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I'll be making my way up one of these weekends to check it out. Thanks again.

Thank you for posting this. How long will the exhibit be on display for?

That is a interesting and cool project!!!

Being vertically challenged, loading up the bike on the back of the truck after a day of riding can be a PIA at times. One time in particular, I had a pretty good get-off out on the trails, I managed to limp back to the staging area and realized I was too sore to safely load the bike. If it wasn't the kind assistance of others at the trailhead, I would have just stared and wished the bike was loaded.


Let me test the health of my right-hand on Saturday and I'll let you know. If I can make it, I will need to keep it safe/sane as my finger is still broken and don't have alot of grip strength.

Awesome adventure!!!

Rogue-I would keep your DR, maybe invest in a pumper carb for better throttle response and suspension upgrades. KTM/Husky 500 maybe street legal but it will suck ass on the freeways due to the low-weight. My KTM 690 is barely heavy enough to be safe anything over 70MPH...anything faster, I'm hanging on for dear life, as you saw the last time we went out and back from Borrego. Look into something lighter in the future and truck it. Safer and won't wear the crap out of a 500/350 thumper.

Man, I wish my hand was healthy enough to attend. With the recent rains, it's gonna be excellent conditions for you all. Please posts some photos and looking forward in hearing about the trip.

What questions would you like to know about Thailand? I'm not Thai but I travel to the region (Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia) on a semi-regular basis for work (used to be on a very regular basis) and have spent a considerable time there.  I have quite a bit of personal connections established there from my travels, understand the pros/cons of the culture and region.

I suggest you visit there for a period of time to check out the environment, climate, people and culture before committing. As a US Citizen, you are granted a 30-day automatic visa upon arrival, so extended trips there is easy.

Cal City has all kinds of terrain with beginner to expert trails, Galileo hill country club offers suites and pool access or camp in the desert that's what we do, Randsburg mining town is about a ten mile ride from Cal City with a fire road route for the moms n kids  but up in the hills theres a nice snotty nasty ride for the boys to take. I grew up riding CC and so did my kids, taught them both to drive my dually at 6 n 7 yrs old on all the derilect roads.

I heard about the Galileo resort. Whats availability like there? Especially in prime desert riding season. It would make for a nice "base camp" site and ride from there.

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: One lucky dude!
« on: 02/28/18 08:05AM »
Wow. Unbelievable. I have no words.

Speaking of 405....any idea what the project that is going near Sand Canyon area?


I'll show you how to break the bead on tube tires while out on the road next time we ride. 2 main methods, 1) is either standing on the tires and using body weight, 2) other using the bike side-stand. Some tires are easier than others, but it's not a fun process. Best to practice at home.

I also run Ultra Heavy Duty tubes, very durable, but can be a PIA to install due to the wall-thickness....even at home. I carry 1 standard duty tire (21" only....can be used in 18" rear if need be) in my backpack. along with a couple 10" irons. I also pre-powder the tube with baby powder so it is easier to move around within the tire.

I won't be able to ride for a little bit, but maybe in late-March.

I wish I could do this, just a bad weekend for me. Have fun and watch for the trucks/Jeeps on the corners.

If his riding actions are any indication, sounds like he has some mental issues. I wouldn't do anything and make him go around you every single time he comes up on you. As moto-commuters, we all know the numbers are against us. Dumb riding will only increase his odds and eventually his number will come up. Hopefully it's not a really nice car that takes him out, that would be a waste.

Froze my ass off too this morning. My bike gave me a ice warning while I was on the 133. When I got the office, I had to warm up my hands on a cup of coffee before heading into the bathroom for a pee.

Four Corners Tour and 15-Best Road Tour tops my personal favs. But I would like to do it on my own terms vs. in a challenge format.

This reminds me to keep on grinding away and stay focused on the early retirement plan. Long distance touring is one of the first activities slated after I check out from being a productive member of society.

A couple track days is definitely on my 2018 To-Do list. LAB2V would be fun!!! Perhaps a OCMoto crew can represent this year? I would be a strong maybe!!!

-Definitely more pleasure riding on the weekend, even if it's just for a couple of hours.
-Extended weekender ride, NorCal and/or Sierra Mtn trip.
-Couple trackdays

Yeah, it's back!!!

This happened today

Chris!!! Congrats. Awesome Husky.

I'll get some parts order for the KTM and get her going...then, lets ride!!!

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