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Gear For Sale / Kendon motorcycle lift
« on: 03/01/19 07:58PM »
You know Kendon, you know quality and space you save. I can deliver it to you ($40-50 gas money) if you don’t have a truck or van but I’d need you to come and inspect it just so I won’t end up driving back home with it (not that there’s anything wrong with it).
As of price, I’m asking $500 for it.

I remember seeing a thread of someone building a 65cc two stroke for sumo (Suzuki if I’m not mistaken). Can’t seems to find it... any help would be great. Thanks

Miscellaneous / Fly-racing display stand.
« on: 06/03/17 06:27PM »
Got an extra display and already turned the other one as my tool organizer/tool rack. It's a pretty neat way to save space. You can have it stand freely or mount it on the wall to have it flushed.

$150 and it's yours

Gear For Sale / Quick sale...
« on: 01/03/16 09:29AM »

Shoei x12 Bautista sz L..... $200

Alpinestars supertech boots v.2  sz 9 US $100 (been down once @30mph on the freeway)

Pitbull front and rear $150...8-9 out of 10

Limited time sale to get me another bike but if I lost the bid.... I'll be keeping all 3 :)

So.... I have one week before pulling the triger on a new bike and cant decide which to let go. Anyway, whichever sold first the other one ill keep.

05 cbr600rr / rsv4 conversion

Ohlins fgrt forks
Ohlins shock
Marchesini rear
galespeed front
brembo rear caliper
brembo 19x20 mc
vortex rearset
vortex gascap
hrc velocity stacks
hrc superbike radiator
hrc rear hugger
galfer lines
asv clutch lever (shorty)
gilles adjustable chain adjuster + lifters
3 optional looks for the exhaust
•taylormade looks
•yoshimura r77 on 1000rr
•full length like rsv4s etc
Healtech gear indicator
gpr v.1 damper
Speedotunner (45T)
bmc race filter
RSV4 led headlights (2 bars and 1 cube)

And some other minor diys...
• clean air mod
• easy connect/disconnect batery (Ill be keeping the ballistic batery though)
•some other not worth typing....

If you just want the looks with and dont really need the performance parts, I can do $5000 and this will come with rc51 5 spokes wheel (not the 3 spokes)

08 cbr 1000rr ($6000)

2012 fairings (oem)
projector headlights
Ohlins ttx shock
full yoshi r77
bazzaz + z-bomb
Yoshi case savers
sato rearsets
sato street hook
Speedohealer (44T)

Miscellaneous / fs: foldable ramp
« on: 12/07/14 03:06AM »
Just an extra ramp that I rarely use... first $50 takes it :7:

Parts For Sale / WTB / WTborrow
« on: 01/21/14 10:12AM »
Whats up guys I was wondering if any of you have an R6 front wheel spacer (only need one side) laying around. I have TD tthis coming friday and couldn't find my the other spacer. I can buy it off you or if you'll still need it I can return it saturday (whichever works). Thanks.

Parts For Sale / FMF exhaust for 08+ cbr 1000rr
« on: 12/31/13 05:32PM »
Not much to say bout the exhaust beside they're used for less than 700 miles...














Miscellaneous / Craftman lt3000
« on: 12/09/13 01:48PM »
Selling my dads lt3000 that he rarely used. will come with part and service manual and 2 keys. Always inside his garage and still fairly new. Everything works including the headlight. Used for his yard only not for landscaping business. With that said, $500 and can deliver if needed :7:

Parts For Sale / 08 cbr 1000rr exhaust
« on: 12/04/13 02:26PM »
Well, time to down size guys...

The yoshi r77 is practically brand new. Was repacked, new cf sleeves and end tip, stainless steel rivets and plate by yoshimura r&d in chino. The midpipe was also repolished (so they said, but I think they might've gave me a new one)

Fmf exhaust is also practically brand new with less than 50 miles on it. Its 
midpipe is weld to scorpion exhaust (not for sale btw) and just recently bought (at fmf HQ in campton) a new midpipe for the fmf exhaust can (Should have the receipt here somewhere)

Whats up OCM up for sale is my track skin...$300 and its yours. You can come to me or we can even meet half way or I can even deliver it to you (just pay me gas money). The gas tank cover has been slightly modified to fit my 05 600rr and I also modified the right lower for the exhaust pipe to come out clearly.

So.... this is what you'll be getting
Upper with windscreen
Gas tank cover, and

Galespeed is a japanese manufacturers and my plan was to add their MC ( to match the wheels but...idk like I said the little brain suggested me to sell this so here it is, who knows maybe the big brain will talk me out of it tomorrow.

Anyway $1000 and its yours. BUT if you were to sell your stock wheels, you basically spend less than $1000 (right?). selling this one for $2200 plus shipping but mine will come with front rotors for $1000 :3:

So today I went shoping for a shop to install my tires but refused to pay $25 (honda yamaha of redlands) or $90 (malcome smith) since I have 3 wheels. Anyway since I have 3 wheels I asked for discount cuz last time I went there they charge me $20 bux but the service guy over at HYR was too good to give me a discount and as I told him "nvm" he seems to regret saying no. I mean, come on... So instead of loosing $15 for matching the old price now he lost $60. Yeah I can see him saying "whatever, less job for me" but really though it starts with one customer for a shop to closed down. Anyway I than went to this small shop near zorbas and quote me $15 for tire change but I asked him if he can flex some more since there are no tire on the wheels and all he have to do is to slap the "new" ones on and payed him A LOT less than what i'd pay if I were to get it done at HYR or MalcomSmith.

Ohhhh and their prices on tires are killer. I'd realy recommend this shop to you guys specially if you're looking for a great deal on tire mount and balancing and also if you're shoping around for brand new tires. They have the michelin power 3s and also the Q3s in stock for great price.

Forks are straight and can take it to the dealer or mechanic of your choice. Reason I'm selling is because I have ohlins forks and simply don't deed this. $300 and its yours. Gas me up and I'll deliver ;)

Miscellaneous / Wtb: dot 180 rear tire takeoffs
« on: 07/03/13 05:25AM »
Lmk what you have and how much folks, thanks.

Whats up guys I'm selling my 08+ 1000rr projector headlights for $350 or $200 I exchange of yours


Miscellaneous / cvr with trackdaz 4/26
« on: 04/24/13 07:27PM »
Hi guys, I was gonna buy a fellow dotnetter TD pass for $100 but only to found out that my radiator is leaking. If anyone interested let me know I'll found out his contact number for you.

This is such a great deal for chuckwalla....$100 guys

 Whats up guys up for sale is my contour roam 1080p. I personally like contour pics quality better than gopro and that's why I upgrade to contour+2. Color wise, contour has a softer/cooler quality while gopro more to yellowish/burnt finished. Here's a sample my vid taken with gopro (looking forward) and contour (looking backward).

The video quality is by far a lot more superior when watched on your hdtv or computer (I'm not talking after the vid been uploaded to youtube tho)
Price is $100 (firm no chasing tail and will come as pictured + a side mount)

Fun day!!! Well not towards the begining, for about 2-3 sessions I had my 08+Krr tail but dammmm I literally all over the place. Anyway I decided to put on the 600rr tail on it and I hit 2:08s on my first session with it ONLY because I was following a better rider :). Well here is my short clip from the last session that day, enjoy.

Off Topic / project: homebuilt trailer
« on: 02/18/13 10:33AM »
Whats up guys...I have a question regarding homebuilt trailer as I'm buiding one right now. My question is... whats the least amount of wheel on a trailer? I'm trying to convert my motorcycle lift into a trailer and wanted to use a swingarm with its shock instead of the traditional two wheels on the sides. Btw heres the setup. TIA

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