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Title: I'll give you free stuff if I can borrow your bike
Post by: EvilTwin on 10/17/16 09:12AM
So as probably no one remembers, three years ago I worked for Bazzaz and would source bikes for development here on this forum; I believe my former coworker, Del, is still doing that for Bazzaz on this forum. Well I'm at a new company now looking to do the same thing. Similar arrangement as before, if you let me borrow your bike I'll return it with the hardware I'm testing installed on it. The company I work for makes hard part accessories; lowering kits, footpegs, that sort of thing. I'm currently looking for an HD touring model bike, can be any of the following: Street Glide, Road Glide, Electra Glide, Ultra Glide, or Road King.

PM me for more details!