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Put the middle one in first. Then when the other 2 come in they will keep it forward with their handle bars.

if a car cuts you off and then messes with you on the road and you call the cops with their license plate but they take off, what happens next? :26:

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: GMR Cager Run
« on: 04/01/16 05:24PM »
I'm rolling and Breakdirt is riding shotgun. see you guys there.

Will bring some hot dogs and buns to grill.

 :51: :51: :51:

Off Topic / Re: GMR cager run Sunday Appril 10th
« on: 03/24/16 10:25AM »
some of y'all need a passenger to do some back seat driving?

You can roll with me if I go.

Off Topic / Re: GMR cager run Sunday Appril 10th
« on: 03/24/16 08:14AM »
If my schedule stays the same i'm in with my '08 328i coupe  :51: :51:

Bikes For Sale / Re: 2002 DRZ 400 street legal $2500
« on: 12/05/15 06:28AM »
if i didnt just buy qa Ducvati i would have. lol







it sure does. Will be bitter sweet to let it go.   :34:

Selling my 2015 Honda Fury. It is the first 2015 off the line so the vin ends in 0001. I love this bike but I need another crotch rocket before I can have a cruiser. That is the reason I am selling it. I am the first owner of the bike. Bike runs strong and extremely well. No problems at all, and only has 600 miles on it. I'm about to get the 600 mile oil change and it will be done by the Honda Power House dealership in Long Beach. Bike is in great condition. I owe money on the bike to the dealership still, but will take care of paperwork for the new owner as quickly as possible. It also comes with the warranty that is good for 3 years. I will sell the bike with the stock OEM exhaust for smog purposes.

Asking Price: $11,000 OBO
Bike: 2015 Honda Fury(Purchased through Huntington Beach Honda Motorcycle--1st Owner)
Mileage: 700

SLK 2 into 1 Exhaust

Included with Bike:
Stock Exhaust

Off Topic / Re: Final 3 OC Moto T Shirt Designs
« on: 08/21/15 01:26AM »
T-shirt #2 with #1 on the back. boom! O0

Off Topic / Re: Drone equipped with handgun
« on: 07/21/15 04:11AM »
Ever watch Hawaii Five-0? They had a episode where a guy was flying a more sophistaced model around Hawaii and shooting random people.

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Spring-Fall Rally 2015
« on: 07/15/15 06:11PM »
Heres my mileage pic for the Fury.

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Spring-Fall Rally 2015
« on: 06/23/15 03:30PM »
Oh yeah. It is a big swing in the other direction compared to what I have been owning. It is a sexy bike though. And I have 2015s first one off the line so the Vin is 01 which is pretty cool.  I will be searching CL for a used cheap crotch rocket to make in to a stunt bike so I can enjoy the best of both worlds.

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Spring-Fall Rally 2015
« on: 06/23/15 04:26AM »
my motorcycle was stolen so i lost a month of riding and just recentley bought a brand new bike that came with 4miles on it. im back in it. :43:

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