videos of saddleback MX park and kind of felt like the golden age of motorcycles/dirtbikes was 60's/70's/80's

I was born 30 years too late...
Swing by the shop "B" Im there most days from noon till six

Found these while cleaning the shop, complete edition in pristine condition contemplating putting them on Ebay or a shelf?? I spent a couple hours today browsing in bliss, Good shiz!

I've had good luck with a guy in Westminster. The place is called Dale's Shoe Repair. It's on the southwest corner of Westminster and Springdale. He also makes boots among other things.
Awesome that's in my back yard Ima check this guy tomorrow, Thankyou Sir!

Track Days / Re: Something to keep watch.
« on: 01/31/19 09:01PM »
One knuckle head even after signing the waiver killed it for everyone, DOUCH indeed!

Ill dig out my tube top n dolphin shorts....

Yeah that's the dude THANX RICK!!!

Was a thread a few years back I believe the guy was in Newport?

Classic pic haaa, Git on that bike n ride bra!

Gear For Sale / Re: Kendon Trailer
« on: 01/20/19 07:57PM »
Another direction?

No sign of giving up at this point....

Thanks bra picks don't do justice, Test rode today it was a real hoot!

Finishing touches on a 7 month build, test ride first dry day.

Bikes For Sale / Re: Ninja 500 Kawqasaki 2005 $600
« on: 01/12/19 11:29PM »
Hit me up LETS RIDE!

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