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Off Topic / Re: Riverside Commute to Orange
« on: 01/14/15 10:55AM »
updat: Finally used this this freeway from hell. Fridays are the worst and have to split the whole way  but it beat sitting in traffic.

Did this to my 600rr this weekend! experimented with adding a resister for the running light but ended up removing it. Front turn signals are now running and can be seen easily.


Off Topic / Re: Riverside Commute to Orange
« on: 07/30/14 09:58AM »
Does the 241 toll road capture everyone's license plate. I just made my account on the website but havnt received the charges for using the road.

could this be an attempt to remove all support to lane splitting in order to move towards making it illegal?

If anything need to be changed is the DMV Handbook!

Drivers need to be taught from the beginning that the roads in California are shared. The handbook should include the need to watch for motorcyclists  through out all of its guidelines especially when it comes to splitting lanes. In European countries like Italy the driving school and hand books constantly mention motorcyclist. Dmv could do a better at explaining our place on the road to the people learning to drive. Nip it in the Bud!

Off Topic / Re: Riverside Commute to Orange
« on: 07/28/14 12:30PM »
So it was the first day commuting to Irvine from corona and was expecting it to be more difficult with so many drivers. The thing that caught me off guard was the cost of the toll  roads!. It was about 7 bucks to get to south county. Whats the best way to pay this for a daily commuter?. I know about Fastrak but am confused on the balance you have to maintain on the account.

Off Topic / Re: Riverside Commute to Orange
« on: 06/11/14 11:42AM »
Thanks everyone for the advice. I definitely have a better idea of what to expect. Gotta bring my A game everyone morning now! :1: :43:

Off Topic / Re: Riverside Commute to Orange
« on: 06/10/14 11:54AM »
Thanks everyone. I think i will try to use the 91 and 241. Is the 91 crowded at about 545 to 6am?

Off Topic / Re: Riverside Commute to Orange
« on: 06/09/14 01:57PM »
Thanks Muraj for that input. What do u mean by tolls are free.?

Off Topic / Re: Riverside Commute to Orange
« on: 06/09/14 01:55PM »
Thank Ol Smokey. Yeah im planning on taking the 91 and 241. going to be in corona and working in Irvine. I really don't want to ride a train every day. Its expensive and public transportation sucks.. Normally start work at 7 so my commute would be at 545 or 6ish.  probably head home by 315 or 330. Anyone ride on the 91 at thos time?

Off Topic / Riverside Commute to Orange
« on: 06/09/14 12:58PM »
Hello riders,

Im going to be moving to Riverside county Corona. Lot of people have been warning me of the 91 commute since its such a dangerous ride. cagers dont give a damn about us riders on that FWY. Does anyone have an opinion or inpute ?  Any of you do this commute regularly?

Honda / Re: Suspension/ Dog Bone Info Needed
« on: 01/22/14 02:25PM »
I got the bike used.  I never got a service manual. Do you think Ill need one?

Honda / Re: Suspension/ Dog Bone Info Needed
« on: 01/19/14 10:09PM »
Sorry this is late but..

I took your advice and ordered the 2 triangular pieces from ebay. I will be working on my bike some time this week. Ill try to document and take pics but I cant promise a decent right up. More like trial and error.

Honda / Suspension/ Dog Bone Info Needed
« on: 01/09/14 05:02PM »
So i got my bike a year ago. The previous owner was a little short and had it lowered with the VORTEX lowering Link. Im trying figure out of i can buy an 08 Dog bone( Link) for my 2010 600rr. Does anyone know what should be done. Im short on cash so im thinking about getting a used one from the 08 600rr. Im trying to raise my Bike back to Stock hight.  Advice please!

Thanks in advance .

Parts For Sale / OEM shock Linkage
« on: 01/08/14 01:26PM »
Looking for a stock Link for a Honda cbr 600rr 2010.  Any one happen to have one and willing to sell?

New Members / Re: New Member from Orange!
« on: 01/08/14 11:12AM »
Thanks guys! Perfect place to be for a local rider!

Suggestions / Phone app!
« on: 01/08/14 09:40AM »
Hey everyone.

Just thought it would be cool to have a phone app for OC Moto. This would make easier and accessable for us at all times. Just a thought!  Made free to members OR It could be even sold on the market for 1 dollar or so.. Proceeds could go to OC MOTO events and promotions.. If there is an app then forget I even mentioned this haha. Couldnt find it on the android market


New Members / New Member from Orange!
« on: 01/08/14 09:05AM »
Hey everyone!

Only been riding street for about a Year. Got my CBR 600RR Leyla a year ago this month and havnt stopped riding since! Day to day rider! :30:

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