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We went through some new backroads to San Clemente and road PCH back up! Such a perfect day to ride!
ps get well soon todd

New Members / Re: BACK FROM THE DEAD
« on: 10/19/18 09:57PM »
update: still alive and riding erryday.  :17: ride safe boys and girls...

Between Muirlands and Jeronimo, North East Bound; away from the freeway towards foothill ranch.

I myself didn't have time to make a uturn and stop to see if he had help in route, but he appeared to be pushing a sportbike uphill on the opposing sidewalk and wearing leathers. He was going super slow. It was dark so not sure how far he trekked and how far he has to go.

Anyhow if someone's interested and has the resources to assist; here's something to do. I spotted him about 15 minutes ago (5:45pm)

That also means the more than 3,000 people who pre-ordered a helmet may never get one and one source tells us its doubtful any of them will be receiving a refund.

TBH, not surprised on the outcome. I almost pre-ordered one of these... but after playing with one decided not to. Sucks for those that did. Hopefully something good comes from it when all the dust settles.

Today we rolled down Ortega Highway in the early AM... and got buzzed by the power rangers!
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Got my service done today - my nearly 3 year-old baby is at 22,749 miles and humming along nicely!

First time riding Carbon Canyon in Brea! Met up with a couple of riders, zipped through Carbon Canyon (142) a few times then headed to the D-Store... and road the coast back to Irvine via the 133. :17:

caught this on video today...
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Saw this piece this morning...

Some motorcyclists were alleging Wednesday that someone was intentionally pouring oil on roads in Malibu Canyon in an effect to keep them from traveling on the popular routes. Kimberly Cheng reports for the KTLA 5 News at 10 on Wednesday, Feb. 3, 2016.

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"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: No excuses GMR
« on: 11/07/15 09:28PM »
... was up there today, a little dirtier than I cared for both on GMR and after East Fork to Crystal Lake... had a few pucker moments when encountering a couple of 6" to 12" rear slides... stay loose...

I was >clenching< there for minute... glad to hear it's for better!

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: Too hot to ride
« on: 09/11/15 01:14AM »
Two awesome bikes in the garage, no desire to ride.

What about you?

I'm sporting the thinnest Dainese riding jacket ever and if it wasn't for some of the fun turns on my very short 8 mile commutes I'd be caging it to work. I've had to pass up the last couple of months of weekend rec-riding due to the crazy and miserable heat or fires. I've also had to fully submerge my helmet in the sink twice now to get all the sweat out of it; the only good thing about the heat is the helmet dries completely nearly overnight. This pretty much sums up how it is is (footage taken on the day it rained earlier this week)...

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Took my little girl to the shop today for some maintenance and here's some more history on her...

2013 May 11: 0 miles - '13 Ninja 300 ABS/SE Purchased New
2014 Jan 19: 10,093 miles - Engine Explodes (later to fine con-rod decimated)
2014 Apr 08: Ninja Returned Home - almost like new (Engine Rebuilt under warranty, in shop 2 months 18 days)
2015 Jul 25: 20,051 miles - Removed No-Cut Slider Kit, Oil Change, Chain adjusted, cleaned and lubed

- In her two years 2 months and 14 days I've had 2 major maintenances (due to rebuilt engine), 6 tire set changes (2 due to puncture), 1 chain replacement, 1 front rotor replacement, uncountable oil changes, front brake pad replacements and chain adjustments, brake lines upgraded to steel-braided (and green), no-cut sliders added and then removed. 154 logged fuel-ups with an average of 43MPG with the last 95 using Octane 87.

I had them removed today, along with other maintenance that I was having done...

Any time I upgrade something I keep the old/stock pieces so it was a painless transaction since I had the stock engine bolts, so it took about an hour of labor to restore it all. Unfortunately experiencing what I did I don't foresee me putting them back on if/when they are replaced...

Shogun No-Cut Frame Sliders on my '13 Ninja 300 ABS - Lasted 1 year and 10 months before vibrating the weld off :(

Installed my Shogun No-Cut Frame Sliders on my '13 Ninja 300 ABS - AWESOME! Total time was about 4 hours :)

Not sure if there are different types of SE ABS 300s out there but it worked great for my bike...

Shogun No-Cut Frame Sliders on my '13 Ninja 300 ABS - Lasted 1 year and 10 months before vibrating the weld off :(

Installed my Shogun No-Cut Frame Sliders on my '13 Ninja 300 ABS - AWESOME! Total time was about 4 hours :)

Not sure if there are different types of SE ABS 300s out there but it worked great for my bike...

You don't have to keep searching craigslist all the time either. Create a search that you want there and then you can put that on and it will email you every time there's a new listing that fits your search criteria.

Speaking of, Tyler gave me a great tip on how he finds such great deals on bike via CL using (Windows/Mac) I use it for everything. Set up the search on CL, then hook onto the RSS and you can configure it to search as often as you like and notify you when what you are looking for comes up. :1:

I also bank with Schools First Credit Union, so their financing is something i would probably look into first.

Same!...their financing is unbeatable and they have motorcycle loans with unbeatable interest. They also calculate everything for you so you can take it to the dealer and challenge whatever bloated OTD they are trying to get you with. They give fantastic advice and are very flexible with your loan. Highly recommended for those that have Schools First accounts! Stop by your local SF and talk to them before heading to the dealer so you can be prepared with numbers and facts ^_^

Since first started riding in '13 I've picked up 2 new bikes and 1 used one (I keep a primary bike and a backup bike). My next level bike will be a new one. I pretty much fall into TC's aforementioned categories more-so for sensibility and practicality. I ain't got time or space to wrench a bike - I like to spend my free time riding and not fixing or troubleshooting, if I did I'd probably have something to tinker on like a project bike and buy otherwise. But at this point in my life new is where it is at for me, no doubt about it. When buying new, research and do the math, talk to your bank and they'll set you right and have something competitive that you can take to the dealer with the facts to back it up; use dealers against each other. One will always be more hungry than the other and make sure you don't leave the lot empty handed.

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