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behold it's greatness

Does anyone know why this law was passed in the first place?  That has me puzzled...

Ride on,


1. modify exhaust
2. get fix it ticket
3. go back to stock, get fix it ticket written off
4. repeat step 1

Excellent selection of leathers!
Thanx Andy!

thanks for coming by - good to see you again.

if you other guys want to come by before I unleash these on the facebook crowd, please speak up.

sorry, was a little out of action this week.
i'm pretty open tomorrow.

I'm interested in this one.
Is that right rear zipper ok?

I just went out and checked it. the back vent is just zipped open in the picture.  i verified all the zippers work.  It's marked a large and fits like a US 42.  interesting note, the front zip on that one is a double zip, so you can unzip it from the bottom to accomodate sitting or airflow, without unzipping the top.

that's the problem I see though, that electric bikes are only good for short commutes.  If you want to go for a long/day ride, you're out of luck.  You think a gas station or restaurant in big bear is going to let you recharge?  Not worth the range anxiety to get one

yeah, no question there.  Right now, they're probably good for 'other bike' or people with small-radius lives.  but the tech is only going to get better.

back in the 90's when electric cars were first starting to be a thing, most of the industry observers were saying 'in the future' people would have a high efficiency car (electric or otherwise) for commuting and short trips, and a 'real' car for long drives, road trips, hauling family, home depot trips, etc.  Hybrid cars weren't on anyone's radar at the time but now we have long distance hybrid cars and shorter distance all electric cars.  It took 25 years but here we are.

the same thing will happen with electric bikes.  I'm pretty tempted with the Zero, tbh.  I could get a new zero to cover my M-F commuting and keep a dinosaur fuel bike for weekend trips.

I bleed YAMAHA and wear medium to large would love to have a look!

check out the pictures and let me know what you think.  trying to keep it 'in the family' for now.

My daily driver is an FJR1300   :42:

take a look at the pictures and let me know if you want to try anything.

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