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This guy needs to stop and get a burger.

Femur cracked right before it broke in 2.

Ride then lunch  :30:

At least Led Zeppelin made the stuff they stole better,  that is just wrong. SoCalMotrocycles you should be ashamed of yourself.  :13:

I loved my gen 2 FZ1 and took it on many multi-day trips and used it for courier work with 400 mile days so I can attest that is very comfortable with loads of power great handling all around bike. My S1000R is very much the same only dose every thing 15% better the FZ1 is a bit more comfortable though. If I hadn't got my S1000R I would still be singing the praises of the FZ1 as the best bike in the world and for the price of one that argument could still be made. My VFR is different enough that I can make the case to keep it and the S1000R. The VFR though 75lbs heavier and less power is also on the list of for the price the best bike in the world. I can think of no reason not to get a FZ1 mine was very reliable and did everything I asked of it without complaint and was a blast to ride.
Be careful though the only tickets I got on a bike was on the FZ1 :)

Enjoyed the lack of rain today.  :3:

Guess he likes me, or maybe he sold his tire machine.

Last I spoke with him he had started working in his friends shop (some kind of machine shop) and was doing mobile motorcycle jobs days off and weekends. Seemed happy. Too bad I moved away bout time for new tires to be mounted after he went mobile I could take the wheels off and he would come get them out of my garage and put them back before I got home.

Nice to hear the outcome will be positive but painfull. We have the technology we have some metal we can rebuild him !

Ouch that's gotta hurt  :36: How so they stabilize that? Feel better soon!

I could hear my bike sigh, a thoroughbred wants to be ridden.

Bike Nights / Re: Del Amo Redondo - Kawi Demo days
« on: 02/08/19 06:32PM »
The roads were cleared and rideable save for a little salt the day after the snow  but couldn't get a bike out of the complex down to the road safely.  :(

Bike Nights / Re: Del Amo Redondo - Kawi Demo days
« on: 02/06/19 11:27AM »
Wish I could make it but I'll be up here where somebody ordered another 4" of snow for Saturday.  On the KTM demo I was stuck behind a noob while trying to evaluate a Super Duke, pissed of the ride leaders when I passed his ass. Did get to ride 3 KTM's that day so it wasn't all bad.

Price when down even better RockyMountain just credited me 15 bucs because of the drop.  :3:

Gear For Sale / Re: Kendon Trailer
« on: 02/01/19 10:42PM »
Gave it a lot of thought but went with a 2 rail Kendon for same money. glws

What are you talking about June is the way to go!      :31:

Bike Nights / Re: Del Amo Redondo - Kawi Demo days
« on: 01/27/19 11:32AM »
When Aprilia led us onto the freeway at 110 mph on their demo pretty ruined all other demos for me.

The S22s are making it to market now so the S21s can be had at a good price. Rockymountainatv has them for $200 or less other probably have similar deals. I love how the S21s work and last, great tires for $200.  :17: :7:

We know it intuitively but without hard studies with evidence to back them up we can't "know it" beyond a personal feeling. No matter how grounded in reality it seems to be perhaps with such studies we can see more motorcyclist on the road instead of less.

Here is a short article that points to a study that shows what we all know, taking a ride makes you feel better. As soon as I walk the dogs Im going for a ride   :31: :17:

Will the San Francisco store have a similar sale? It's much closer to me.

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