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They posted a list on forums of special stuff not on the site. Items on the site are priced as u see them

Miscellaneous / Re: Glock 42 G42, OC No ship off roster
« on: Today at 06:46 AM »
Not in CA. It's off roster so u can only get via PPT or if you're special like a cop

More deals on their site but saw this on the triumph forum:
Riders Discount is shutting its doors. We have enjoyed our time serving the motorcycle community and we are so glad to have a following that helped us accomplish so much. This adventure started in a utility closet at home, and we went on to win the 2014 Daytona 200! It would be an understatement to say it wasn't a wild ride. Our company was built around people that truly love the sport of motorcycle riding and it's been an honor to serve you all. Please take advantage of our inventory blow out at the best prices ever. Ride safe and thanks again to all of our wonderful customers over the years, you will all be missed.

Anyone interested in purchasing part or all of the remaining business assets please contact Brian at If you want to buy something from this sale make sure you follow the contact information below.

We are blowing out our remaining inventory. These items are priced below dealer cost, so don't miss out on these GREAT deals!

These items are not available on our website. If you have any questions, please send us an email: FORUM at RIDERSDISCOUNT dot COM is the address or simply send us a PM here.

Also make sure you check out our website for other amazing deals.

Also have a set of towers, no locks and extra landing pads. $150 obo

Miscellaneous / Glock 42 G42, OC No ship off roster
« on: 12/15/18 09:51AM »

Yakima roof rails, basket, mounts w/ key $375

Bikes For Sale / Re: Street Triple R For Sale | $5000
« on: 12/14/18 09:44PM »
Cool bike

Wish I did. Don't really have any except the dealer these days

Woohoo sounds good. Been a while

FS: 2 Dillon 550(one 550 and one 550b), dies, parts, 9mm & .45.
$550 each setup
Each press complete for each caliber.

I have extra dies and tool heads can sell separately.
-lot of brass for both calibers. Need to sort and weigh this weekend.
-5k Wolf small pistol primers. $30/1k

Located in HB. Can meet around OC if needed. PM me for pics or more info. Will try to get a full list of parts this weekend.

Miscellaneous / Re: Pit Bull stands and head lift
« on: 12/14/18 09:39PM »
Yup will sell any of 3 separate. 

Miscellaneous / Pit Bull stands and head lift
« on: 12/11/18 08:05PM »
Used front/rear and head lift.
$300 obo

ah ok. good to know.  happy fishin

Hey Todd why you not keep and eat that beast?

gonna be cold in Feb but if I win another free day I'll go :)

Ahh it was super fun. Also i was there for free excluding my new tires, brake pads and gas. Got some pics and a few make me look not as slow as i am but 4 yrs between track days is a looonnnggg time.  The bmw really makes that front straight seem smaller than when i had my 600.  I saw upper 160s and still got passed! People be crazy

Bike Nights / Re: RADwood LA [80s-90s Auto/Bike Show]
« on: 11/27/18 07:21PM »
lol that might be a good laugh to go


1 front Pirelli super corsa. Used. 120/70 17. Has about 5k on it. Good for another 1k probly

2 mirrors off triumph 675r 2014. Both have 1 missing bolt and 1 glass is broken.

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