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Hey OC riders,

I've been thinking about it, and my favorite roads to ride are typically un-rideable in the winter time. I end up sticking local, Santiago canyon and Ortega, which are usually at the bottom of my list of roads to ride.

What roads do my fellow OC peeps utilize in the winter time, when ACH and other mountain roads are covered in cinders/rocks/ice?

Superchicken was super un reliable before his shop shut down.

I recommend steering clear of this guy. But if you do see him, I'd like my rear set, Airbox bolts, and headlight bulb back. Oh, and if he'd like to replace the carb he dented, I'd appreciate it.,70977.msg4804144.html#msg4804144,69774.msg4804331.html#msg4804331

I ride the 405 LB to Tustin each day. They took away the median that provided riders space to flow through traffic. Everything is now packed tighter together. It's threading needles for 22 full miles each day. In 35 years of riding, I'd only come in contact with a car once. I have three times in a month with this new freeway configuration. And that is now on the 22 and will be throughout So Cal.
Now implicit in the three bumps I've shared with some cars lately is that the problem must be me. The landscape has changed and I haven't changed how traverse it. Most important is patience. That cagers are going to inattentive asshats is a given. I can't control that. So I must address me. The biggest adjustment needed is not in how I sit in the saddle or blip the throttle. The space between my ears is the problem. The last few days, I've paid closer attention to how I'm feeling being squeezed in so tight with cars. By paying attention to my own head, I'm catching my own temper and am able to check it. I've not had any close calls in a few days now. I will need to continue to refine this as, again, all So Cal freeways will eventually become like the 405 and 22.       

^ That.

We adjust, because we must.

Ride on,


Should be the maxim of life

Damn, morrell canyon is my spot to chill in the shade when I ride Ortega. 


General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: One lucky dude!
« on: 03/02/18 04:24PM »
I believe the guys explanation. my one and only tank slapper started pretty much how he described.

Shops / Re: OC Motorcycle Shop
« on: 11/06/17 01:49PM »
Ok sent back

Hey this is the cbr900 you worked on

When i picked up my bike from your closed shop, it was missing the rear set that you said you broke and had replaced. The bolts to hold it on are also missing. 4 screws to hold my airbox together are missing. All 3 bolts to hold my gas tank and fairing stay are missing. Battery is missing. You said you replaced my carbs, i would like my original parts returned to me, as is standard by all mechanics i have ever worked with. L

Im looking forward to your response.

Ok I will order the rear set?? Was it left side or right side?? The 4 screws to get to the air box on, and the bolts to hold on the tank, I will pic up a battery for u, the carbs that are in there are the old ones, and when the new ones I put in didnít work, I put the old ones back in, and the same with harness,

Left side rear set. On october 10th you said it was damaged where you were keeping it and the part was ordered, october 13 you said it was installed, october 16th you said it bike would be ready for pick up the next day, october 17th i go to your shop and find my bike missing all the parts i told you about, i called and text you right then and there with no response. So you might already have it somewhere in your stuff.

Where is your shop for me to pick up the part once you receive it?

I never go those txt, Iím sorry, I wil look in my stuff, but I donít have a shop anymore had to move everything to storage, so let me look when I get home and if I can my find Iíll order it, and can send to u, or I can come to where u live and install it

Ok sounds good, when should i expect to know if you found it or had to order it?

I will check when I get back in town at the weekend, if I donít find it Iíll order it then

Any news drew? Tried texting and calling today, neither went through.

Maybe try settings>phone>call blocking & identification and then remove my number from that list.

Shops / Re: OC Motorcycle Shop
« on: 11/01/17 11:19AM »
Iím sorry that I had a bad experience with my shop, it was never my intention to let it get this far, and should have communicated better about the bike and the issues I was having with it, Iím not to sure why there were parts missing of your bike, but will be glad to replace anything that was missing, if u want to pm me a list of what is missing, I will gladly replace what is missing, and will send all the parts to u, or can meet u at your place and replace the missing parts.

I did put a lot of time and money into your bike to try and get it working, and I failed in that, and I do apologize, for this mess and situation that I put u in, I would like the oppotunity to make it right, or will gladly pay another shop for them to diagnose the problem.

I never receive a txt from u today, and just found out that u txt from reading this

Once again Iím sorry for this


Pm sent, all i want from you is my missing parts back in a timely fashion please

Shops / Re: OC Motorcycle Shop
« on: 10/27/17 04:54PM »
Weird, i text him today about my rearset and he hasnt answered

Please let chicken know of this thread. I would love his feedback. Plus i still need my missing parts, and his shop is now closed....

I'll be sure to prep my carrier pidgeon.

Thanks bud!


Sounds like your problem is bringing him a 30 year old bike that was already falling apart and in shit shape and expecting it be be repaired to pristine condition despite lack of parts availability.

He was expecting it to be fixed and in good running condition.  Did you not read his whole post?  He was not expecting it in pristine condition!  Also, getting your bike back with all the parts attached isn't an unreasonable request.  It is a MINIMUM requirement.  No ands, ifs, or buts!  There is nothing that irritates me more when I get my bike back from dealership service (back in the day) and fasteners would be missing, hoses would be misplaced, etc.  This was the main driver for me to absolutely swear off taking my bike to get serviced by anyone else but me. 

You are coming off sounding like an elitist so I will give you my two cents.  Not everyone can afford a new bike or an exotic, nor does everyone want to own one.  Turning this thing around and blaming the owner of an older motorcycle for the issues that happened is a low down dirty, shitty thing to say.  STOP blaming the victim!

He made himself a victim. He left a bike there for 2 years and expects us to believe he's not somehow at fault. My personal experience, based off 2+ years of using Chicken, has been nothing less than stellar. Something shared by most of this forum since it was based off their recommendation that I contacted him in the first place.

The fact is we only have his side of the story and it doesn't jive with neither my personal experience nor that of a lot of other members. He's just being loud about it. We haven't heard Chicken's side if the story which is probably drastically different than what this guy is making it out to be, but I also don't expect a business to put their customers on blast no matter how stupid they are. That's called professionalism.

As far as my exotics go, they take significantly more skill to repair/maintain than some CBR900 from 20 years ago so I doubt it's a matter of skill on behalf of Chicken that he hasn't fixed the OP's bike. Like I said, we're only getting half the story. All I'm pointing out is he sounds bitter based on a situation he most likely helped create.

Please let chicken know of this thread. I would love his feedback. Plus i still need my missing parts, and his shop is now closed....

Why did this get moved to deals/vendors? I guess i should have posted in product reviews > shops

Can it get moved there?

Sounds like your problem is bringing him a 30 year old bike that was already falling apart and in shit shape and expecting it be be repaired to pristine condition despite lack of parts availability.

Yeah, and the girl wearing the short dress is to blame for getting raped. 

Horror story.  I like Drew, and I hope he's doing great but missing fuel lines, headlight bulb and a rearset?  Not the bike owners fault.

Nice straw man argument. Here's mine: whose fault is it if you walk around Syria proudly proclaiming you are an American and you get your head chopped off by ISIS? Sure, ISIS is directly responsible, but maybe you should have expected those results based on the circumstances.

Everything that's missing sounds like a common wear item except the rearset. If those parts on a near 30 year old bike worn out while Chicken was doing servicing why would he keep them? I've left my rearsets, fuel pump, and other misc stuff at his shop before for weeks on end and I've always gotten everything back.

At this point id be fine if he gave me all my stuff back, but his number goes straight to voicemail and he hasnt returned the voicemail i have left him. Pretty sure he blocked me, and i was nothing but patient and civil.

Since you seem to be close maybe shoot him a text about this thread, my texts dont go through anymore...

If you get ahold of him, id like the rear set, the missing bolts from my airbox, and the missing bolts for my fairing stay and gas tank. The headlight bulb, dented velocity stack, fuel lines, battery, cracked fairing, and gas soaked 500 mile rear tire ill take care of.

Btw 1998-2017 is 19 years, but i gave drew an 18 year old bike...

Donít know Drew or have any personal experience with him but sometimes the perfect storm comes along and can really make a mess of things. The situation being what it is, I say move onward see if you can find a solution elsewhere. Although OCMoto is great for general motorcycle info maybe seek a forum specific to your bike. Like Rogue, I have VFRs and the amount of knowledge and support for these bikes on VFR specific forums sure does make short work of finding a solution.

Good luck but donít dwell on the situation that you cannot change, look ahead for a solution.

Yeah, cant change the past, definitely cant count on ever hearing from drew again, so ive gotta decide if its just time to scrap my first motorcycle or try to get her back together. I usually like projects, ive got plenty of tools and the fsm for my cbr, but ill probably need a week or two for my chest to not start thumping when i see my molested motorcycle

Iím really sorry about your experience with Superchicken. Iíve only used him twice for minor work so my experience with his work is limited.

Reading your whole post it appears there was a clear lack of communication from Drew. Thatís on him. Having said that I would have recommended you pull your bike from his shop after one month.

Understand that your bike is probably approaching 20 years old. Unless ALL wear items weíre regularly serviced AND/OR replaced, things WILL go wrong on your bike. Especially with carbs, fuel flow, electrical, and other areas and parts that carry liquids. Often if you ďdisturbĒ one area, another lingering but unnoticed issue will suddenly materialize. I speak from experience. On top of that, parts for your bike isnít exactly easy to get today. Especially since the CBR900 was not produced in large quantities and/or remained in production for a long time.

What Iím saying is whatever issues your bike has isnít an easy one part fix. Could be multiple areas and thatís possibly could be why Drew would ďfixĒ something, put the bike back together, only to realize itís not running right. So back to trying to diagnose something else, order parts, wait, fix, ride, and the loop goes on and on.

Iím currently going through a similar situation on my 10-year old VFR. The bike sits longer waiting for parts more than Iíve been able to work and diagnose it! So I understand your frustration as well as Drewís situation.

Send me a PM. Maybe I can be of help. Sometimes kicking things around various people can yield solutions to whatís wrong with your bike and get you back on the road sooner rather than later.

I gave 6 months of patience instead of 1 due to it being "winter" and i wouldnt do much riding until march anyways due to other stuff i do. And all the reasons you stated are what fueled my patience beyond 6 months. But when i showed up to pick it up the day he said it would be done, then he proceeds to tell me its not done and now hes going to check the valves, which happened to be the precise service i brought it in for 12 months prior, my jaw dropped. I insisted on having my bike that day, but it was in pieces among 10 other bikes and he said he couldnt get it together in time.

I think you are giving drew a little more credit than he deserves. The runaround he gave combined with the condition he deems acceptable for return, makes me think he is culpable of more than just lack of communication. You typed more characters in this post than he communicated to me over 14 months.

The missing battery, its a consumable so ill get over it. The missing lightbulb, same thing, except it makes me feel like he used it for one of his own hondas. The missing rearset is going to cost me money, my 500 mile s21 rear looks like it was parked in gas, today i found the fairing is majorly cracked, fairing bolts, airbox bolts, gas tank bolts, gas lines are missing. Who knows whats up with the carbs and wiring. This bike was running with a hesitation below 6k when i brought it in. Now it is such a mess im considering selling as is to just get it out of my sight.

But yes, in hindsight 30 days max should be it, and will be it from now on.

I appreciate the offer for help, if i decide to keep her ill be hitting you up.

That was truly a nightmare. More than a year and he still couldn't fix your bike? Thanks for sharing your experience. You should file a claim in the small claim court against him and his shop.
Also call and file a complaint with BAR (

Yeah definitely a nightmare. Feels like a punch in the gut everytime i look at the bike.

Im not litigious, but at the same time i dont want others to be treated the same way if hes still in business

DO NOT TRUST Oc Motorcycle Shop, especially Superchicken Drew.

He communicated poorly, outright lied, and returned my bike in pieces, and missing parts. I cant get ahold of drew anymore, so it looks like im going to have to eat all this. I only used drew because of his rep on this forum, i hope no one else falls victim to his work.

Heres my detailed experience.

August 1st 2016: bike starts to hesistate but only below 6k rpm. Fsm troubleshooting says to check valves

Aug 3rd: drop off bike at Oc motorcycle shop to have valves checked

Aug 4th: drew texts me, says valves and spark is good, recommends carb rebuild. $300 i say go for it drew says he will keep me posted

Aug 11th: havent heard anything, so i ask drew how its coming. Waiting on carbs to come back from cleaning is his reply

Aug 23rd: no news from drew, so i ask him. He says he received the carbs today, and they should be back in by tomorrow.

Aug 24th: no word from drew

Aug 25th: still no word, i ask how its going. No answer from drew

Aug 26th: no word from drew, i ask how if theres any news. Drew says yes, the carbs are in and its running good. Says he is waiting on an air filter, will be done tomorrow

September 9th: no word from drew, i ask how is it coming. Says its running good but the petcock is leaking, new one ordered should be there today and it should be ready tomorrow

Sept 14th: no word from drew, i ask hows it going. Says new petcock leaks too, waiting on another to come in on the 20th

Sept 21st: no word from drew, i ask if the new petcock works. He says he is installing it as we speak, but now the bike isnt running, hes going to have to get back into the carbs tomorrow

Sept 26: no word from drew, i ask how its going. Drew says he will have it wrapped up tomorrow, having trouble with the carbs.

Sept 27: no word from drew, i ask any luck. Drew says not yet, cant get them to tune. I say ok, let me know how it goes.

Oct 12: no word from drew, i ask how its going. Drew says hes struggling but getting there. I ask whats wrong, he says the bike runs but randomly drops cylinders.

Oct 14: no word from drew, i ask any progress. Drew says there is an intermittent issue with the ignition coils. Says hes waiting on the parts. I ask the cost of all this, he says its still at $350 (even though he originally said $300, i was happy to pay extra after all the work he says hes doing)

Nov 15: no word from drew, i ask how its going. Drew says hes struggling, pulling the carbs again and giving it another go.

Dec 12: no word from drew, i ask any luck. Drew says yeah its idling and running well, wants to keep it a couple days just to make sure its all good.

Dec 19: no word from drew, i ask hows it goin. Drew says it was running good then died on him, says hes getting back into it this week. I say thanks, let me know how it goes

Feb 2: no word from drew, i ask if there is any chance of my bike being ready soon. Drew asks what bike, i say 98 cbr900, he says its almost done, got it to run and idle. Should be available next week

Feb 13: no word from drew, i ask how the 98 cbr900 is coming. Drew says its been riding good, but ran into a small issue with rust getting in the tank, he cleared that up, but has to put it back together so it will be wrapped up this week

Feb 20: no word from drew, im near his shop in my truck so i ask if its ready. Drew says no, had to pull the carbs again, hoping it will be done tomorrow

Mar 10: no word from drew, i ask how its coming. Drew says close, as soon as he thinks he got it something goes wrong. Should be done next week , hes on a mission he says.

Mar 27: no word from drew, i ask any luck. Drew replies with "what bike?", i tell him then he says its almost there. Runs and idles, some popping on decel.

Apr 10: no word from drew, i ask hows the cbr900. Drew says its finally running right, itll be ready the 14th

Apr 17: no word from drew, i ask hows the cbr900. Drew says hes still plugging away, still having a small idle issue, but hes close

Apr 19: no word from drew, i ask any luck with the cbr900. Drew says he found the issue, was the carb boots, he ordered them and it should be ready next week

Apr 28: no word from drew, i ask hows the cbr900. He says i should be able to pick up next week, its starting and going strong

May 5: no word from drew, i ask if the cbr900 is ready for pick up. Drew says he needs a couple more days, still running funny.

May 9: no word from drew, i ask hows the cbr900.  He said its almost done hes been sick

May 15: no word from drew, i ask if the cbr900 is ready. Drew says i can pick it up the 20th. I ask his saturday hours, and confirm ill be there

May 20: no word from drew, i drive 30 mins down to the shop like drew and i had talked about. Upon arrival, he says its not ready. Drew says he found an issue with the wiring harness and carbs and ordered a new ones. Says he will let me know. So i drive 30 min back home without my bike

May 22: no word from drew, i ask when he thinks i can pick up the cbr900. Drew says waiting for the harness and carbs to come in, should be in by the end of the week

May 31: no word from drew, i ask for an update. Drew says got the new carbs on, hes gonna ride it today and see if the wiring harness needs to be replaced.

June 6: no word from drew, i ask any luck. Drew says its not dropping cylinders now, he wants to ride it a week to make sure.

June 12: no word from drew, i ask hows it goin. Drew says its running good, i can pick it up the 17th.

June 16: no word from drew, i ask if its still good to come the 17th. Drew says no, bike is running good, but running rich

June 21: no word from drew, i ask any luck. Drew doesnt answer

June 23: no word from drew, i ask any luck. Drew says he figured it out just waiting on parts. I ask what parts, he doesnt answer.

July 6: no word from drew, i ask if i can pick up the cbr900 saturday. Drew says he hopes so, waiting for one more part.

July 10: no word from drew, i ask any luck. Drew says almost, but he had to order a new battery because he killed mine trying to start it.

July 17: no word from drew, i ask hows it comin. Drew says been running good, i can pick it up the 22nd

July 24: i couldnt make the 22nd, so i ask drew if i can come by today. He doesnt answer, so i drove down anyways. Upon arrival, drew says its not ready. He says he thinks its the valves. I ask him, isnt that why i dropped it off a year ago? He says he doesnt think so. I want to take my bike home today anyways but drew says its too late in the day to get it back together for me. Says will let me know how it goes.

Aug 16: no word from drew, i ask if hes gotten into the valves yet. Drew says hes starting it tomorrow.

Aug 18: no word from drew, i ask how its going. Drew says the valves were messed up, he ordered the shims to fix it.

Aug 21: no word from drew, i ask if the cbr wil be done by the weekend. Drew says he hasnt gotten the shims yet

Sep 6: no word from drew, i ask hows it goin. No answer from drew.

Sep 11: no word from drew, i ask hows thr cbr900. No answer from drew. I call and he says putting it back together, he'll let me know how it goes.

Sep 20: no word from drew, i ask anything new with the cbr900. Drew says, "same thing ran good for a while and then started doing same thing, i dont have any clue why or what is happening now." So i ask if i should just pick it up then. Drew says he thinks thats the best, hes out of ideas.

Sep 21: i ask i i can pick it up. Drew says he'll text me when he puts it back together in a day or two.

Sep 23: no word from drew, i ask if i can come today to pick it up. Drew says still putting it together, another 2 days.

Sep 25: no word from drew, i ask if itll be ready today. Drew says by 6.

Oct 5: no word from drew, i ask if they are open. He says they are closed all week due to moving. He says he can have it delivered. I tell him id rather pick it up. He says ok he'll let me know once hes moved into his new shop, next week. I say, oh, i dont want to wait anymore, i guess delivery is fine. I ask when can it be delivered, drew says anytime. I say cool how about this afternoon. Drew says he cant this afternoon the soonest is the 7th. I ask if there is anyway to fit me in just to pick it up, he doesnt answer.

Oct 6: no word from drew, i ask what time saturday can it be dropped off. No answer for 8 hours so i asked again, drew says let me look at my schedule and figure out a time

Oct 7: no word from drew, throughout the day i ask him three times when i should be expecting delivery. Drew never answers.

Oct 9: no word from drew, i ask about my cbr900. Drew says he was in the hospital, hes gonna have it delivered to me this week. I ask if today is an option, he says he will let me know. 9 hours later, no word from drew, i ask any news. Drew says its scheduled for 9-12 tomorrow, he will text me in the morning to narrow down the time

Oct 10: no word from drew, at 12 i ask whats going on. Drew says, "im waiting for the tow guy to show up, he is late, ill let you know when he does, if not in can leave it out back of old shop and i can pick up". I say ok, and wait a couple of hours. No word from drew so i ask if there is any news. Drew asks if i can give him a couple days, rear set got damage from storing the bike, he ordered a new one and itll be there friday and he could get it to me then. I say ok but no more excuses after friday. Drew agrees

Oct 13: no word from drew, its friday so i ask what time i should expect my bike. Drew says still waiting on foot peg, tracking says 1pm then he can finish putting it back together. No word from drew by 5, so i ask him what time is my bike coming. No answer from drew.

Oct 16: no word from drew, i ask if i can please have my bike back. Drew says hes out of town, he set it up with tow guy for tomorrow. I tell him id rather pick it up. He says ok itll be outside the old shop tomorrow by 9am.

Oct 17: i drive to the old shop to pick up my bike, and find a mess.  it is missing many bolts, no left rear set, one of my headlight bulbs was removed, velocity stacks dented, air box and gas tank are not installed, battery is gone. I call drew, no answer. I text him, it doesnt go through. So i call again, straight to voicemail. Either he didnt pay his phone bill or he blocked my number.

Generally the guys on bikes can avoid a confrontation and not sure how they got into this situation.  However once that one biker on the ground was being beaten, the other riders should've shot the attacker.

Kinda hard to explain in court that you feared for your life after you instigated a confrontation

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