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Title: 20K
Post by: MothersmarK on 08/22/10 08:34PM
Beware, rant . . .

I've just started attempting a 20,000 mile service of MothersmarK.  Holy crap!   :4:
I can change oil.
I can check the primary chain.
I can check the clutch cable.
I can replace the air filter.
   But I almost lit her on fire because I couldn't screw her new front spark plug in without help!

I love Eric Buell for all his innovations and building a kick ass cornering machine around a previously shitty Harley Davidson engine.  But wow . . .

 :21:    :47:
Title: Re: 20K
Post by: Tominator on 08/22/10 08:36PM
He was at Newcomb's Ranch today. Explains why there was a boatload of Buells there.  :47:
Title: Re: 20K
Post by: Trent-919 on 08/22/10 09:17PM
I hear you brother... well sorta of.

When i change the plugs on my honda, 1, 2, 4 no prob. but #3 , right under the backbone of the frame. I had to buy two linkage for my wrench, and it was a bi.ch.

But it sure feels good when you can do it your self.
+1 on ya.