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New Members / Re: new around here
« on: 04/11/15 10:20AM »
Stella, you must be the resident cugar I take it ? ;)

New Members / new around here
« on: 04/10/15 07:16PM »
Just wanted to say hello...

Have a Motion pro carb / throttle body sync. Brand new $106.00. My used one $75.00. Don't need it any longer. Works great . 714 904 3088

Safe ride gents, was good to see you all.

If you guys get stuck, I can haul 6 bikes with my truck and trailer. I know here in Phoenix were hit pretty hard with rain. Ride safe guys!

Deals and Vendors / Re: Alpinestars Sale
« on: 12/06/13 03:21PM »
I know Del Amo motorsports pitched a fit that they did the sale with gear a few years back, i know thats why they didn't have one the following year. Hopefully its good this year!

Jon, no getting sick this year...

Well, this year starting business was good, but not for buying a motor bike. I will have to opt out since I will be lacking a scooter. When you guys hit Phoenix, let me know. I will come have dinner with you guys!

Metric Method...

Laughlin....I like that. I might just ride the Arizona side of the trip lol. Ahhh this sounds like good fun....

Nick, thank you for hitting me up. I am in...I will have a bike by then. I may ride out to California and leave with you guys. I am YET to see the Grand

Fallen Riders / Re: We lost TheChad yesterday.
« on: 08/05/13 03:31PM »
As I had moved on from OCMoto, I am terribly sadden by the loss. I was looking into getting another bike but like Stigg said, it hits close to home. RIP, and condolences to the family and friends.

To the rest of you, ride safe...and keep your heads on a swivel.

Ride like a dick head, get treated like one.

This is a forum, we voice each others opinion without disrespect. And make it harder than it is? Trust me when I say, I play a vital roll of keeping this country a little safer 4 months a time. This forum means a little to me, bud.

You play a vital roll to keeping this country safe? What the fudge does that have to do with any thing about this post? I did 4 years in the USMC and 3 of those in a Combat zone. Your riding on a boat as a Merchant Marine. Shoulda joined the coast guard, I would have respected that comment and added some weight. 

I voiced my opinion of your post, and it wasn't disrespectful like your comments back. Don't use your service to shield something else SIR!

I say to each their own! Why judge other riders who don't wear gear? They will figure it out. I wouldn't take my Daughter personally on a bike with out  decent attire for riding. We don't have to wear helmets here in Arizona, I actually rode a few times with out a helmet, just gloves and it was a scary/free ride. I prefer to wear one my self. But I think your making it out a little harder then it needs to be Freddy.

520 may be rated stronger but your talking initial pull test on virgin material. 520 on a 600cc bike is worth about 8K as stated before. The over all stress and stretch of the chain drop your tinsel strength dramatically with 1mm of pull. As well your rollers will go before the links and pins. I also know with RK, if you run the correct chain pitch to your bike (600cc 525) they will prorate your new chain if it fails. Once you go 520 its void. 520 on a street bike is stupid, you'll never save enough weight to even notice a weight difference. Just tossing money out the window at that point. Run the correct chain and get your miles/money out of it.

As for insurance covering your cracked block, good luck! a few things already mentioned the case saver for 20$ if well worth it. A correct chain for your bike would most likely have saved this from happening all together.  As for repair, you may or not be able to as the application of welding on the block may not be okay. As well to properly weld on a block it needs to be separated. Once you get there, might as well find a good used motor.

Ducati / Re: 848 evo engine heat
« on: 08/15/12 01:48PM »
On my R6 I got some aluminum tape, its nasty stuff to get off but it worked on long rides and never came off. Helped just enough to keep the burn from blisters lol. My 996 wasn't to bad. I think that there are several ways to go about it. Ceramic coating is expensive last I remember. Heat shielding done right is most cost effective, I like the look of wrapping the exhaust.

I will be attending. I should be out early that week...

Off Topic / Re: RIP Jun Suganuma.
« on: 06/24/12 03:55PM »
quote author=DuCalFoodSnoB link=topic=53861.msg4655958#msg4655958 date=1340131283]
Here's a happy moment I recorded when we surprised him on his birthday back in January 2009.....sigh!

<a href=";amp;hl=en_US&amp;amp;rel=0" target="_blank" class="new_win">;amp;hl=en_US&amp;amp;rel=0</a>

I remember that, he was so stoked about the helmet...was a fun night.

Off Topic / Re: RIP Jun Suganuma.
« on: 06/18/12 09:27PM »
Thanks Calvin for posting that up. Those were some good times...2008 seems like it was forever ago. I rmember Jun drinking the tea with the fruit in it and I had to have one lol

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