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Chris, didn't you buy Dan's Jordan Suzuki GSXR 1000? I thought I had some video of you on it at the track.

The track on your own bike.  :17:

Not only will you be able to explore your lean angle but also throttle control, brake control, comfort with riders around you, passing, shifting, getting use to your bike sliding around, comfort at higher speeds, quicker reaction time.

Try and go with someone who has done a lot of track days. They can advise you on what you should bring to make the day enjoyable, and a learning experience.

Auto Club Speedway, my favorite.

Off Topic / Re: My friend needs help with smog
« on: 10/21/15 03:32PM »
Look under the hood at the emissions label that tells weather it is a California or federal vehicle. If you see PZEV on that sticker she is in luck. That warranties a lot of engine and transmission sensors/actuators for 15 years or 150,000 miles. I work for a ford dealer and am also a smog check technician and I get them all the time. We get some serious beat up cars that are still under the PZEV warranty. Hope she is under 150k miles.

Now I know how to get my custom café racer brat style bobber the recognition it deserves.

I run up the canyon from Azusa to Burro Canyon a couple of times a month. Always weekends. It isn't uncommon to see guys hot into blind corners straddling the center line. I am unusually in an SUV and know enough to hang to the right. Not everyone is that kind. Still I have almost lost a left mirror on a couple of occasions. All I can ask is that we all stay safe and none of you take me out when I am on my bike and I will return the favor! :)
That was about as close a call as you can make. The Ducati rider does not seem to know how to steer a motorcycle. Crossed up body position not counter steering as far as I can tell. The RC8 is a very skilled and confident rider but is crowding the inside lane and the car in front of him apparently concentrating on the pass. He did make a critical error too but he had the skill to pull off a save this time. I have seen riders in my group take the racing line in a blind turn but they were at maybe 75% of their fastest pace with plenty of time to avoid an intruding vehicle straddling the center-line. But that is with no vehicle parking it in front of them at the same time like the RC8 rider. Like some of you said, I would have camped out at the edge of the turn longer to get a peek on the oncoming lane to set up the pass. But nobody anticipates a motorcycle rider to kamikaze you from the opposite direction. Be safe out there.

I think the riders that like to live do anticipate the occasional kamikaze motorcycle or car.

Like others have said a new brake line is a great place to start. Proper brake like bleeding procedure is also a must, what is yours?

You may want to try and simulate where your brake fluid will be in the reservoir while doing your wheelies.  You may need to add more fluid than the full line to keep the pick up tube in fluid. If the pick up tube is not in fluid you could possibly get some air in the master. I am not sure on your bike if you have a remote reservoir and how close the reservoir is to the master.

If you are still having problems there is always better masters (Brembo), bigger rotors, and better pads you can try.

Just had a nice slide in my car. Would hate to see a bike go down. Any idea who to call to get it cleaned up.

I wear a Teknic leather jacket that is very perforated all year. If its cold out I just use my rain jacket over my leather jacket. It is a wind breaker that stops all the cold air and  am very comfortalble on the 20 mile ride to work.

Check out  So much information on the topic.

Off Topic / Re: smog - "notice of incomplete renewal"
« on: 01/07/14 01:20PM »
If you do want to complain about the shop try

The DMV has nothing to do with automotive repair shops.

3 AMA Superbike championships and World Superbike champion in his rookie year, winning on many tracks he'd never seen before?  Yeah, that sure sounds like a sucky rider to me.

I look forward to Ben coming out of retirement for 2015 and kicking ass in World Superbike again.

I remember his high school glory days too. Al Bundy scored 4 touchdowns in a single game. Ben Spies sucks. Seems every person with a race team knows it... but I'm sure you're right and they're all wrong.
I guess it depends on your definition of "sucks".  I guess Colin Edwards and Nicky Hayden suck too.  Sure, Spies hasn't reached "alien" status and never will.  Sure there are 5 to 10 riders in the world better than him.  If that means he "sucks" then I guess he does.  But that's not my definition of "sucks".
Anyone that can get a factory Moto GP ride does not suck.  I think it's amazing what Ben could do on a bike. 

Racing Headquarters / Re: MotoGP PI - spoilers
« on: 10/21/13 05:33PM »
We r not mathematicians... let us race & F off."

haha!  my 4 year old can count to 10.  come on.

Don't forget your son has to be riding a Moto GP bike on the limit, planning on how to pass one of the fastest motorcycle riders in the world, while he is counting off ten laps.

Whats with the front fork? Looks like air scoops...

To keep the temp down at the caliper.

This is what you missed this morning...

BSB Round 1 done and in the books.

sent from my badd azz Galaxy Note II

What station and provider are you getting BSB races from?

Rest in peace.

I would not consider a driver who was breaking no laws at the time driving recklessly.  Its hard to judge the speed of a bike when it is traveling at an excessive rate of speed.  The fact that the police officer had no sirens or lights on at the time does not help.  Its very unfortunate this happened but I believe the only person responsible here is the Police Officer.

If I understood the information correctly, the driver took a left turn into the officer's path of travel.  Unless you have a green arrow, you are to YIELD to traffic until you can safely merge into the flow of traffic by LAW.  I will find the CVC later. 

And it is my own personal opinion that if a person is breaking the law and causes the death of another as a result, then that person should be found guilty of vehicular manslaughter.  Whether it be running a red light, driving drunk, nailing a pedestrian when turning right or failing to yield during a left turn the person needs to be CHARGED and PROSECUTED TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW -- NO FUCK1NG CHERRY PICKING. 

I have no idea what happened here, I have none of the facts.

If this is a "standard left turn accident", and the officer had no lights/sirens on, it will come down to how fast the bike was going.   I believe that's the 30mph section of PCH there in Laguna.  If the motorcycle was going substantially faster than that, you can't charge the pickup driver with anything.  You cannot fault drivers for failing to judge the speed of traffic, they have the right to assume that traffic is going approximately the speed limit.

Again, I'm not attempting to determine fault here, I have none of the facts, to the extent that I don't even have a clue where people are getting the info that the officer was going above the limit.  I just wanted to state that the speed of the motorcycle will be the factor in determining fault.

The right to assume??  If your assuming people are going to drive the way they should you should just stop riding now. You will be saving yourself a lot of pain and suffering.

I wear the TCX boots on my commute. I have a pair of shoes at the shop I change into for work.

My second crash was at bumpywillow the bike was on my foot while I was sliding at about 80ish not a scratch on me. If I had regular shoes on my foot and ankle would be history. 

Bikes For Sale / SOLD
« on: 09/13/13 08:15AM »

Never been tracked? That shot of the rear BT016 doesn't quite confirm that statement...

I really wanted to take her to the track but never did.  I am good friends with the previous owner and he never took this bike to the track. Sad!

She is still up for sale.

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