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RIP Pete :(

I'm a maybe as long as its not raining

Im also riding from Orange.. you wanna roll out together?

Gear For Sale / Re: FS: GET MD60 GPS lap timer
« on: 02/18/18 06:18AM »
Love mine.

She must have the least bit of training.

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Intermediate ride, anyone?
« on: 02/17/18 02:01PM »
Awesome thanks

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Intermediate ride, anyone?
« on: 02/17/18 11:13AM »
Do you have an address by any chance? I'm going to try make it. I'm just an old man on a cruiser..

Odd that I can't find updates on the story.

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Intermediate ride, anyone?
« on: 02/17/18 08:10AM »
I'm down.. When are you guys talking about?

I didn't do anything, honestly, except poke the right people.

I know it's quiet around here - but a few of us think there is still value in OC Moto and working to breathe life back into it.  Hopefully people will stick around.

I feel the same way.
I know we can take it to different levels.

Off Topic / Re: Hi, I'm Chris
« on: 12/30/17 11:56PM »

Now that RockStorePhoto is retiring, you might have a nice following if you can get the name out to others that ride Mulholland...

Ya he retired and moved to NC a few months back. so far so good. We definitely have different photography styles .

Sensor size plays a part also the D850 is full size 35mm  $$$. I paid less for my VFR. He's not alone I paid more for my Canon than I did the VFR also  :32: Photography can be spendy for the good stuff.
Nikon D850 possibly 70-200 wide open so f2.8 iso 160 1/200th of  a second. Nice kit.
(could be the 105mm prime)

Thanks.  My 50 mm lens isn't capable of opening that wide to get that bokeh shot.  Nor is it capable of softening up the blurred background like that.  One of these days if I stop buying stuff for my bikes, I'll upgrade my lens!  LOL!

I have yet to walk out of a camera store with having spent less than $500.. I'd be lucky if that's where it ends. I can buy two brand new S1000RR's if I sell my gear.
One issue.. The BM'R wont continue to make me money.
However I really love what I do.

Nice website great photos.

Guard rails are distracting know any spots that have more pleasing background?


Absolutely. There are a few spots in the OC and LA area that are amazing. Get in touch with me if you would be interested in doing some work.

Misc / Re: Long Beach Motorcycle Show - 2017
« on: 11/19/17 08:37AM »
Who's going today? I'll be there.. look for the blue shirt and the Blueyephotog logo. Please say hi.

That's good work, Yaron!

Ride on,

Very nice work but perfection is your style. Best wishes in your new venture.

Thank you

Nikon D850 possibly 70-200 wide open so f2.8 iso 160 1/200th of  a second. Nice kit.
(could be the 105mm prime)

Ha ha ya D850 & 70/200. I also used a 105 Prime. not sure off the top of my head this pic. I think 70/200

So it's been awhile since I have visited OCmoto and while some of you may know me well, Others may not at all.
I have been riding for some years.. but snobbed to pretty much track only in the past 8 years.
I'm a photographer of many things but one of my favorites are motorcycles. Why not combine both passions.. right?..
I shoot still Moto

and recently have started shooting at the "snake" in Mulholland up from the Rock Store.
I was there last weekend (Nov 11/12).
If you were there that weekend you may find some of your pictures on there.
As long as weather is good I'll be there. You can always check in with me before hand.
Also if you have any questions or if I can help you in any way please let me know.

For more info and pics checkout my site at

Here are some samples you can expect to see.

I have a few specials as well should you like to purchase any of your photos or schedule a shoot.
I'm available to do shoots in other locations for groups or One on One's. OC/LA

Good read. Some interesting key points.

I really am sorry I couldn't make it.. I tried everything.. But only got off the flying tin can at 1AM :(

Very ingesting and valid points.. some not do much.. Regardless I enjoy being a BMW owner, rider and follower.

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