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That Rebel is a nice jacket. It was really hard tellin myself that the Newsan I copped in 2009 still works ;)

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I remember when I went to the first clearance sale that they put on in 2009. What time did you guys show up? I didn't recognize anyone in there when I showed up at 12 today.

Great, my girlfriend was looking to pick up a set of leathers. Hopefully the one she wants is on sale!

Sorry for your loss.

This guy can probably help you protect your bike this time:

Skillzdays is run by a respected member on this board. I've taken the class and its saved my hide and well worth what I spent to take it.

Best part is that he doesn't even charge %40 an hour. I'm sure someone else can chime in, hard to link using my phone.

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America isn't purposely devaluing the dollar for exports. The dollar is devaluing because its not worth what it used to be. Inflation, national debt, credit crisises (liquidity shortage), lack of growth, fear of recession,  poor management of funds and fiscal/monetary intervention failure are the main causes.

That, coupled with the natural disasters that hit Japan as of late has severely limited its output as well. What happens when supply isn't enough to meet demand?

Food for thought. We only wish we could artificially devalue the dollar. But we are not China, lol.

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+1 on the Qwest. But that's because I ride a Sport Standard, and anticipate having my head in the upright position most of the time. RF-1100 might be a better choice if you're going to be in a more tucked in position. Not sure what kind of riding the Arai is meant for, but I'm pretty sure that the Shoei is more bang for the buck.

And all that was for naught if the Arai fits better on your head than the Shoei. I would drop by your local Cycle Gear and try out all the helmets mentioned for fit.

I was at home playing videogames one winter vacation while in college when my mom told me to get out of the house and learn something. I happened to be playing MGS4 during the motorcycle chase scene in Metal Gear Solid 4 and thought "eh, why not?". I had always thought EVA looked cool on her Triumph.

Had no idea I would be this hooked.

Glad they found the bike, sad that it had to go down...Karma's a bitch ain't it lol.

Just be considerate of other members, and label the content as such. Most girls I know get queasy when they see stuff like this. They don't mix steroids and iron nails in their cereal like we do.

@cableguy: You didn't get the memo? No pictures can be uploaded to any social media sites without first having an Instagram filter on it :o

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: 2013 Ninja 250!
« on: 08/02/12 04:58PM »
Nothin' like a little competition to spur innovation. Gotta love capitalism.

I'll be really mad if they release the carb'd version in the states and only give the FI goodies to other countries.

Helmets / Re: Shoei Qwest
« on: 07/28/12 07:11PM »
Thanks for the heads up. I've heard stories about Chaparral, and I think I might end up going there after I get my next paycheck.

Helmets / Re: Shoei Qwest
« on: 07/28/12 08:04AM »
Thanks for your thoughts guys. Hopefully getting the pinlock visors and chin curtain will help with fog and noise.

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Helmets / Shoei Qwest
« on: 07/26/12 09:35PM »
So I'm thinking about retiring my RF-1000 soon, and was looking for a replacement. I currently ride a SV650N, and was taking a look at the Qwest because Shoei advertises it as designed for a more upright riding position.

Can anyone who owns this helmet provide feedback regarding how they like it? webbikeworld touts it as their 2010 Helmet of the Year, and I was wondering if I could get the opinion of my friends on OCmoto. Looking specifically for ventilation and overall noise levels.

Glad you were able to find a bike so quickly. Read this on some forum the other day:

“Bikes get you through times of no money better than money gets you through times of no bikes.” —Phineas

If spending a little extra money gets me a more comfortable helmet  that I can wear for hours, I'm willing to shell out the extra cash. An extra $200's more won't break my bank account. I think generally people should just buy what they can afford.

Bikes For Sale / Re: 250 ninja for female
« on: 07/20/12 03:29AM »
What kind of work are we talking about? Benn looking for a victim to practice wrenchin on.

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You're lucky, I had to learn the hard way when the same thing happened to me by what looked like a pickup with sharp/pointy garden implements strapped/hanging off the side of the car driven by people I'm pretty damn sure had no car insurance. Ride like they can't see you and you'll be golden.

Fallen Riders / Re: Another brother passes
« on: 07/17/12 07:51PM »
Rest in peace...

Congrats on the new bike! Looks sick.

Someone ran over my lil Ninja three weeks ago, have been on the hunt since.

Test rode the Street Triple, was kinda boring. Perfectly linear power delivery, but too predictable. Super fast, was able to replicate the feeling of getting to warp speed on a 600. Hopped on the 696 across the street, had a LOT more fun. Slower, but don't need the 100HP of the Street Trip. Monster was kinda tall-geared so accidently wheelied at a stoplight (oops). That was fun.

So my current predicament. There is a sweet S2R 800 on CL right now going for $7,000. Has full termi's on it, 22,000 miles.

Also got an offer for a S2R1000 for $6,800. All stock.

Or should I make the more rational decision on a tastefully-modded SV650? One slipped through my fingers, it was a 2008 ABS with 5k miles, going for $4,300. Will look for a comparable one.

I know good things come to those who wait, but this waiting really, really sucks lol. Now we're back to the Italian vs. Japanese bike. If money weren't an issue, which would you recommend?

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