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GLWS; great pricing. Love Kriega quality and not having to use a backpack while riding.

Off Topic / Re: Vagcom
« on: 05/03/17 08:08PM »
Wish, hahaha. It's for the Audi
Your CBR has launch control?

Off Topic / Vagcom
« on: 05/03/17 07:17PM »
Hi everyone!
Any of you have a vagcom to check the launch control count and help me check? Thank you!

Bikes For Sale / Re: For Sale: 2008 Honda CBR 1000rr
« on: 08/01/16 10:03AM »

Bikes For Sale / Re: For Sale: 2008 Honda CBR 1000rr
« on: 07/22/16 10:37AM »

Bikes For Sale / Re: For Sale: 2008 Honda CBR 1000rr
« on: 07/14/16 02:04PM »

Bikes For Sale / Re: For Sale: 2008 Honda CBR 1000rr
« on: 07/08/16 01:51PM »

Bikes For Sale / For Sale: 2008 Honda CBR 1000rr
« on: 06/30/16 11:27AM »
$6700. GPR stabilizer, vortex pegs, stainless brake lines front and back, r&g frame sliders, Dunlop Q3 tires with decent tire life. Yoshimura exhaust with damaged tip. Was my exhaust from previous bike. Original exhaust included. New DID chain. Speedo healer. 15K miles. Never been down. Also, used the plastics from my yellow bike and kept these wrapped, so they are in new condition.

Tales of the Road / Re: GMR snakes yikes!
« on: 11/28/13 04:58PM »
from my experience, tar snakes are put in to fill cracks prior to a new top coat. Hopefully that's the plan.

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Gmr Sunday Nov24
« on: 11/25/13 12:14AM »
How is GMR these days? Haven't been there in a little while. These "snakes" pretty slick?

Ducati / Re: Will I be paying too much for this 848?
« on: 11/25/13 12:12AM »
I have a friend that had a Ducati. I thought he was pretty cool. hahahaha. Doesn't matter what you ride, as long as you're riding. Have fun with your new toy and keep the shiny or stealth side up ;)

Marchesini 10 spoke Forged Magnesium Rear Wheel. Size 6.0 x 17. $650
In excellent shape. A few very, very minor marks.
Does not come with sprocket carrier. You will have to buy it depending on the model of your bike. Make sure 6.0 x 17 fits your bike. Most modern sportbikes are likely to be this size. You may buy the sprocket carrier from Erionracing. com. They are located in Anaheim.

Since it's forged magnesium, it is very light. You will still see the benefit if you change the rear rim only as you will shed some good weight. 

Off Topic / Re: widi adapters and hdmi cables
« on: 07/25/13 10:02PM »
 or I  might be just  overthinking  it,  lol

Off Topic / Re: widi adapters and hdmi cables
« on: 07/25/13 09:25PM »
 Using hdmi  also seems like the cost effective solution.   and the tablet wouldn't move much as you said.  it'd be nice to be able to leave the tablet wherever,  but I can't justify the additional cost. 

 so,  is there anything special when it comes to  mini hdmi  to hdmi  cables to get decent performance?  like wire type,  brand,  etc?

 thanks  again
Chromecast is your answer. Skip all the adapters and cables.

Not really an answer to his problem, though. He has a standard windows PC in tablet form.

This is what he needs for WiDi.

I'd just go for HDMI myself (you dont need to be moving the tablet around during a film)

Off Topic / Re: widi adapters and hdmi cables
« on: 07/25/13 05:58PM »
 thanks for the clarification.  if you see one,  please lemme know.  Thx again
Actually that is not a WiDi device,  but a wireless adapter for the TV (for internet).

Off Topic / Re: widi adapters and hdmi cables
« on: 07/25/13 02:35PM »
Thank you. You're probably right regarding both tablets being similar as they are both Windows 8. I just wasn't sure as I haven't tried it. This gives me comfort. Thx again.
I'm able to do it on my Surface Pro. Just cycle through Win+P key so that it's on Projector only. If you don't have a keyboard then slide over from the right edge, select Devices -> Second Screen and it should have the same options. I don't think it should matter how it's connected, but I don't know for sure if the Samsung hardware handles it differently.

Off Topic / Re: widi adapters and hdmi cables
« on: 07/25/13 02:20PM »
thanks so much. I didn't want to have the screen on while having it on the tv and use it for no reason. Good info. I was told by samsung online chat person I can do it with mini hdmi to vda, but I was not satisfied with the answer, lol. I'd rather use hdmi, or even better by using WIDI. No wires, just tv, bluetooth keyboard and mouse as you suggested. thx again.

That has a full blown Windows OS on it, so you should be able to use HDMI (or WiDi) to display the screen only on the TV (and only on the tv). Obviously you'll need bluethooth or usb kb/mouse.

Under Control Panel -> Adjust screen resolution under the Appearance and Personalization category.

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