Official OC MOTO Terms of Service


Section 1: Content

Here at OC MOTO, we believe that since this is a public forum, everyone should be entitled to their free speech. This however, does not mean that you can say or post anything that you want. Just as you must control what you say and do while in a public place, you must also control what you say and do here on this Internet forum. OC MOTO reserves the right to refuse service to anyone by banning their account. 

1.1) No Adult Content. 
This is a motorcycle forum, to which most people join to gain motorcycle related information. Though it is understood that sometimes it may be beneficial to post something with "Adult Content", we must refrain. It is not acceptable to post "Adult Content", i.e. pornographic or explicit images, videos or other media, drug or sexually descriptive posts or dialog, profane language, drug related images, videos or other media, extreme violence or any other form of content which is not suitable for those under 18 years old. Most of us know what constitutes adult content, however, if you find yourself in question, ask yourself the following:

  • Do I really need to post this? Most people know how to use Google and can find "Adult Content" if they choose, they do not need to go to OC MOTO for it.
  • Would this be appropriate in a PG-13 movie? Since we do not require members to be over 18, we must ask ourselves what is appropriate for minors. If you don"t think the MPAA would allow your post in a PG-13 movie, chances are, neither will OC MOTO.
  • What would my Mother think about this post? Yes, that"s right, your Mother.
  • Will it be consistent with the OC MOTO Mission Statement? Here at OC MOTO, we expect your posts to be positive, constructive, and helpful to other members.

1.2) Members Must be Respectful of Other Members 
Each member of OC MOTO is expected to make posts in a positive, respectful, and professional manner. This means that if you have a problem with another member, you must try to work it out with them (via PM, Personal Message, or email) and not do so in the public forum. If you have a problem with another member, let an Administrator know, and we will attempt to resolve the issue if it cannot be done independently. Any comments in the public forum which are determined to be of a negative nature are not acceptable and will only make you look worse in the eyes of the other members. Always remember that the easiest way to resolve an issue is to simply swallow your pride and let it be. We are here to help each other, not make enemies.

  • Indirectly making comments regarding another member shall not exclude the commenter from 1.2. This includes, but is not limited to, changing the target member"s name, omitting the target member"s name or any other forms of name diversion.
  • Cursing, name calling, or other disrespectful comments towards other members is not acceptable.

1.3) Promoting Other Sites / Services
If you are promoting a business, selling a product or service or something of this nature via a post you must only do so in the "Classifieds" section or the "Product Reviews" section of the forum. We do not encourage you to place advertisements for such services or businesses in your signatures or avatars, however, this will be acceptable to some degree. It will be purely at the discretion of the Administrators to decide if you promotion is acceptable or not. We will not allow tacky or distracting advertisements or solicitation via Email or Personal Message. Advertisements in signatures and avatars should be discrete. As a general rule of thumb, we will not tolerate promotions of businesses or services that are:

  • Destructive or derogative to OC MOTO or its members.
  • Illegal or illegitimate.
  • Not consistent with Rule 1.
  • Not of high quality.
  • Spamming by listing multiple posts for the same product/service.

Keep in mind that the purpose of the site is the benefit of the members / community. If you are using the site for a benefit to your business then there is a conflict of interest! This should be resolved with the administrators to ensure you are properly using our resources (site).

1.4) Members Must Be Consistent With Guiding Principles 
Every member of OC MOTO is expected to follow the spirit of the Guiding Principles. This means, that whenever you"re on OC MOTO or on a group ride, you must act in a manner that is fitting to our Guiding Principles and Terms of Service. We want to encourage everyone to be helpful to one another as we are all brothers and sisters of this riding community. 

1.5) Content Must Be On-Topic 
Each thread is given a title, or subject, to which it is expected that your post somehow pertains to. If your post does not refer to the mentioned subject, or simply does not add value or information to the topic, OC MOTO reserves the right to remove said post without warning to the authoring user. 

1.6) Racist, Sexist or Other Intolerant Comments

Comments that infer a prejudice on a person based on race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation or other non-character related attributes are not acceptable. Such views must not be advertised on this public forum, as it is a place for everyone to engage in respectful conversation. Members must remember that OC MOTO is comprised of many different people, and must not make sweeping generalizations about a certain group of people.


1.7) Profile Settings (Avatars, Signatures, Etc.) 
In general, information known as Profile Settings which include Avatars, Signatures, Personal Text, Taglines, or any other user input related to a person’s profile should not contain any questionable content related to any of the Rules in Section 1. This is because your profile information will be displayed on every post you make, in every board, for everyone to see and therefore must not conflict with the image guidelines of OC MOTO.

Section 2: Ride Style

OC MOTO promotes safe riding. No one wants to see a fellow rider go down, and because of this, we require all members to adhere to the rules provided hereon while on rides and during discussions on the website. These rules are imposed in the spirit of safety and respect for other riders/drivers on the road. While we understand that it"s nice to have fun, please think of others while on group rides. 

2.1) Ride With The Safety Of Others In Mind 
When on a group ride, remember that you"re not riding by yourself. Your actions can cause others to become involved in an accident, therefore, you must exhibit more care when on a group ride then when you ride by yourself in an effort to keep yourself and others out of danger. We require all riders to be riding legally, which means if you go on a group ride with us, you must be riding in class with the proper M1 license or permit and be able to operate your vehicle in a safe manner. You must have motorcycle insurance for the vehicle you"re riding. 

2.2) No Wheelies or Stunts On Public Roads 
Public roads are one of the worst places to do wheelies or any other stunts, there are so many variables beyond the riders control that can change and cause a crash. Please do not perform these while on group rides as it would be imposing a safety threat to others. We know it looks cool, but it"s far too much risk for what it"s worth. 

2.3) Follow Road Captains While On Group Rides 

Road Captains will be assigned at the beginning of the ride with consideration to the size of the group riding and the various skill levels between riders. Each Road Captain will be in charge of a sub-group of riders based on skill level and what the riders comfortable speed is. Riders must not pass the Road Captain while in their sub-group and must adhere to his/her command signals which shall be expected of the rider to ask questions regarding the use of signals prior to the start of the ride. It is acceptable for a rider to move from one sub-group to the other while the ride is in progress, but only if it is done when it is safe and reasonable. 

2.4) Always Ride At Your Own Pace 

It is important for each member to understand what their individual skill level is. When in a group ride, it may be tempting to try and keep up with more experienced riders, however, the results of this are usually not good. Please refrain from any type of "showing off" or similar activities that could cause others to ride out of the skill level. 

2.5) Reckless Riding Is Not Acceptable 

All members are expected to ride in a reasonable manner when on public streets. This means that if a police officer were to see what you were doing, and if you are riding so badly that he could reason to give you a reckless or negligible driving ticket, you are guilty of Reckless Riding. Any such evidence or testimony of this style of riding would cause a violation of this Rule. 

Section 3: Administrative

3.1) Deletion Of User Account 
Any violation of any Terms of Service is reason for permanent deletion of your user account. As a courtesy to the user, a warning Personal Message or Email will be sent to said user informing him/her of the violation and that it has caused their account to be in jeopardy. You are expected to defend yourself against any negative allegations in a reply to the message, failing to do so could result in your account being deleted. 
a) Administrators are not required to inform the user of deletion of account if it is deemed by the Administrators that the infraction of said user warrants no such action. 

3.2) Violations of Terms of Service 
Any violation of any Terms of Service is reason for permanent deletion of your post, deletion of user account, or banning or your IP Addresses. You will not receive a courtesy notice before the post is deleted.

3.3) Disputes Against Other Members 
Any disagreement between members that cannot be solved independently must be brought to the attention of the Administrators via Email or Personal Message. Uncivilized fighting between members in the forum constitutes of violation of Section 1.2 & 1.4. 

3.4) Banned Members 
In the event that it is determined that a member does not agree with the OC MOTO Mission Statement, it is possible that their account can be deleted in accordance with the provisions of 3.1. It is also possible that the member can be blocked from the site entirely in order to prevent future registrations of accounts once it is determined that they are in violation of this Article.

3.5) Signatures And Avatars 
Each member is entitled to assigning themselves an icon to be displayed for each of their posts (Avatar) and a group of text and/or images which proceeds each of the member"s posts (Signature). The avatar may be an animated image format, however, it must not exceed dimensions of 100 x 100 pixels. The Avatar must also conform to Section 1. The Signature may contain a single or multiple images, however, the total width of the images must not exceed 800 pixels and the total height of the images must not exceed 200 pixels. The Signature must also conform to Section 1.

3.6) Misuse of Accounts 
It is considered a misuse of an account to create multiple identities (multiple accounts) or to use an account for the purpose of obtaining information of a person or persons who is unaware or unsupportive of the said gathering of information. This shall be considered ‘stalking’. Infractions of this article will result in your access to the site being blocked. IP addresses will be logged and distributed to a court should a legal issue be brought against you.

3.7) Display of Personal Messages on Public Forum
Posting or otherwise displaying personal messages from another member without express permission of such display shall be considered a violation of assumed privacy. Action may be taken by Moderators as determined necessary. 



Note: OC MOTO reserves the right to add to, amend, or otherwise alter these Terms of Service without notice. The most current Terms of Service can be found at:;sa=tos

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