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Well that's interesting.  I hope they're successful.

Tim hooked me up! These things are cool and I just have to keep the passenger pegs on, no erector set.  Good meeting you Tim and thanks for installing in the parking lot :)  kept waiting for starbucks people to come and kick us out but was all good.  Will have to go someplace w/ better light than my garage to take some decent pics
Great to meet you too Vince (although I have a feeling we've met before) and I'm so glad you like the kit.  It's the last one!

And thanks Pretender for the suggestion!

If you have a rear stand, a socket set and a broomstick, you should be able to do it.  The hardest part is breaking loose the front sprocket bolt.  You have to lock the rear wheel from moving, that's what the broomstick is for.  There are many Youtube videos on the topic.  Give it a try!

The SLS bags go on or off in a few seconds.  Once you have all the hardware set up for your bike, you can remove the metal bits by pulling the pin that holds the adapter block to the footpeg bracket.  (same pin that would normally hold your footpeg to the bracket) Depending on the bike it usually takes 2 or 3 minutes.  Also, I found a set of painted prototype mounting plates that you can have, but they're painted not powdercoated like the production units.

Bikes For Sale / Re: kawasaki gpz-5550
« on: 05/25/18 07:58PM »
What a cool bike!  I lusted after these when I was a poor college student and couldn't afford one.

General Motorcycle Discussion / R.I.P. Annette Carrion
« on: 04/01/18 02:05PM »
Annette Carrion was a beautiful young woman who worked for Motorcyclist magazine.  She died yesterday while riding on Ortega Highway.  Rest in peace Annette, you will be missed.

Those were great bike nights.  I wonder if there are any bike nights that last more than a few years.  The bike nights at Original Mike's in Santa Ana were good too.  I remember trying a fish sandwich at Hooters and it was pretty much the worst thing I've ever attempted to eat.  And that includes fried wasps in Thailand and cow brain tacos in Mexico.

i want to see it go head to head with a standard bike on a track...
I'd like to see it go head to head with a standard FZ-09 (the bike it's based on) IN THE RAIN!!

Definitely not a traditional motorcycle.  Looks WAY more fun than a Can Am Spyder.

I'm sure it's out of my budget, but I really like this thing.

Misc / Re: New Rider Night at the D-Store
« on: 03/09/18 09:37PM »
There are some pics here.

General Motorcycle Discussion / Funny Craigslist ad
« on: 03/08/18 08:48PM »
Not mine.  This ad is too funny.

"Some scratches on the body cause this bike is a beast and doesn't take no for an answer"

Bikes For Sale / Re: 2010 aprillia Tuano/07 Vino 125
« on: 03/08/18 07:18PM »
Got any more pictures?  That Tuono headlight looks non-stock.  I'm curious what it looks like from the front.

Nice, short, and informative.

Misc / Re: Moto Art with Maryia Bulka @ DStore 2/23
« on: 02/21/18 07:52PM »
This should be interesting.

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: helmet A/C?
« on: 02/04/18 08:13PM »
Hopefully it works better than the Ventz, which is a product I really wanted to like, but it really didn't work well.

Just to sit in a car?  Hard to believe.

I'm thinking of going to COTA MotoGP this year.  Who's been?  What part of town is best to stay in?  Is there a "Cannery Row" type of place where motorcycles gather at night?

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