OC MOTO Racing

What's This All About?
OCMOTOracing track club is a squad of riders dedicated to working together to make track days easier and more fun for everyone. Currently we have two riders competing with CVMA and the rest of us are committed track day junkies. By working together and helping each other we make trackdays more affordable, fun, and accessible to everyone.

How Can I Get Involved?
OCMOTOracing track club is available to make it easier for you to do a track day. There is no application and no dues required, just get your bike prepped, pick a date, and sign up to do a track day. www.cyclemall.net supports OCMOTOracing with race bike preparation services and Bridgestone Tires. www.Trackdaz.com supports the team and many of our members will be in attendance at all of their track days in 2011. If you have existing service relationship use them, or if you don't you can use ours, it doesn't matter just get to the track so the fun can begin! Track riding is a super fun way to explore the the limits of what your bike can do in a controlled environment.

Frequently Asked Questions
We're working on a FAQ for the future, but for now feel free to PM any of the members with CycleMall or Trackdaz banners in their signature lines, or visit the "Chris' tips" forum for various pieces of technical information.

Race Team Members:

LBCR1 Ken FEEL_LICKS FlyingScotsman Ken Pfister Phoshizil deL Rooster RedRider4Life The Evasive_1 BLACK ionlion PYTHONZ Woody mcgabriel F.W.R.

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