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I have been to the Suzuki dealer in Garden Grove but I don't know if they are still there.
They seemed ok but that was like 4 years ago.

My bike is right there, time to call.

Looks like camera is much lower than riders POV, thus giving less clear view of road ahead (scarier than it actually is)

Nope, these guys are men and it exactly as scary as it looks.

Doesn't the last sentence say it's possibly an April fools story ?


That trail looks like a blast!

Heck yeah, I need to add his signature to my racer poster collection!

I have driven thru Zion and it is awesome. I can't wait to do it on a bike!

Whatever route we take I am looking forward to it. I have never done a ride like this so I am very excited about it!

I have looked for what Scott posted up but apparently it was deleted.
Can it be posted again?
I would love to see what it was. Also did it include hotels to stay at?

I am really looking hard at going on this one. I have never done a long ride like this but I love the destination and everything in between.

I was there with my 9yr old son. He loved the movie as much as I did!

I recently bought a sport touring bike and this might be a perfect trip to go on, I will look into it.

I printed out my ticket last night, work doesn't get in the way I'll be there.

Cool, I am there

So who is going tonight?

If you don't decide to buy it let me know.

All original with super low miles means a lot to me but that is just me.
I would offer him a little less but not enough to offend him. I love buying original owner stuff in excellent condition that has been babied.

Racing Headquarters / Re: MotoGP Sepang Spoiler
« on: 11/02/15 10:13AM »
Interesting article..couldn't agree more. Guess in every sport you need that a douche to hate on. Lorenzo play that part perfectly.

"I’m over Lorenzo. What a whining tart he has turned into, constantly moaning"

Lorenzo has taken over the Stoner role but it keeps things entertaining!

Off Topic / Re: Need ideas for fighting a ticket
« on: 10/14/15 10:57AM »
Wow! It is unbelievable that you got a ticket for that. I suppose just telling you to leave would have been absolutely insane!

Great ride and nice meeting you guys. I haven't been on an OCMoto ride in a couple of years. I will definitely try to make it more often.

Thanks all. FZ1 will be my canyon ride mostly. I had an '08 Tuono that got me in trouble with the law and dmv. It just didn't like being tame and civil. FZ1 has that flair for wanting to be ridden hard so given the loud Yoshi pipe i will have to ride it smarter.

I had mine dynoed a few years ago @ 144.6 RWHP
It had an MIVV slip on, PC5 with Ivan's custom map, Ivan's FCE, Air box mod w/ a high flow filter, gutted cat, and flies removed.
That bike surprised many people including me.
I am positive you will enjoy yours as much as I did mine.

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