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Eddie! Been a while since I checked in here. Curious, how many miles you have on your SV now? :)

Hey r0ckrat, I have over 108,000 miles.

Haven't been out riding as much with this pandemic thing going on.  :P

I see you got a new ride, nice!   :29:

5-19-20 Rode to donut shop to meet Hanzo...

Going to Crystal Lake!   :17:

Nice day out, there were a few bikes out!

And went to Donut Man for dessert to take home!  :29:

5-14-20 Kim, Russ and I rode to Crystal Lake!

The Cafe is open!


A lot of guests lurking about.  :17:

Happy Belated Easter!

Sorry for the late post, Suzy posted the Modjeska Easter Breakfast ride here on OCMoto in 2009, and some of us continued to go to it for the past ten years!

This year was the first year we did not make it due to Coronavirus.

Next year!

Hay Eddie ever run into Lauren Lyster I got a serious crush on her. lol

Yes I have!

3-27-20 Rode to Fullerton DMV this morning...

KTLA 5 Megan Telles was there! The DMVs are closed due to Coronavirus.

I have to renew my license and get a Real ID, before the DMV closed said by appt only - my license expires in April and appt is in June?!

Hope it will be open by then.

Went home, had lunch then rode out again...

Rode to the Port of LA to see the Mercy hospital ship!

KTLA 5 was there but wasn't able to get to where the van was parked.

1-31-20 Off today, I went to Classic Donuts just a block away from my house...

There are pics of me on their wall!

Took a ride to Newport Beach for lunch!

Ohana Poke Bowl!

Stopped by the Frog House to get a pic!

And rode back home!


More pics...

Nolan was there!

After  the show Nolan, Pepe and I rode to 31 Flavors for ice cream!

Pepe put the stock exhaust back on his bike!

It was a cool clear day, nice to get the bike out!

More pics...

Pepe and I got lunch where the show is held at...

Ran into RD Todd, he stopped by to say Hi then went on his way!

Haha I like this bike!

The custom wiring and exhaust got my vote!

Nice Kawi!

There is a guy behind the bike putting a stand on for this bike!

1-12-20 Met Pepe at Dunkin Donuts in Santa Ana...

Had a snack, then we went for a short ride and ended up in HB for the Vintage Bike Show!

10-4-19 Was at the HB Airshow!

More pics...

After breakfast we rode up Glendora Ridge Road to the GMR Lookout. I stopped to take a few pics.

We stopped at the Lookout...

And ran into a OCMoto guy that I haven't seen in quite a while!

Then we rode down GMR to head for Donut Man, we passed Fezz and JSG guys hanging out at the bottom for laps up and down GMR along the way.

9-29-19 Rode to donut shop to meet Hanzo and Pepe...

Get a text from Pepe, he is on his way. Hanzo calls me and his bike didn't start?!

Well they made it, checking out Pepe's Kawi that he recently bought.

Bike is loud!

Hanzo had to jump his bike again.

So we rode up to Mt. Baldy for breakfast!

Somehow we parked in separate spots?

Place was busy, had to wait to be seated. :p

Food was great!

^^^ :29:

9-15-19 Meeting Hanzo and Pepe for a ride to Crystal Lake!

Pepe texted not going to make it, Hanzo showed up and we left. A little wet out this morning.

A lot of cyclists out today, got chili and saw the Crystal Lake kitty!

Time to ride to Donut Man!

90 degrees out! Had our dessert, I removed my jacket liner and we headed for home!

^^^  :32:

9-6-19 Happy Friday!

Off today, so meeting Kim for a ride and Doug shows up! I met Kim through Doug but haven't seen Doug in a long time!

So we rode through Santiago Canyon down to San Clemente to have lunch at Biggie's!

Great food here!

Kim has to top off.

Then we rode back and stopped at Cook's Corner!

Chilled for a bit, then we rode home!

Throwback Thursday...

Several years ago I saw this guy pulling into the Pep Boys.

Dude, your girlfriend is hot!


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