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New Members / newish to ocmoto
« on: 09/04/15 02:55PM »
Used to be on here then sold my bike and stopped posting on here, but I'm looking to get another bike soon, so I'm back lol, anyone recommend a good place to buy another motorcycle

i sold my cbr600 a few months ago and recently got another job making more money and im itching to get another bike lol im looking at a 09 r1 in white/red/black or a 08 ducati 848 in white, where are some good dealerships that have good prices, i already know to stay away from berts haha any info is appreciated thanks

Miscellaneous / 3 black cats for sale or free?
« on: 06/03/11 12:08PM »
i have been taking care of 5 kittens that i found at my work when they were about 1 week old, ive been bottle feeding them and caring for them ever since, they are about 9 weeks old now, and i am keeping 2 but the other 3 have to go, my house is to small and they are to energetic to have all 5 in my small house, they are all cute and loving, love to play and after they will crawl on u and fall asleep for hours, you can take one but i'd really like to try to keep them all together, the litter was 5 kittens and they are all black, out of the 3 there are i think 2 boys and 1 girl or all 2 boys, 2 for sure i know are boys though, im asking 40$ per cat and thats just to help pay for the food and stuff thndecause the KMR food is about 10$ a bottle and i went through about 2 a day feeding them for 4 weeks, then the 2nd step formula was another 20$ then regular canned food and dry food, it just all adds up so im trying to get some of the money back since i did take care of them and could have let them die but i fed them and took care of them and ive tried to give them to cat shelters and no kill shelters but none of them will take them now because they are all full and i dont want to give them to animal control because they will be euthenised, so post or PM me and let me know if you want one or 3 or if you know someone who does, thanks

theres 2 in the pic, the 3rd one is hiding right now but its a black cat, same as above

Bikes For Sale / FS: 2001 honda cbr600 f4i $3000
« on: 06/20/10 05:53PM »
i am selling my bike, runs perfect engine, transmission, clutch everything is perfect, has a micron slip on exhaust, shogun frame sliders, had a complete tune up a few months ago at superbike nation, new spark plugs, oil ect ect, and i have the paperwork to show what was done. It has been down before i think i posted a thread about what happened a long time ago when it actually happened but anyway it was at low speed, 5-10mph or so, i had everything replaced or repaired by superbike nation after it happened the only thing i couldnt replace was the left side fairing which has some rash on it because its really hard to find OEM replacements in the red/white colorscheme that doesnt have some sort of rash on it lol, but anyway it is a very good and reliable bike i have had no issues with it since i have owned it it has 37k miles mostly highway miles i rode it about 50 miles round trip everyday from HB to long beach,tires have about %90+ tread left on both tires and it has the cyclegear warranty on both (if i can find them) and ill still be on the site so if you get a flat ill go with you to cyclegear since whoever purchased it has to redeem it, also had the stator cover painted black, its never been stunted and is a really good bike but i just dont ride anymore and its sitting in my garage collecting dust and now that summer is here someone should enjoy it, post here, call or text me 562-277-7720, prefferably texting or posting here because if im working i cant answer my phone, if you want to come test ride it you must have cash in my hand and a M1 license

im helping my co-working sell his home gym, he moved into a apartment with his fiance and their complex has a gym so he doesnt need this whole gym anymore and he doesnt have a garage to store it anyway so i told him id post here to help him sell it, PM me with any questions

price is 3k OBO

Leg Press/Hack Squat Machine, Squat Rack, Leg Extension/Leg Curl Attachment, Dip Attachment, Hanging Leg Raise Slings, Adjustable Bench, Preacher Curl Attachment, Lat Machine Attachment, Assorted Bars For Lat Machine

Hex Dumbells-10 Lbs to 65 Lbs (Except 60s)
Olympic plates- Ten 45s, Two 35s, Two 25s, Two 10s, Eight 5s, Four 2.5s
Standard Plates- Two 50s, Four 25s, Four 5s, Seven 2.5s, Four 1.25s
Everything is in Good Shape

Cash Only, You Will Need To Pick Up

Everything is sold Together

Off Topic / who here boogie boards? or body boards?
« on: 09/02/09 10:31PM »
ive been going lately a few times a week its awesome i love it, so fun and relaxing, just wanted to see who else here boogie boards, i go to seal beach because 1 the parking is free and 2 the waves arent TOO big, maybe we can set up a ocmoto beach day heres my fat ass havin fun, im goin friday probably 10am or so with one of my friends from work if ne one wants to go

Bikes For Sale / 2007 honda cbr 600RR for sale
« on: 08/28/09 07:13PM »
its been down but the engine is perfect,and the forks arent bent or the frame so its still good and its a clean title runs excellent, 8400 miles, all stock, could be a good track bike or get some fairings off ebay and ur good to go email with any questions 4300 obo

sorry the first pic wont rotate i tried

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