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Miscellaneous / Re: Immediate hiring need
« on: 01/08/14 12:07PM »
 I have done this on senior level. I am going to apply now.

Bike Nights / Re: Taco Tuesday at Cook's Corner, 9/17
« on: 09/17/13 03:49PM »

Bike Nights / Re: Taco Tuesday at Cook's Corner, 7/16
« on: 07/16/13 02:06PM »

Bike Nights / Re: Taco Tuesday at Cook's Corner, 4/16
« on: 04/16/13 03:33PM »
I'm in!


SECTION 1. Section 21658.5 is added to the Vehicle Code,
 line 2 to read:
 line 3 21658.5. (a) Notwithstanding any other law, and except as
 line 4 provided in subdivision (b), when a highway has been divided into
 line 5 three or more clearly marked lanes for traffic traveling in the same
 line 6 direction, a person operating a motorcycle shall not pass another
 line 7 vehicle in a portion of a lane occupied by that vehicle unless the
 line 8 following conditions are met:
 line 9 (1) The passing occurs during traffic congestion.
 line 10 (2) The passing occurs at a safe speed.
 line 11 (b) This section does not apply to a peace officer in the
 line 12 performance of official duties.

Seems it's only been withdrawn waiting for the new accident causation study.  Might be worth a pre-emptive strike on your state reps:

1 - Define congested traffic.
2 - Define safe speed.

I was trying to inform people of tricky corners, not ask for advice. Stating the obvious does not make people sound like experts, the opposite actually. If you have a corner worth mentioning please post it.

You guys need to take it way easier there than me.


OK, as weird as this sounds....

You could just slow down a bit as you know these are less than Ideal.

Freeway transition roads can be tremendous fun, but one really ought to go through rather easy, as these get backed up in rush hour and tend to collect oil and other gunk.

As far as the transition from Jamboree, it depends if you're going westbound or eastbound on Jamboree to the 5.  Since it's largely under construction and seemingly always busy (with concrete barricades), I'd just back off and just go through slow. 

The north 710 to the 10 west is like this too.  It's not worth showing off to the minivan driver who's probably screaming at kids anyway. 

Some offramps/onramps are freaking awesome.  For example Kattella offramp from I-5 southbound.  That's a glorious offramp and one you can really get some practice on.

The corners aren't going to change for you, so it's better to just back off and/or catch another one later on.


Did I ever mention my speed? Of course I am being careful on these, why else would I mention it at all? Actually im pretty sure the under construction stuff will eventually change...  But not just for me.  Lol

I am postig this because there are 2 corners that I pass by that have both given me "moments"

1. Jamboree west to the I-5 South onramp. This is under construction, has water in it always, and is majorly decreasing radius.

2. Bake and Trabucco in lake forest. From Trabucco North to Bake East. Right hand turn. This thing just feels super slippery to me. Almost lowsided here once.

- Tim

Off Topic / Re: PSA. Sport bike riders needed.
« on: 10/08/12 06:28PM »
I emaied him and no he didn't write back a courtesy message would of been nice. But I wrote them yesterday and no response yet?

How he does his job is not my concern. Good luck! :)

1 of those three riders really should be a female rider....know what I'm saying ;)

I think so personally. Most ladies have better judgment and maturity within that age group. No offence guys, really.  So, they would probably be a shoe-in. But i am not making the calls here and I hope my assumptions are not misleading.

Sorry. I should clarify.

The guy in charge of the recruitment should add those specifics in his original posting either here or CL or wherever. Might help to thin the herd.

I'm too old but figured I'd toss in my crotchety two cents.

Good luck.

The conversation I had with him made it sound like riding ability was not high on his list of priorities. He wants people that represents young riders in a good light. There are plenty of young riders out there, he is looking for the people that have good judgment and will be riders for a long time because of it, not just because they are lucky or posses Rossi like skills. He was a wild one when he was young and he knows that will not fit the bill. Bottom line, he wants riders that are more mature than we were at that

Oh yeah, #1 dont drop the bike...

I did this as a favor to my friend and OCMoto. I wish I was younger too. I get carded all the time. He didnt offer me a spot either. Lol

I think more details might be helpful. Where in LA. What's the purpose of this shoot. What sort of riding will be required. What sort of bikes will be provided. Gear. etc.

Good luck to your friend.

Email with questions and they will be answered.

someone else made this thread too on here. and its been all over craigslist...

Really? Within the last couple days? My buddy asked for friends on facebook 2 days ago. Are you sure it is the same one? If it isnt it would be a shame to pass on misinformation.

yeah, it has been. and again, its been all over craigslist too. i remember the first time i saw it, i was like on damn being paid $400 a day to ride a motorcycle! sounds awesome. but then he kept posting it over and over, and i started figuring it wasnt legit. within the first 10 minutes i would think the guy would have gotten a grip of responses, yet he keeps posting it. he always ends the post with "FB". i dont know if thats his name or what, but yeah. never the less, good luck finding the right people! ocmoto is full of people who would probably be interested.

It is legit, he has turned down some people but still needs them. FB are his initials.

I'm interested, would be kinda fun I think. Is this actually one your friends and not an acquaintance or what not?
He was a close friend during and after high school. He is still my friend.

someone else made this thread too on here. and its been all over craigslist...

Really? Within the last couple days? My buddy asked for friends on facebook 2 days ago. Are you sure it is the same one? If it isnt it would be a shame to pass on misinformation.

Hey all - I have a friend that is looking for 3 riders to appear in a non union TV commercial. He is really looking for riders aged 20-25 but may stretch it to age 30 if he doesnt get good applicants. The filming will happen in LA on October 21-23. The pay is $400 a day. The bikes will be supplied. The most important skills involved are taking directions well and NOT dropping the bikes. Riding skill does matter, but maturity and a great attitude matter most.

This is a rush request, headshots need to be done by this Wednesday at the latest.

He is requesting a short biography (not just riding experience, certainly include it though) be sent to as soon as possible. If interested please also respond on this thread so I know what kind of interest is being generated. I figured all 3 riders could come from ocmoto. Wouldn't that be cool?

Thanks -Tim

Bike Nights / Re: Taco Tuesday at Cook's Corner, 9/25
« on: 09/25/12 11:41AM »
Baskets full of Mexican food? I'm in!

Off Topic / Motorcycle Anime
« on: 09/19/12 02:27PM »
If you like anime check out "motorcycle legend" on youtube. Its pretty good. It was made by the same person that made  "Initial D" which is a favorite of mine but tuner car/ drift related.

Off Topic / Re: Ghosts
« on: 09/01/12 10:01AM »
If you like anime and have netflix check out Mushi-Shi. Japanese ghost stories, kind of.

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