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And this is why I keep my head buzzed. LoL

That, and I hate my nappy curly hair, but whatever. haha

Misc / Re: MARINES in the LONG BEACH area
« on: 11/11/14 07:58AM »
Yup, I'm still here! Sorting through a mess of crap but I'm still here. :)

Misc / Re: MARINES in the LONG BEACH area
« on: 11/10/14 04:16PM »
Wow, funny running into you on this forum Evan, didn't even know you rode, just remembered your username. Small world. This is Mark aka mr. tastee aka markspeed3 from mocc. Still got that pink hood on your speed  >:D? hope all is well bud.

Haha not my car anymore. My brother rolled his car ont he Ortega on a rainy day, trying to avoid another crash, so I sold him the car. He blew it up a few times, I've fixed it a few times, now my dad owns it and it's in his driveway waiting to finish getting bored out and rebuilt. But yeah, it's still got the hood. hahaha

Misc / MARINES in the LONG BEACH area
« on: 11/10/14 04:08PM »
I am getting together with a few other Marines tonight in Long Beach at EJ Malloy's, a few blocks north of the 405 on Atlantic, at 8PM to celebrate our 239th birthday.

All are welcome, but Marines belong!

If anybody needs directions or wants info or anything like that, my cell number is 209-324-0848.

Hope to see you guys there.

SEMPER FI and happy birthday, DevilDogs!!

New Members / Re: Kind of New
« on: 07/18/14 08:38AM »
Hey Bob, welcome to the party. :45:

Thanks Evan, just what I needed. Nice meeting you also.

Thank YOU! It was a pleasure! Hope it serves you well.  :45:

Yup, that's the one. It had minimal movement to the back (I only saw it move once, and even then the bike stayed right in place and I didn't feel even remotely threatened by it's slight movement). But yeah, it does require four straps. They provide four mounting points so there's plenty of space to mount tie-downs and hooks and stuff. My truck is just too low... my cute little girlie truck.

Miscellaneous / TrackSide tow-hitch motorcycle carrier
« on: 07/11/14 02:19PM »
I bought one of those TrackSide motorcycle carriers that attaches to your tow hitch so I could get my Ninja 250 back to SoCal last week. I have a camper shell on my truck, so the bed wasn't available and this was the cheapest option. The thing worked great - didn't wobble or wiggle, my bike was totally secure and I even checked on it halfway through the trip and nothing had even come CLOSE to coming loose along the drive (~380 miles).

My only problem with it was not even a problem with the carrier, it was a problem with my truck. My truck already rides rather low, so the end of the mount hangs about 5 inches off the ground. It didn't give me any problems on my drive, but I scraped it a little bit at the gas station when I had to refuel half way through my trip - one scrape going into the parking lot, one scrape going out. It was beautiful - I even took the driveway at an extreme angle to keep from scraping, the way I used to when I had a lowered car, and the tail still scraped. Not because the hitch hangs low, but because my truck rides low.

As I said, it works great. Tech specs, it's built for a type 3 or type 4 hitch. It can hold up to 500lbs. It measures 76 inches long and 4 inches wide. Even includes the loading ramp and the pin for the tow hitch. Full kit, great buy. Yeah, there are much better ones out there, but they cost a lot more. This makes a great hitch for anybody who is on a budget (like me!).

Anyways, there was only some minor scuffing on the bottom, no structural damage or anything like that. I just need the money a lot more than I need the carrier.

It normally sells for $199.99, I bought it on sale for $99.99, but because of the scrapes I'll let it go for $80 even. $20 off for a scrape sounds good to me, don't you think?

Shoot me a text if you want it. It's in a garage in Mission Viejo for now. 209-324-0848


(The bottom of the very end is the part that scraped. You can only see it from below.)

Nice poll, good info. VERY well put together!

Thanks Kyle for the info!! I work in a gun store in my area and people are always talking about Christmas Tree Ln but nobody can ever tell me how to get there! I'll have to go check it out!

So I'm predicting an OCMoto Bikes n Guns day sometime in the near future..... ;)

Congrats to all the winners - enjoy your new chain brushes! ;-)

Hopefully I'll be able to make the next one. This shop always had great bike nights. :-)

Can we do this NOW please? I'm hungry and bacon burgers sounds amazing.

Who else is gonna join??

He invited, they accepted. Sounds perfect to me.

Off Topic / Re: CCW GIT-R-DONE!
« on: 02/21/14 05:43PM »
Please elighten me, why does California need more CCW permits?

We have a fire department in our city, why would you possibly want to own a fire extinguisher?

Off Topic / Re: Most beautiful Woman ???
« on: 01/31/14 01:08PM »
Elbows are far too pointy. 4/10 at best

I think we've got a Redditor here! ;)

Good article, thanks for sharing. Now I want to get out on Ortega to the racetrack and pay attention to my technique a little more.

I fixed it for you   >:D

Oh, I didn't say I'd be hauling balls! haha  I still don't push myself to the limits on Ortega, I'm still really careful through there, especially after my brother flipped his car trying to avoid another accident in the middle of the road. BUT, I do still wanna go ride and pay more attention to my body angle and center of gravity. For, you know.... educational purposes. ;)

Good article, thanks for sharing. Now I want to get out on Ortega and pay attention to my technique a little more.

 :45: :43:

I'm from Modesto originally and still go up there pretty regularly. There's plenty of gas stations on the 99, whether you ride or drive, but the fog is a real SOB as mentioned before. The coast ride is nice but there's areas where the crosswinds get to be almost scary at points because it comes in gusts and then dies immediately. I was going back and forth across both lanes for miles, thankfully without any other traffic around. But in the daytime, its a beautiful ride.

Whichever route you choose, drive safe and enjoy the trip. 

Tales of the Road / Re: COPS
« on: 09/16/13 05:36PM »
So, my wife and I were heading South on the 241 and the next thing I knew I was being lit up by a CHP motorcycle cop. I knew I was riding pretty fast but since I changed the gearing on my bike (-1 +2) I had no idea how fast we were going.

The stop went like this:

Officer: How are you doing today?

Me: I was having a great day until now!

Officer: Do you know why I stopped you?

Me: No

Officer: Do you know how fast you were traveling?

Me: No, I changed the gearing and I don't have my speedo calibrated yet.

Officer: I see... Well I paced you for the last couple of miles at 90mph.

Me: That sucks.

Officer: I'll let you off with a warning if you can produce your transponder.

Me: I dont have one, but my bike is registered to have one. The plate is in the system.

Officer: Then why did you split the lanes under the toll sensor?

Me: Uhhh.....

Officer: You were trying to avoid paying the toll weren't you? I know what going on, I see it all the time!

Me: Yes sir, I was trying to get a free pass on the toll.

Officer: The toll is like $2.00. Its now going to cost you much much more. Do you have a cycle endorsement?

Me: Yes (I hand the officer my license and insurance).

Officer: And this is your current address and the bike is registered to you and to this address?

Me: No sir, I just moved to Foothill Ranch. It should be in the system but for whatever reason the DMV hasn't sent me a new card. The bike is registered to my new address.

Officer: Okay, look, slow down. There are plenty of motorcycle crashes in this area and I don't want you to be one of them because you overshot a corner because you were speeding.

Me: Yes sir.

Officer: You have a passenger... You are responsible for their safety.

Me: Yes sir.

Officer: Slow it down... This is a warning. Ride safe!

Me: Thank you sir! You also! See ya!

He could have really nailed me to the wall. He was cool, and as a result I will watch my speed and not cheat the Toll Roads anymore.

Good post, nice to hear about the good interactions people have with LEOs rather than just the bad ones.

Ride safe!

The safest way I've found to ride through Santa Monica is in the passenger seat of a large truck. I hate going through there on two wheels.

Charlie was casted in the "50 shades of grey" movie last week. If you think he's good now, wait until he plays a yuppie fudge that's into S&M
That will be one heck of an interesting role to see him in!

Although I Guess it won't be THAT different - still screwing, and still whooping azz, just on the same person this time! :32:

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