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"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Ride: Saturday, September 2nd
« on: 08/21/17 10:43AM »
If you have Saturday, September 2nd open and looking to go on a long day ride, more than welcomed to join me on this.

*Disclaimer: route may change based on traffic conditions and time. Also open to suggestions, especially for the route coming home.
**2nd Disclaimer: I use a GPS but I suck at following directions so may get lost once or twice.

Main goal is to get out of OC for a bit, try a hambuger/hot dog place that Rouge knows of in Ojai, and find a interesting way back home. Route above has the ride ending in Calabasas, route home will be traffic condition dependent.

KSU: 8:00AM, Los Alamitos Blvd and Katella, Shell Gas Station, off the 605FWY/Katella

Parts For Sale / 10/40 Oil For of course
« on: 05/01/17 09:18PM »
Looking for a quart or 2 of oil? Here is what I got:

4 Individual Quarts of Castrol Power RS Racing 4T Full Synthetic (Gold bottle): $6 Each or $20 for all 4 Quarts
1 Quart of YamaLube Mineral Oil: $5
1 Quart of Motul 7100: $8

1 KN Oil Filter- Size 204: $7

All oils and filters are unopened and new. All oils are 10-40. Bought within a years time frame.

On Monday evening, HOV Lane Crosser (the illegal crossing, i.e. double yellow) finally got me. Wasn't going all that fast due to heavy traffic conditions, but a car jumped out on me without warning and I ended up smashing into it and into a back of a truck. Still working the injuries but my bike (along with first car) got the worst of it.

Even being a long time commuter and lane-sharer....there are some circumstances that just cannot be avoided, no matter the experience or skill. Just wanted my bad luck to serve as a good reminder to ride diligently out there and be safe.

For the first time ever, I have Good Friday off, which is April 14th.

Planning on heading out on a weekender. Leaving Friday morning and coming back Sunday. If going far, may leave Thursday evening. Not sure where yet, but alot of it will depend on the weather. I am thinking a San Fran/Central Cali loop. If it's still raining in NorCal....may head east, maybe Grand Canyon and back? Open to suggestions.

4 months out but putting this out there now for anyone who maybe interested.

Racing Headquarters / MotoGP VideoPass...worth it?
« on: 01/21/16 08:21AM »
I think I'm gonna shell out the $150 buxs and get the MotoGP VideoPass for this season. Worth it?

Question, will current races be available for viewing a day or two after the race? I travel alot and there are many times I am in the air when a race occurs, therefore miss it. It would be neat to view it when on a layover or when I get to my destination.

General Motorcycle Discussion / CNN piece on Marquez
« on: 12/17/15 08:20AM »
I’ve always been a Rossi fan and always will be. Needless to say, disappointed how 2015 turned out. As for Marquez, not on his bandwagon but there is no denying his talent, to me, he is like a happier and appreciative version of Stoner.

Not sure if this was a PR stunt to start repairing his public image but CNN International posted a pretty good article. I like his quotes and I like the fact that he has accepted the fact that with fame comes responsibility and becoming a role-model. 

It’s a good read…

Gear For Sale / SOLD
« on: 10/03/15 01:54PM »

Bought in July 2014 as a leftover from LA Cycle Sports. Other than a OCMoto Sierra Mountain in late-October and a handful of commutes to the office, this bike hasn't seen all that much action due to work (I have a assignment overseas and not home alot). I'm currently stateside and will be leaving again at the end of August for pretty much the rest of the year. Would like to sell the bike before I leave. Here are the following details:

-2012 Triumph Speed Triple, White
-ODO as of 7/26, 2213 miles
-Akrapovic Carbon Slip-on Exhaust
-EvoTech Fender Eliminator
-Rizoma Rear Turn-Signals (Front are stock)
-CRG Lane-Splitter Mirrors
-ProTaper Mini-High Bars
-Cox Oil and Radiator Guards
-Triumph Red Ano'ed Clutch Cable Holder and Wheel Spacer (this it not installed)
-Triumph Fly Screen

There are small scuff marks on the rear body panel from the over-night bag, but other than that, in excellent and near new condition. Title in hand and Registration is Current and Paid (July 2015).

Bike is located in Cypress and can be shown on weekends and after 6PM on weekdays.

Price: $7500 FIRM Any offers lower will be kindly declined.

So I'm going back to school for some specialized technical courses. Other than visiting various universities for work related activities, it's been a long while since I have on step onto a college campus as a student.

Due to distance from my office (Irvine Spectrum area) to school (Cerritos College for this time, OCC in the future), I will most likely be commuting on my bike. Safe to park on campus without the risk of getting it lifted?

I know this question has been asked before, tried searching but only found older posts on the topic....

I'm in the middle of a moto-project and need to get a small plastic fairing painted in black. Anyone have some recommendations?

Gear For Sale / SOLD
« on: 11/23/14 07:21PM »

Off Topic / Recent model Tundra owners???
« on: 02/18/14 01:24PM »
Any here own a recent model Tundra? How do you like it?

I’m strongly eye’ing the Tundra, only because Toyota’s have been good to me over the years.

It won’t be a daily driver nor will I be towing anything of significance. It will be primarily used for outdoor sports, camping, hauling a bike on occasion and when I think life is a little too easy, take it to the mall and try to find front row parking during the holidays.

The setup I’m looking at is the CrewCab, 4x4 and 5.7L, either in the SR5 or Limited trim, probably with the TRD package. I will keeping stock, no lifting or suspension work. Need it to last me for 10 years+.

Just looking for some feedback from actual owners.

The Plan:

Depart OC, Friday, September 27th. 4PM'ish to Pismo Beach. Approx. 200 miles for the day. Exact meeting point is TBD.

Eat Drink Sleep in Pismo.

Depart Pismo Beach, Saturday, September 28th, 8AM'ish to Santa Cruz Mountains. Ride along the coast, than once in Santa Cruz, ride some of the more famous roads and head back towards the city of Santa Cruz for the night. Approx. 350 miles for the day.

Eat Drink Sleep in Santa Cruz.

Depart Santa Cruz, Sunday, September 28th. Leave whenever the hangover has subsided enough. Pick any route back home. Approximately 350 miles, depending on your final destination.




TBD, but something along the lines of Best Westerns or similar.

Open to all, all is welcome

Please understand PCH and Santa Cruz Mountains does become very technical and at times very unforgiving. Be comfortable in your skill sets, ride your own ride, no man gets left behind. Most importantly, have a open and fun attitude, cause that's the point!!!!

Off Topic / Any experienced road cyclists here?
« on: 08/16/13 10:55PM »
After getting smoked in the bike section in a mini-tri due to poor equipment,  I finally got a half decent road bike. Yup, spandex and all. Just like dudes we have to avoid in the canyons.

Anyways,  got a question about fit. Stem length and handle bar width, how much movement is ok for road bikes? I think I wanna go shorter stem and wider bars.

Mr. Hayden throwing around the 2013 HyperMotard like no ones business.

I especially liked the clutch actuation view. He has it slipping more than it fully-engaged AND still hauling ass.

Went to Berts in Covina for the first time ever yesterday.

There was 2 holy-crap moments when I walked in.

-The pure size and volume of inventory.

-And when I looked at the generous mark-ups on the first price tag I saw.

Yeah, I know, welcome to 2012....but I don't buy new bikes very often and rarely visit dealerships for anything other than parts/oil. I'm the market for possibly a KTM dualie and they were the only dealership open on Sunday. No intention to buy, just sit and dream a little.

Many sales guys on the floor, all were cool, respectful and non-pushy.

The place is quite just need to go in there with your guard up and educated before making a purchase.'s amazing place to burn a few hours of your time. I'm glad I made the ride up to visit.

Bikes For Sale / FS: 2005 Suzuki Hayabusa
« on: 09/03/12 06:12PM »
Putting my old faithful Busa for sale.

2nd owner, bought it with 8800 miles on it, currently just under 24.5K.

Bought it from a pretty wealthy French national attorney who immigrated here for work. He paid the crazy import fees to register it here to only turn around and sell it to me. It's a 2005, but registered as a 2007, because that is when he came over. Bummer on that is, insurance is a little higher than it should be (cause on paper it's a 2007), good part is, pay out would be more than it should be in the event something happens to it (provided you have full-coverage).

It's been maintained very well throughout it's life, since both owner (him and I) used it as a long-distance sport-tourer so maintenance was important to keep the reliability high when far away from home. I took this bike on the OC Moto 6-State/4-days ride, no issues.

Title is Free and Clear of course.

Here is the Good:
-Well maintained and always looked after: religious on oil changes @5K mark. Been using Motul 300V since I got it.
-Drive Chain: has less than 1K miles on it. Just replaced it with top-self 530 DID Chain, Supersprox Rear Sprocket, Renthal Steel Front....Stock Gearing.
-Tires: Fresh Set of Michelin Power Road 2 (Fantastic tire for performance and longevity).
-ASV Short Levers
-HID High/Low Lights from DDM Tuning
-Buell Foot Peg Mod (lowered the foot pegs 1" for comfort).
-Zero-Gravity Double-Bubble.
-Spiegler Stainless Steel Brake Front/Rear (must have for a Busa, both Gens, cause stock brakes are not very good).
-Bagster Tank Cover: awesome full-covering tank cover that matches the paint scheme and can add bags to it (expensive and took forever to get it in...imported from Europe).
-Yoshimura Stainless Steel Full-System: only for the weight loss.
-Battery is less than 2 years old.
-Just got it full-serviced from M2 Motoworks in Fountain Valley for their comprehensive Major-Service, which included change of all fluids, valves inspection (no adjustment needed), adjustment of throttle, etc... In addition, replaced both fork seals also. One was weeping/one was leaking.

Here is the Bad:
-Currently not DOT complaint because I did not install the tail-light integrator. The bike has a undertail kit, which removes the stock turn-signals. Tail-light integrator incorporates the turn-signals into the brake lights. Been running it this way for a long time, just too lazy to install. The integrator is included, brand new.

Here is the Ugly:
-Two small (dime/nickel sized) dings on the left side of gas tank. Small hand tools fell onto the bike during one of our earthquakes a couple years ago. Does not effect gas capacity cause the Busa tank is double-walled, so it's purely cosmetic, but it's still there. At least the tank-cover covers it all up nicely.
-Along with the dents is a small scratch in the same area.

Overall all, the bike is in great condition. This was not a garage queen and has been ridden in all types of weather. Small scratches here and there when looking up close.

Mechanically, it's in very sound shape and a well-maintained and non-abused Busa motor is capable of going into the 100K range.

Not desperate to sell the bike but would like to move it cause I just bought a house and could use a couple buxs for home projects.

P.S. Mileage amy increase slowly, I take it once a week to work to keep things moving inside the bike. Idle bike is a dying bike.

Price: $4800 FIRM


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