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Nice seeing you again VC. I'd totally be up for a GMR/CL run sometime, too!

Likewise to you and the Mrs.

Looking forward to doing that again, and yeah, GMR/CL as well!

Hey, T. Been forever since I logged in here. Would like to join this ride.

I will try to meet you at your starting point this morning. Otherwise, I'll catch you at Mother's or along the way.

July 8, 2016:

"430,000 motorcycles could be affected."

"Riders reported sudden brake system failure occurring without warning."

"The announcement of the investigation follows what was a record-setting year for recalls at Harley-Davidson according to the Wall Street Journal."

"A 2014 recall was also issued for over 60,000 motorcycles over malfunctioning brakes, but in that case, the brakes were not failing without warning but engaging unexpectedly."


MEETUP SPOT: Starbucks, 26342 Oso Pkwy, Mission Viejo, CA
WHEN: Sunday, July 10, 2016
TIME: 7:45 AM, KSU @ 8:00 AM

Route map:

I plan to ride all the way to Banning and return home via the same route shown. Individual riders may obviously choose to take the I-10/CA-60 freeways home.

Skill Level: Intermediate
Pace: Moderate

Short breaks along the way. Lunch in Idyllwild.

Staggered formation on city roads and freeways, single file on the twisties. No one left behind. Full gear strongly suggested.

Electronics can reduce power, but it doesn't reduce weight (obviously).

I bought my '12 Gixxer in early 2013, so as "non-current" stock. As Rogue put it, they had three of them laying around. All three in yellow. I didn't want yellow, but before I even expressed my likes and dislikes, the sales guy said "I can get you such a good deal on one of those, you're gonna learn to like yellow." Ha! And I did!!

At that time the difference in MSRP between the 600 and 750 was only $600 or maybe $700 (can't remember which). I see it's $1000 now.

Between the 750 and 1000, the size and weight difference was a consideration for me, as well as insurance cost. Granted, 29 lbs. isn't a huge difference. But the 3-lb and $600 difference between the 600 and 750 made getting the 750 a no-brainer.

Independence Day cruise on Santiago Canyon Road

Off Topic / Re: Road Rage ?
« on: 06/11/16 01:45PM »
Cop was on phone.
Cop was at yield, yielding to nothing.
Biker leaned on horn a bit much.
Deserved lecture?

Wonder who the cop was on the phone with?

Since the cop talked about getting a subpoena for the video, they should subpoena the cop's phone records to confirm that he was on police business.

Ford SUV, with no markings on the rear to identify it as a police vehicle, yields at traffic circle.
Said vehicle does not take the first break in traffic to enter traffic circle.
Biker sees the unidentifiable person in SUV 1) talking on phone, which he reasonably perceives as an illegal act by the driver, and 2) missing the first break in traffic.
Biker decides to honk.
Driver of SUV decides to get out of vehicle and yell at biker for honking.

Question is, did the driver of the SUV react appropriately after what could be reasonably perceived as being obnoxiously honked at?

Answer is, no. Cop or not, be emotionally mature enough to stay in your car and get on with your business.

Off Topic / Re: Road Rage ?
« on: 06/11/16 12:59PM »
... Just a total 'how dare you honk at me' power trip.

Exactly. Cop was raging and abused his power to hold up traffic and intimidate a citizen with a rant instead of exercising self-control and getting on with the police task that he said justified his use of the phone while driving. The cop, not the biker, should find that video embarrassing. Nobody -- especially not public servants who carry weapons and are trained to keep a level head -- should fly off the handle so easily.

So the biker honked. Water off a duck's back. Grow up, officer.

Off Topic / Re: Road Rage ?
« on: 06/11/16 09:15AM »
I thought the honking by the guy on the bike was a little premature, as cars were still flowing through the traffic circle. That said, cop was a belligerent POS with all his yelling. Said the guy on the bike was keeping him from doing his job. Yeah right. And using your horn in CO is considered road rage? :22:

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: How about some GMR
« on: 05/31/16 10:49AM »
This is a great picture BTW.

+1 on that pic ^ photo contest winner right there.


"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: How about some GMR
« on: 05/30/16 11:24AM »
This turned out to be a great ride after the heavy fog cleared. We caught some rain on the way to the meetup spot, where Todd plus Glen and son showed up (other guy was a no-show). They were itching to go, so they went on with the ride, while thepretender and I decided to get some breakfast and chill with the hope that the light but continuous misting would subside.

The other guys came back down after hitting dense fog and wetness on the way up the mountain. They headed home, and thepretender and I finally went up the hill, hitting heavy fog half way up. We crawled in first gear to the lookout spot, where another rider informed us that visibility improves on the way to East Fork, so we forged on. Sure enough, it was clear sailing from then on. Made it to Crystal Lake Cafe and back down GMR!

Rode GMR and SGCR (Hwy 39) today. I was reminded by this sloppy driver why it is not wise to race around the blind corners. You never know what kind of idiot is going to be there to ruin your day, or your life. Fortunately he did not hurt anybody this time, although he probably frightened one of those bicyclists.

Clips from my helmet cam:

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: How about some GMR
« on: 05/25/16 05:39PM »
1860 E Rte 66, Glendora, CA 91740

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: How about some GMR
« on: 05/24/16 04:29PM »
In. Just need a new front tire, which I plan to have mounted on Friday.

You mentioned a lake.... Still haven't seen it!  :32:


Now for some video?

Perfect weather today on GMR and SGCR. Roads were very clean. When I got up to the lookout near Crystal Lake, I noticed that my license plate was gone! I wonder where it is.

A little message for the, um, gentleman, on the R1: Please slow down or just get yourself killed ASAP and avoid taking somebody out with you or instead of you. K, genius?

40 seconds in:
<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

For gymkhana, I want grippy tires, but there isn't really any opportunity to get them hot and keep them there with high speed. So any recommendation for the grippiest tires with fastest heat-up at low speed, irrespective of longevity?


Hey... you guys better check the weather again!!! All the weather sites are saying you're in store for 55-65 mph wind gust on Friday!!!

Thanks, Scott. Since I was already pushing it (recovering from recent injuries), I think I'll be smart and bow out this time.

Hopefully the winds will die down before you guys get out there and you'll have an enjoyable ride!

booked rooms, should be good to go.
is everyone going to be on sportbikes?

A couple of us will be on painkillers. This is due to recent episodes of not being able to stay on sportbikes.

But seriously, not necessarily everyone will be on a sportbike. There is one cruiser rider that was invited.

All are welcome, regardless of the bike style. And no one gets left behind.

Potentially 10 going, taking into account everyone we know about, on and off the forum, running the gamut from maybe to definitely.

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