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what you looking to be more comfortable?

That, and an engagement ring for the gal.

Thanks Klaus.  The bike is awesome to ride, just not comfortable anymore for my 25 mile one-way commute.  I'm sure the color scheme is a little off putting.  Luckily its all factory parts/paint, with the exception of the tail cap.  Which means......   You can trade the colored parts you don't want for the ones you do!  lol

Thanks Klaus.  Bump for the Blue Angels/Cycle Gear/Best Buy bike.   :44: :44: :44:

Bump for change in info.

Parts For Sale / Ruig Race Screens $50 each
« on: 07/16/18 02:08PM »
Puig Race screens for various bikes.  They may fit other bikes from the same manufacturer, these are just whats listed on the screen package.

4053F - 2006 Kawasaki zx10R or 2005 ZX6r, dark smoke
4365H - 2007 Yamaha R1    light smoke
4363H - 2007 GSXR1000    light smoke
4363F - 2007 GSXR1000    dark smoke
1332H - 2003-2004 CBR600RR Clear/dark smoke

All windscreens have original packing and are like new.  Pictures upon request. 

Asking $50 each.

Parts For Sale / ASV C5 Lever
« on: 07/16/18 01:28PM »
ASV C/55 sport brake lever.  Silver with black perch and adjuster dial.  Brand new with box/papers.
Fits the following bikes:

2004-2007 Aprilia RSV Mille and R model
2007-2008 Ducati 1098
2003-2006 Ducati 999
2003-2006 Ducati 749
2007-2008 Ducati S4R including S model
2005-2007 KTM Super Duke

$100 takes it.  I'm in Anaheim and can meet near here.  Shipping is a hassle, probably won't bother with it.  Just being honest.

Bikes For Sale / 2005 SV650S, 33k miles, Clean Title
« on: 07/16/18 12:49PM »
2005 Suzuki SV650S, low miles - 33,000, clean title in hand, adult owned, tons of upgrades.

Fast and full of torque, there's a reason these are the top performers in the SV Race series.

Upgrade list:
Racetech fork internals - $260 + installation
BMW M3 Headlight projectors with DDM Tuning HID lights. - $130
Low profile front blinkers - $20
Steel braided brake lines front and back (silver lines with blue ends) - $200
ASV shorty levers - $150
Woodcraft Frame protectors/sliders - $80
Rear tire hugger - $150
License plate delete - $30
Hot Hodies integrated undertail blinkers - $180
Rear brake light with integrated blinkers - $80
Back off brake module - $35
Yoshimura TRS race series slip-on exhaust - $400
Spare rear rim, with sprocket and tire. - $200
Custom paint scheme with custom painted tail cap.

Over $1900 in upgrades!!!!!

PM me and come see this fast beautiful bike out.

I commute from L.A. County to the OC via the 405.  Unfortunately its only for 5 miles, the rest is on the 22 fwy.  If they ran the express along the 22 as well, I'd be all over it.

All because of a "heated" facebook argument?   What tards.   

Was anyone else hoping to see the guy in front run head first into the oncoming truck at approximately 2:20 minutes?    Maybe I'm too cynical.

Some great background editing on the photos too.  Dam good salesman.

This should be moved to the "does it qualify for the hov lane" thread.

One too many wheels.  Lol. I might try it, why not?

Tales of the Road / Re: Just bad on both parties
« on: 03/03/18 01:55PM »
This may be true but whether you’re a contributor or not you should not leave the scene of the incident. This is basically the issue he faces now.


The motorcyclist will most certainly be charged with FELONY hit and run.  Even though he may not have caused the collision, he was involved.  I'd bet money at least one person, either in the car or in the truck, was injured to some degree.   Which now makes it a felony. 

Moral of the story, don't flee, if you do, you'll be charged with a felony.  Not worth it.

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: One lucky dude!
« on: 03/01/18 07:05PM »
My guess, came down from a wheelie.  Notice he blurres the dash/speedo?  Or that his riding buddy kept going, didn't stop?  Is assume he was doing a high speed wheelie, trying to impress the other rider, landed off slightly, which caused the tank slap.  He's very lucky he wasn't run over by the truck.  The truck driver wouldn't have even noticed.

It was pretty great to get out and ride.  Thanks for meeting up.  Maybe next time we can get some other members to join.  And thanks for the BBQ suggestions, the pulled pork was delicious.  See you on the next ride.

I agree with the above, nothing wrong with more training.  When in doubt, Google it.

My schedule can vary just as much.  I'll be in training next Wednesday, however I don't know what times yet.  I'll find that out tomorrow.  Now than likely it will be 8ish until noon, or non until afternoon.  I'll let you know tomorrow evening when I find out

Organizing a ride is harder than it appears. I've done so and found success and failure. I appreciate those who try.  Events, I agree are core to making the forum more robust and successful.
I have to say, creating a ride is actually rather easy, it's getting people to join you that is hard! Although I was only ribbing these guys, you have to admit, the ride attendance for this forum, well any forum really, is very lack luster. I know that Rogue, thepretender and I like to get in a ride at least one day of the weekend and ride almost regularly together, however the same question pops up..."Should I post this ride on the forum?", The answer is usually yes, but with the expectation that we will not get many, if any, people to join us.

I'm not sure if we are an intimidating bunch, we have a bad rep, it's the routes we choose or what the deal is but we don't seem to get very many bites. I will say though, we do like to start early, and I don't mean 10:00AM, we usually start in the 7-8AM time frame, perhaps that has something to do with it. There are several reasons for this but when you're riding in some of the more popular spots, this can make all the difference in the world. I've once did a solo ride to Malibu (again, nobody wanted to join me!) and I had the roads almost all to myself. I was able to do a great loop and when it was time to head home, that's when everybody else was showing up!

Anyway, I am a very low key guy and welcome anyone to ride with me, all I ask is that you're safe, wear proper gear, be open to last minute changes or adventures and just be a cool person. Nobody wants to ride with a hot head, a show boater or someone who just makes poor decisions, particularly if you're a long way from home. Although it's typically "ride your own ride", I am known to hang back and keep slower riders in my rear view or even take the sweeper position, if it means the "newbie" will feel more comfortable.

No bad feelings were intended by my post, I was just giving a good old fashion ball busting. We are on this forum because we share a common ground, motorcycling! Long time riders know the camaraderie and friendships that come with this "sport", we are all here to share and enjoy our passion for motorcycling and I hope that more and more members start to get into the grove and get out ride together. Yes, motorcycling can be a solo sport but you can have some really good times hanging with like minded individuals who share the same passion!


No bad feelings taken by me.  I know I haven't been as active as I would prefer lately, but I'm hoping to change that.

As for the numbers, Motorcycling in general is dying off, just look at the recent posts regarding the motorcycle industry lack of sales.  Millennials aren't buying bikes like previous generations did.  I think start times also have something to do with it.  You and I can agree, the best riding can be had early in the morning, before the cagers get up.  The younger/less experienced groups probably don't know that and think it's just too early to get up.  Their Mocha Latte, half/half, hold the whip, isn't ready that early.

I also don't think the younger group is riding in groups anymore, not even with friends.  I think they are riding as individuals now;  if they weren't riding with their friends, they won't ride with strangers, generally speaking.   

We may need to create flyers for the website, nothing expensive or fancy, and hand them out at any and all bike functions we can.  Members could even hand them out as they come across riders on the street, makes for a good way to connect with riders and show that members of the group are positive.

I work from home a lot and if I'm not at a job site or have a project deadline, I can sometimes squeeze in a weekday ride. What type of riding do you prefer, tight twisty roads?, long sweepers?, adventure?, bar hopping?!  :32: Usually on Wednesday the dog goes to day care and my wife works late so that would most likely be the best day to ride. Even if it's down PCH for a cruise.

All of the above?   I'm now on my R1100RT, so I won't be doing any knee dragging twisties.  That said, I can still ride spirited.  A good ride through santiago/live oak and a breakfast stop at Santiago Cafe, or silverado - 133 - PCH - HB main street, or a trip through Ortega Highway to the lookout, or Big Bear (warmer months obviously), GMR, or bar hopping, or, a ride down PCH all the way down to Coronado (done that once before and its long, but tons of fun).   I'll ride about anything.

I work weekend night shifts (12 1/2 hours each shift) so that's why weekends are my days to ride. How about next Tuesday the 27th?

I don't always flake, but when I do, it's because I'm at work.   Working Thursdays through Sunday morning, and every other Sunday night into Monday morning, makes it rough to join rides. 

How about some weekday rides?  Anyone able to ride Monday through Wednesday mornings?

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