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Bike Nights / Re: Euro Bike Night 6/26/14. 5pm-8pm.
« on: 06/26/14 03:59PM »
Going to try and make both as well need to talk to the dealer about scheduling a service anyway.

Was this sold?

Other / Re: Any Triumph riders on here?
« on: 05/07/14 03:06PM »
what was that about an LBC ride?

Bike Nights / Re: The Hat in Brea
« on: 04/07/14 06:55PM »

These sales tend to work better with a pic even though you have a great price, good luck with your sale and tickets  :4:

Sorry to see you sell the bike and we haven't even had a chance to ride outside of the Yellow devil ride, but gotta love the reason.  I'm sure you'll move this bike before the summer, it's that time again for all the new riders with that tax money to get their bikes.

Bike Nights / Re: Newport Italian Euro Bike Night
« on: 02/12/14 05:57PM »
I hope triumphs are welcomed I was gonna swing through.

I have a rear rim with a Michelin 2ct mounted for the gsxr 1000 I'm looking to get rid of, tire has a lot of tread left on it.

Crash Stories / Re: Head On Collision (GRAPHIC)
« on: 01/13/14 09:19AM »
If you look closely the bones are broken and have torn through his skin.  His hand looks to be just dangling, hanging on by tendons.  Gauntlets help reduce the severity of the injury.  Bones are still going to break, like mine did, but I had a surgery to put a plate in and one to remove it.  This looks like it will be considerably more. 

Holding all the bits together helps.  It's just plain more protective.  That's why gauntlets are mandatory for racing and track days. 

Ok we're on the same page, initially it sounded like the gauntlets would have prevented the break.  I wear my gauntlets on the track but on the street I wear shorties although most of the short gloves now come up a little higher than just the wrist like my current pair.

Crash Stories / Re: Head On Collision (GRAPHIC)
« on: 01/12/14 06:58PM »
Those are some horrific injuries.  This is a big reminder to use gauntlets while riding instead of short gloves.  Last year a left turner took me out and my right wrist would have been like that had I not been wearing my Dainese gauntlets.  I hope there was no head injury and I hope they can save his hand.

From the picture it looks like a few broken bones, what would the gauntlets have done to prevent this?

Crash Stories / Re: High-sided today. Analysis please.
« on: 12/31/13 07:54AM »
Hey June glad you're okay funny how you me and Joey all started riding around the same time, please let me know if you need anything (help putting the bike back together, finding parts etc).  Give me a ring when you have a moment wouldn't mind seeing how big your boy is now.

I watched the video. I see a more complex interaction than many would have this be.

The bikes 'swarmed" the cager. They surrounded him and rode exceedingly close to him. I suspect he thought he was about to get stopped and mugged.

So disappointed at that statement...smh.

So disappointed at that statement??????  I am shaking my head at YOUR statement.  What are YOU talking about????  I saw the video and saw the same exact thing.  I do believe in reading this thread many others felt the same.  Reading your word wall of what you "thought" transpired...the motorcyclist with the broken leg...that happened AFTER the rider swooped in front the SUV, looked back at the SUV and slammed on his breaks.  That's what I understand thus far.

Help me understand the chain of events, please?  Because I see this video and before I even knew the details of the passengers of the first thoughts were...there was a child in that car, someone was scared...because the riders were taking over the highway and were very intimidating.  ANYONE who has a family would have been in absolute defense mode.  If I were in that situation and had my children in the car...all bets would have been off.

Also, watching this video, made me appreciate even more than I do, the insight and counsel that has come from OCMOTO and certain people affiliated with OCMOTO on how to be a respectful and responsible rider.

REGARDLESS of the chain of events...the riders were COMPLETELY in the wrong for pursuing the SUV driver.  Events were on video, license plate was noted and police should have been called.  Instead, vigilante justice ensured...substantiating the SUV drivers assertions of fear and and intimidation.

I'm disappointed at the suggestion of the the motorcyclist trying to slow down a vehicle is to mug the driver... I'm sorry if that sounds plausible to you to me it sounds ridiculous.  Also if you watch the video that Hieu posted the police chief states that the driver hit a rider who ended up with a broken leg and left that scene at which point they try to stop him.  There's clearly something more here imo than some riders picking a random truck with the intent to mug him and his family.  I try to speak on items after hearing multiple sides, I didn't comment until I watched the story on ABC news and the New York Police chief, meanwhile you decided to only watch the main vid and jump on the bandwagon rather than obtaining some additional perspective outside of the forum.  I even stated that "maybe I heard wrong" that it was my interpretation of what was reported on ABC news and the account from the police chief.  We can continue on here with the back and fourth if you like or if you still don't understand where I'm coming from.  Or you can watch the additional news feeds and come back with your opinion, I never said what bikers did was correct I just don't think they randomly attempted to stop rang rover, and I definitely don't think they were trying to mug him. 

I watched the video. I see a more complex interaction than many would have this be.

The bikes 'swarmed" the cager. They surrounded him and rode exceedingly close to him. I suspect he thought he was about to get stopped and mugged.

So disappointed at that statement...smh.

Maybe I heard wrong but it sounded like the range rover hit someone and that person received a broken leg which is the point at which the recording starts and they're attempting to stop the Range because he left that initial scene.  At which point he stops runs over three more bikes possibly connecting with some additional individuals, so this is two accidents he's left the scene of.  Then the Range exits the highway, in an attempt to not get run over (since he clearly seems like he has no problem doing this) the bikers try to block a car that's in front of the Range but that car flees.  They attempt to open the door the driver panics slams on the gas hitting another bike in the process.  They said in the process his tires were slashed I'm trying to figure out how they heard tires being slashed while surrounded by some 40-50 bikes.  More likely his tire(s) went flat when he was running over bikes and people I mean at one point in the vid the front passenger side of the truck is looks like its going over boulders. 

Not saying the bikers are in the right for handling it the way they did but at the same time I don't think when the vid starts they stopped this truck at random you see other cars going by on the on ramps without issue.  But let the "if it was me driving I would have yadda yadda yadda..." continue at the end of my take is the bikers were trying to hold the driver accountable for his actions which should have involved calling the police immediately (not that we know if that didn't happen at the places where people or bikes were run over).  When a driver in Malibu clipped me by opening their door while in a moving car all the people (10) that were with me surrounded the car in similar fashion making sure the driver didn't leave the scene.  I was extremely thankful, I know it's not apples to apples but I'm just giving my personal opinion on the matter...end rant

Member Posts / Re: Cuban cigars
« on: 09/22/13 11:31PM »
Gotcha, a google intellectual.  Fukk experience and real world knowledge.  My bad, I bow to the pokemon generation.

Wow what a clown... I'll keep it moving and lock this thread for you since you have nothing left to sell.

Member Posts / Re: Cuban cigars
« on: 09/22/13 10:57PM »
Not going to debate on what's equates to a good smoke all i'm pointing out is that $100 each for those cigars was a rip off.  I was actually interested but did some research of the quality of that particular stick and the rating was average, I'm not even gonna go into what the prices were.  But I'll just chalk it up to it being you're service charge for actually bringing them in "legally" as you claim.

Member Posts / Re: Cuban cigars
« on: 09/22/13 07:09PM »
Nice come up I feel sorry the the people that you swinded, those cigars are not worth anything near that.

Member Posts / Re: Cuban cigars
« on: 09/22/13 03:09PM »
Wait are you selling the Romeo #2 for $100 a piece?  Just want to make sure I'm reading that right .

So I decided to ride again after my accident over 3 weeks ago...I think someone is trying to tell me to stay at home and mend my fractured bones a little's raining here in HB!  :20:

Bike is looking sweet can't wait to see it in person, I have something in the works for my triple in the next few weeks.

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