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Rogue brought up a subject about getting the attention of a slower rider while lanesharing and communicating to him your want to pass. I would like to amend my position on this as i was wrong headed in my response. Kind of an ass about it too.
Had my experience with the mad tailgating honking and generally rude Harley rider which changed my mind. If confronted by anybody like this, simply put your ego in check and let him know you see him now and safely move over as soon as you safely can.
I will add to this that when ever you have a chance while safely lanesplitting check your rearview mirrors one at a time to see if a motorcycle is behind you and approaching. This is tricky in stop and go traffic because you don't want to lose you forward situational awareness. I call it the chameleon glance. I turn my head slightly to best use my peripheral vision forward as I quickly look in my mirror right forward then left forward. It has become a natural and good habit.
Case in point. Torrance PD motorcycle cop lives in my neighborhood and we work roughly the same hours. He is a hell of a good rider and we have a bit of good fun hotdogging the Seal Beach exit and on ramps with some nice lean angle. While splitting to work he often gains on me from behind and I usually see him before he puts his headlights in my right hand mirror. I now call that the "hello I want to pass now move." I simply move to my left, in carpool lane so no crossing over the double yellows, and he passes and vanishes into the distance. 
I learn from moto cops. They ride all day while I just ride to work then back in comparison. So why would I treat a fellow rider any different?
In conclusion, if you want to pass a slower rider I suggest you park on his outside right, aim your lights in his right hand mirror perhaps even flash a quick high beam on off and wait a few moments before repeating. Try this instead of getting all horny. Law states horn is to be used to avoid an accident only. So using it comes off as rude. Law states that a vehicle behind you flashing his high beams whishes to pass. When it is safe to move over and allow him to pass. A good motorcycle rider should check his mirrors regularly and never seek to aggravate the vehicle behind him. At this point slowing down and brake checking makes you the instagator in a road rage incident.
I ride everyday, rain or shine and this has been on my mind for a while during those rides. Wanted to get it off my chest since I have been wrong about this before. Ride safe out there.

So this guy on a black Harley Sportster looking bike sneaks up behind me and starts honking. All I heard was honking as i split the carpool lane. I wasn't going slow so it surprised me. Soon as I realized it was a bike I found my moment and tucked inyo traffic and let him by. He passed then turned back to give a look. He had his flashers on too.
We both were now on the tail of a motorcycle that was going kind of slow. He starts laying on the horn again. This motorcycle for what ever reason took a bit longer to move over  so the guy gives him the finger after passing him. So for some dunb reason I decide to show this brash SOA wanna be my headlight in his mirror whilst laying on my horn every now and then. He's a bit of a madman honking at cars holding him up. 5pm traffic. He finally blazes over 4 or 5 lanes of traffic to transition to the 110 fwy.
The very next day he is back on my six hazards flashing rudely laying on his horn. So stupidly I brake check gently and he splits me splitting passing on the inside like Harry fluffing Houdini. I am honestly impressed he didn't get us both killed. He turns and flips me off. Ok. Yah. I wave him to come back over to me. I want to say something to him. Not sure what. He bolts and exits at the 110 again. No hot pursuit or anything. He won clearly I was done.
The very next day. I decide enough with his ass hattery. When he comes by I will move over and give him the tip o the hat gesture. So i am paying particular close attention to my rear view. I see him but he keeps hanging back. Ok. Suit yourself buddy. A few moments later I see a black shape shoot across my front wheel and pass. He cut off a car just to pass me on the skinny while risking himself and me the the car he cut in behind didn't stop suddenly. I don't scare easily so I just maintain my pace and act like i didn't even see him. To be honest I feel sort of bad that he is bound to learn a hard lesson soon.
The very next day I check all the parking lots at work to see if this guy works at the same plant. Also to give him the damn lead going home. No luck finding the bike. But on the way home i am so consumed by this guy I almost am taken out by a driver lunging into the carpool lane through me. I brake. She balks. I move on not even upset with her. My fault. I am riding unfocused and pre occupied and should have seen her coming. I didn't.
Next day and every day since I take a new route home. The reward is it is a much safer less busy route.
What would you guys do?

Two 1998. Yamaha waverunners 760cc 2 stroke.  He paid $3500 for both 7mos ago. Includes trailer and good registration.   They both run well.   Have new batteries and spark plugs.   Plus all new gear, life jackets etc..
They could use a good clean and polish. Which I plan to give them before placing them on CL.
My tennants are needing to unload these as credit for back rent. I will end up with them one way or the other.
Feel free to pm me with questions. Will likely have them at my house this weekend.
$2500 obo  :42:

Bikes For Sale / Sold
« on: 07/18/17 05:21PM »

I love this bike. Friend did all the right mods. Penski shock, R1 forks with Ohlins internals and radial mount breaks, corbin seat, PC, fuel cut eliminator, air box mod, driven rear sets frame sliders, rizoma bars and it goes on. Chasing down a few issues with the starter clutch and brakes pulsing right now but have new calipers and pads on order and starter clutch is under warranty.
It has way more power than i can use. I haven't even gotten into the upper power band yet as it has only been used for my commuting so far. Still love my VFR800 for commuting better. I get all hooligan like on the FZ.  The VFR is like the bike you marry and tbe FZ is like the chick you see on the side to do all the things wifey says no to. Analogy only. I don't condone cheating. Any ways between these two and the RC51 I am at max bike capacity. I refuse to sell the RC till I have used up the new tires i put on it. Sorry wifey.
So no more mods or projects except on my riding skills from here on out. Hope the picture posted or I will try and post pics later.

All your talk about riding GMR made me post it on another forum and I managed to get a couple friends to bite. We are meeting at the Shell Station off Lone Hill at 9am. I will be on a red VFR Scott will be on an 86 VFR red white and blue. Mike will be on his new FZ-09. It's tangerine orange. Hope some of you might be able to make it even on such short notice.

New Members / Hello from east Long Beach
« on: 02/18/15 08:14AM »
Someone here directed me to this MC board from another i am a regular on.  Most of those guys live well north of me so its hard to get them to ride those great roads east and south of me. I checked out the post on how you ride and various other informational sticky post and you seem like a group i could enjoy riding with. My main bike is a 98 VFR800 and my 2000 RC51 should be street legal before too long. I enjoy dirt riding on my YZ426F almost as much as street riding. I like to ride at a moderate to fast friendly pace.  My hope is to join you guys on some rides in your area.

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