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Off Topic / Re: Leads on a residential ac condenser?
« on: 09/18/18 05:44PM »
On Garden Grove Blvd between Beach and Hoover there is a AC and Heater supply store on the south side of the street. Noticed it the other day..

So you finally got around to using the!!! Hopefully you'll get a few jobs!!!

Yep! Can return yours whenever, too - although I might try and steal the Iwata HP-B... It has a larger spray pattern than my Iwata HP-A... ;)

You know where I live bring it back when ever you want..glad it worked for you...:)

So you finally got around to using the!!! Hopefully you'll get a few jobs!!!

still got me..I'm interested. Just saw your number texted you.

Off Topic / Re: Airbrush I can borrow or rent?
« on: 06/30/15 11:17AM »
I tried to post yesterday and my computer took a dump..anyways I have one I just need to look for it to loan's an Iwata air brush and I have the HF ones also..let me put it together just pm me with your info.

Off Topic / Re: Ocmoto Tshirt design contest
« on: 06/09/15 06:23PM »
I'm no artist like Andy but here is my submission..if anything just an idea of some sort.

Passed by an accident yesterday looked like a white GSX-R, front end was gone..just hoping the rider was ok and hopefully not one of out guys, not that it matters any accident with a bike is bad. Looked around for info but couldn't find any.

Miscellaneous / Re: Looking for a Dell Dimension 4600
« on: 05/01/15 03:59PM »
No worries Jeff it will be here if you need it..I have a couple of others that look the same but not sure the designation..I'll post once I know what they are.

Miscellaneous / Re: Looking for a Dell Dimension 4600
« on: 05/01/15 03:27PM »
Just looked at my collection and I have a 4500.

Turn them into Lamps..people like Helmet lamps...

You still have the bolt kit and food grade drum?

I've been waiting for someone to post it here, as this is where it all started. This is where we all mostly met and where the friendships were born.

It is with a heavy heart and still some confusion, we have lost a one of our OC Moto veterans. Justen Wrench (Quickie) passed away Wednesday, July 2nd. He was involved in a motorcycle crash. I met Justen several years ago and during that time we shared many laughs and good times. We all have our stories about him and all, from what I have heard, were positive. He was a great man and always helpful whenever he could be. He will be missed.

RIP Justen, you will be missed.

They finally realized that motorcycles are dangerous and dangerous stuff should stay where it lives...LOL

Wow I had someone at work just come to my desk a few days ago asking me if I knew anyone that did vehicle wraps...Now I can refer him to you!! Thanks for posting.

I have an Avocado tree I'll trade you for the Ipad..LOL

I'll take it all...I'm sick right now but you know I'm good for it!

Miscellaneous / Re: F/S: Mityvac Brake Bleeder Kit $25
« on: 12/13/12 03:26PM »
Could not believe this lasted so long...If that falls through PM me..

Tales of the Road / Re: Southland Road Rage
« on: 12/06/12 10:11AM »
Then you aren't taking in consideration time of year....I believe between end of November through the first week of January is one of the most dangerous times to ride. The shopping season causes morons to become complete idiots, don't believe me visit the local mall areas during this season and then visit it around February.

Off Topic / Re: TV & internet in long beach?
« on: 12/04/12 08:50AM »
$50 for a digital tv antenna and watch over the air channels (about 65 of them) for free. Then see what you can get internet for with cable or fios/u-verse. Usually you can get the first year internet for $20-30/mo depending what speed you want.

I agree but you don't need a $50 antenna to get reception...I have a 99cent store set of rabbit ears on my house and I get channels that I can't get with my amplified flat antenna. It's all about location of the antenna.
Everything else I watch on the internet.

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