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Not your usual road hazard I passed about 8 of these before snow covered the road.

I donít believe I knew or met him but RIP Pete

Jacket has been sold. The back protector is still up for grabs...

Since the weather is coming back to what this jacket is more suited for and the fact that the jacket hasn't sold, I'm giving this thread another bump!

Pants, Jackets, Suits / Waterproofing
« on: 03/21/19 05:59PM »
So found this video on the web and it's pretty informative. Not all waterproofing is the same, we know this and this video helps explains the why and how.

Yeah, a couple of us on a ride to Borrego Springs ran into him at the Elsinore side of Ortega Highway in the parking lot just at the end of Ortega. This was just before he opened up the store front in Corona or maybe right at the same time I think. At that time, he had a surplus of Scorpion gear if I recall correctly but he was telling us their intentions and looks like his venture has taken a foot hold. Good to know that they do consignment and credit for stuff you want to sell.

Bummer Dude! Here's to a fast recovery.

Shoei is typically my go to helmet, their fit and finish has always been great. Although I have tried on a few AGV helmets, I've never owned one, their price has usually been the biggest deterrent, at least in their top of the line race helmets go. For the money and quality, I'd go with the Shoei.

Those of us whoíve been riding for several decades I believe knew this way back when...

Iíve had good results too. Bought a few things from them when I rebuilt my 01 VFR.

what is this riding "season" nonsense? we live in so cal and can ride year round!

To a point. It's getting close to freezing overnight here and not hitting 50F until 10-11AM. There was a ride I wanted to go on today but the guys were adamant about leaving at 8:30AM.. like dude its 40F at 8:30, no way!

If you have appropriate gear, it's doable. If you don't, it's cold.
Went on that ride and it was actually below freezing (30F) coming through Ortega! Although I do have electric gear, I wasnít wearing it today but had no issues with the layers I was wearing. Even my gloves, with some liners and nitrile over gloves under them worked fine. Everyone has their threshold so a riding season is relative.

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: Powder coating
« on: 11/19/18 10:18PM »
She looks show room new! Nice work Todd.


It's quite the adventure, and it we haven't even bled them yet ;)

The linked brakes are very nice. I can understand some track guys not liking them but for the street it's a really solid system. I'm a bit disappointed my 2014 doesn't have it but I get it, it's an expense.
I actually used both 5 & 6 Gen VFRs at the track and don't even notice the linked brakes. Am I a professional level rider, no but I am familiar with sport riding braking techniques and I can say they don't appear to be an issue for me. Would my lap times change if I didn't have linked brakes? Who knows, all I know is that they work well for how ride.

does anyone here have any interest in helping me shoot a dirt vs. street video around big bear?

basically the opening 30 seconds show a truck pulling into the silverwood dam parking lot with a dirt bike in the bed, and a sport bike rider pulls over on a turn out, looking up at the rim of the world road.  There is already a sporty car with a girl at that turnout driver taking selfies...they call one another and challenge the other party to a race to the Cedar Glen Malt shop....dirt bike guy takes the trails, sport bike guy takes the canyon...2 mins of switching between gopro footage of each rider in their respective area, and they both pull up to the shop at the same time only to find the sports car already there, and a long legs hot chick steps they all win  :29:
Hmm, depends on when you want to do this. My bike is already setup for recording but I do have a few things I want get done next weekend (10/27-28) but Iíd be up for it.

Tj got invited to hang at the DEUS crews compound in Bali for two weeks riding vintage and modern bikes on Enduro moto and supercross tracks, He awoke this morning to a 6.4 earthquake.... Livin the dream!
Apart from the earthquake, thatís fricken sweet! Hope all is well after the shaker.

MSF Lost the contract to Lee Parks. Itís now the CMSP.

I wasn't anticipating it but looks like I'll have to be jumping on a plane Sunday afternoon, so I'm out. I'll keep my eyes and ears open for the next one. Have a good ride!

My replica Bell MOTO 3 came in today, STOKED!
Had the same helmet (color too) many, many moons ago! Great helmet at the time, did they update it a little?

Misc / Re: Goodbye So. Cal / birthday ride
« on: 09/11/18 01:44PM »
Doug, just wanted to thank you again for this ride. It got me reinvigorated to get back on the saddle. I've since slapped on new tires and have hit Palomar at least 4 times since.  :27:
Where's the 'Like' button!

This was the first street ride I have done on quite a while, can't recall the last time I was at GMR or Palomar. Hopefully, I'll be able to get back on a weekend ride schedule soon. It's looking like October before I can get a "me" weekend. Friends and Family obligations at the moment, at least until the end of September.

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