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Parts For Sale / Re: Yuasa YTX14-BS Battery
« on: 01/18/19 07:43PM »
Bump.. battery is still available.

Hard to love it in heavy rain... the bikes are in the garage on tenders and Iím stuck in traffic. But at least Iím dry!

Long, long ago, I lived at the north end of the 55, and worked at the sound end of it. It took 38 minutes to go 11 miles in a car. And all the while, I watched frustrated as motorcycles went whizzing by in the car pool lane. It didn't take long before I became one of those guys, and suddenly it took 18 minutes to go 11 miles. Not only could I take the car pool lane, but I could also take a semi-legal shortcut around a park within my complex where a car can't fit that cut out three stoplights before I got to the 55.

I was lured away from that job four years ago, and part of the appeal was that I'd be working in Rancho Santa Margarita. Twice the distance, but much of it through Santiago Canyon. I enjoyed it for the first two years... on Saturday mornings, I'd scoff as I watched the bikers meeting up at the gas stations along Chapman, getting ready to make a pilgrimage ride through the thing I used to get to work every day. In all of my time in the sometimes deadly canyon, I only had one close call, when a coyote darted across the road in front of me. A well placed pass could easily get me around any landscaping truck that hindered my speed.

Within the last year, however, looming housing developments in the Cooks Corner end of the canyon meant increasing fleets of dump trucks, cement mixers and contractor trucks plodding through the canyon, sometimes too numerous to pass. The commute became a chore. Within that same timeframe, the bank that bought my company got swallowed up by a bigger bank. The result was thirty brands under the same corporate ownership, and our company, being the smallest, is slated to me moved, possibly to Texas, possibly to Kentucky within the next few months.

At the same time, my former employer has grown, and I'm headed back. Back to the shortcut, the gridlock, and lane splitting the 55. But, I look forward to the 55-405 carpool flyover bridge. Nobody uses it, and it will once again become my personal Hotwheel track. Plus, no coyotes, and fewer bugs.

Thank you! Good to hear from a happy customer. Thatís reassuring.

Nope, wasn't kidding. But, the same basic components were used on a lot of different BMW models so used stuff is plentiful.

I'm thinking of selling it later this year and getting something new or newer, like an MT09. I'm starting a new job next week, and my wife is going through a bunch of job changes as well, so I'll wait till things calm down before making any big decisions. I still love the bike, so it will be tough decision.

In any case, I just got shipping confirmation on the part from Motorcycle Guys Salvage, so we'll see pretty quick if they're legit.

$2,650 parts and labor.
$2,100 in parts if I want to do it myself.

That's what I was just quoted by the dealer to replace the ABS module in my '07 BMW. The typical error code is the result of a faulty ABS pump motor, which can be repaired for $250. No, mine is the one-in-a-thousand error that requires a complete replacement. I'd be happy to go without ABS, but my error results in my brake light remaining on solid, which is somewhat of a safety hazard. In their maniacal brilliance, BMW ran the brake light circuit through a brake fluid pressure switch, not a regular 'ole electrical switch like every other bike. That pressure switch is integral to the ABS unit and can't be fixed or replaced by itself.

I just ordered a used ABS module from The Motorcycle Guys Salvage in Anaheim for a few hundred bucks, and I'll fix it myself, thank you very much. Plus, that will give me the time to rebuilt the pump motor before I install it, so I should be able to bullet-proof it to some degree.

Just curious if anyone else here has dealt with Motorcycle Guys Salvage.

Bikes For Sale / Re: Ninja 500 Kawqasaki 2005 $600
« on: 01/04/19 09:09AM »
Yeah, dang, beat me to it. That would be 3x cheaper than fixing the brakes on my BMW.

Parts For Sale / Re: Yuasa YTX14-BS Battery
« on: 01/02/19 09:12PM »
venomenon83, still interested? It's still here, just checking in.

Parts For Sale / Re: Yuasa YTX14-BS Battery
« on: 12/24/18 08:34PM »
Awesome. Until then itís nestled all snug in my garage, with visions of sugarplums and a new bike in its head. Merry Christmas!

Parts For Sale / Re: Yuasa YTX14-BS Battery
« on: 12/24/18 12:21AM »
Thanks! Can you wait till the 27th to pick it up? Will be headed out for Christmas early in the morning and wonít be back until then. Or will be in San Marcos on Christmas Eve and Fallbrook on Christmas if youíll be anywhere near there.

Parts For Sale / Yuasa YTX14-BS Battery
« on: 12/22/18 04:24PM »
Hi all,

I have a Yuasa YTX14-BS that was new in May. It was in my R1200R until about a month ago, when I replaced it with a YTX14H-BS.

There's nothing wrong with it. I was tracking an intermittent ABS issue on the bike, and got the HBS thinking the added 40 starting amps would make a difference, since the Beemer is picky about it's ECU startup procedure. I planned to swap the near-new YTX14-BS into my Bonneville to update the battery in that bike. But, I didn't do my homework on that one, and it's too big for the Bonnie.

The battery is in a box in my garage, and I've got it on and off a tender to keep it fresh. It holds 12.79v, still good as new, but I don't have a use for it.

If anyone can use it, I'll take $20 for it.


Miscellaneous / Re: Free Crate!
« on: 12/20/18 11:39AM »
Crate is Gone! Please delete post. Thank you!

Miscellaneous / Crate's Gone!
« on: 12/19/18 10:16AM »
The crate is now gone. And couldn't have planned it better if I tried... the external dimensions exactly matched the internal bed dimensions of an F150.

Heck, last time I threw something on here for free, it got snapped up quick. So, let's give this a shot.

Just got my shipping crate back from a trade show. My warehouse manager is giving me the stink eye for wanting to store it, so it's outside my shop with a free sign. It's also on Craig's free section.
If anyone needs a storage or shipping crate, I've done the work for you! Yay!

It's about 64" long x 50" wide x 60" tall, on skids for a fork or pallet jack. It's heavy.

Behind our shop at 30402 Esperanza in RSM. First come, first drags it off. I'm burning it on the 27th at the beach if nobody nabs it.

Thanks for looking.

Tales of the Road / Re: My new hero!
« on: 12/18/18 08:28AM »
We got there an hour into the listed hours, and there were maybe a dozen cars. I wouldn't get too excited. But nice to have something in the area. Not sure if you've checked out the shows at Enderle Center in Tustin, they do a lot of cool stuff.

Tales of the Road / Re: My new hero!
« on: 12/17/18 09:00AM »
Bummed that I missed it! When I saw her she was wearing a snazzy red leather jacket to match the Duc.

Parts For Sale / Honda Nighthawk 750 parts
« on: 12/11/18 12:15PM »
Hi all,

Didn't get any hits on this when I posted originally. I recently cleaned what my wife called the "crapalanche" in the garage, and unearthed a few more '91-'03 Honda Nighthawk 750 parts.
I've got 'em boxed up, and am basically giving anyone what they could really use at this point:

Used but working:
2 Tachometers (found an extra: these are rare since they broke and were expensive to replace new)
Rear shocks

All other parts are new OEM:
Clutch cable
1993 blue right side panel
Driver foot peg rubber pads
Front brake pads
Rear brake light switch
Miscellaneous rubber bits
Clymer service manual

Let me know - they only made millions of these bikes, someone must have one.

Tales of the Road / Re: My new hero!
« on: 12/10/18 11:15PM »
Sorry, no. Just hope Iíll be picking out new Ducatis when Iím 70.

Tales of the Road / Re: My new hero!
« on: 12/10/18 04:52PM »
Dude, c'mon, my wife was with me...

Tales of the Road / My new hero!
« on: 12/10/18 03:47PM »
Not sure if she's on the board, but I have a new hero. My wife and I walked to a Cars and Coffee in Villa Park yesterday morning. As we got to it, I saw a new-ish Ducati Monster 821 parked with a few other bikes. The rider was walking up to it, and since that's a bike on my mental short list of "What would I replace my current bike with right now if something happened to it", I figured I'd ask the owner what they thought of it.

I only saw the rider from the back as I walked up, but could tell it was a lady. I said "how do you like the Monster?", and she turned around. She said she had just got it, and had only put a few hundred miles on it so far, but liked it.

She then said that she bought the new 821 as a gift to herself for her 70th birthday. She had a 1200, but it was starting to become a handful for her, so she had recently traded for the 821. She then excused herself, as she had to take off to meet up with her riding buddies.

My new hero!

Bike Nights / Re: RADwood LA [80s-90s Auto/Bike Show]
« on: 12/09/18 08:15AM »
Awesome indestructible truck!

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