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I have had this pair of BILT track boots size 9 for maybe 4-5 years and have never used them. They have just sat in the box. Got pair of Astar boots right after I got these. Keep wanting to throw them away because I don't think they are worth the effort of this post. Today I got to the trash can and decided to just put them up instead so someone who needs them can have them.

PRICE: Bring me a #1 from IN N OUT and we will call it a deal. Location is around the 91/55 fwy and the city of Orange. I don't plan on driving anywhere to deliver these, but will put them in my car so I have them with me if/when someone wants them.

I cant stress how much I don't care to put in effort to get rid of these.

Might not even check this post so just text me 714-745-5447 -Tyler


price drop $30. Anybody?


Yes, Del Amo owns Gargoyle. At least thays what my friend who worked as a merchandizing manager there told me. Thanks for the reply

Is my price to high? I thought I would get at least some interest, especially with the trade option

I am selling a pair of "Del Amo Motorsports house brand" Gargoyle Gauntlet gloves size Medium Black/White in color. The gloves have never been used an are in new condition. I bought them on a whim when they were on sale at the Long Beach Motorcycle show for $40 and would simply like to get what I paid for them. I think these gloves go for over $75 normally, but could be mistaken. I'm open to trades, worst I can say is no. A blender, other riding gear, some movies,  let me know what you got lol

located in Orange

Thanks for looking,


Edit - I am having touble sizing my photos. I don't have a computer and am
doing this off my Iphone. I would be happy to send any pictures via text
or email.

ill take it if its still available

Thank you very much for all the responses.

Looking for a good place to get suspension tuned on a 08' Ninja 250 in the Agoura Hills area, Any suggestions?

thank you

Thats awesome! I've pulled debris like grocery bags and pallet wrap off of cars rear bumpers while riding and closed the occasional gas cap door, but this guy freakin wins hands down lol. Great video, thanks for posting

Gear For Sale / Re: AGV 1 Piece suit, size 56 $40
« on: 07/10/13 01:39AM »
Thanks again for the killer deal. I really needed this, can't wait to put this suit to good use!!!

Miscellaneous / Re: Springfield XD9
« on: 06/22/13 02:33PM »
How does a longer barrel make it tactical? Possibly referring to a ported barrel? I also wouldn't consider a $500 asking price to be too high considering thats just his starting price.

Gear For Sale / Re: ARAI RX-Q DECO ARAI
« on: 10/28/12 04:37PM »
I wear the exact helmet and totally love it. Great design and extremely comfortable. This is a great deal, i believe MSRP is a little over $600. GLWS

havent been to gmr in quite some time and I live in fullerton. I just might have to tag along for this one

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: IE Ride 9/23/12
« on: 09/23/12 03:29AM »
what time and were? i might be down for this

Off Topic / Re: Where do you get your gun supplies??
« on: 08/23/12 03:20AM »
i feel like my comment sounded rude after re-reading it... i love bcuz it has the most traffic of any firearms forum i have visited and if u do ur research and keep a good eye out on calguns then i feel that you will be to find better deals than any other website

Off Topic / Re: Where do you get your gun supplies??
« on: 08/23/12 03:12AM » and do reasearch... just like any other hobby....nuff said

Riding Tips & Safety / Re: Street Riding Questions
« on: 06/02/12 11:47PM »

Off Topic / Re: Skydiving?
« on: 03/20/12 11:52PM »
if this actually happens i am in

23, but I act 7

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