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spotted one of you guys today! who is this?! nice bike :3:, thought since you had the oc moto sticker i would post this up, from the gopro:

 :43: :42:

For sale is my Shoei RF-1100 conqueror in red/black. Size large. Fits comfortably and is in excellent condition. This helmet comes with dark smoke visor as well as the clear visor. Selling so I can get the next size down. All vents and features work. Its never been dropped or crashed in. It was purchased on 5/8/2012. Price is $350. Now on to the pictures, which really dont do it justice. Bluetooth headset not included

This is my friends car; I'm just trying to help him sell it (or trade it for a 04-06 cbr600rr + cash, or an 07 cbr straight up) The car is located in Long Beach, CA. You can either pm me or text the number that's posted.

I have a 1998 E36 BMW M3 cabriolet (convertible) that I have put a lot of money into in the last few months. I have driven less than 5,000 miles since all this was added:

Re-manufactured cylinder head with machined valves (great compression, drives like new)
Rebuilt Vanos
Brand new head gasket
Brand new water pump
Brand new radiator hoses
Brand new belts
Brand new thermostat + housing
Brand new light tint plastic rear window
Brand new floor mats
Brand new convertible top motor
Bran new coin holder
Brand new hood lift supports
Fully synthetic oil change
Brand new oil filter
Brand new fuel filter

It has 146,xxx miles

Everything works great in the car! It is perfect for summer and winter. For summer, the convertible top is fully automatic and still works.The air conditioner blows very cold air. For the winter, the seats are heated and the heater works great

The radio has a small subwoofer that came stock. The whole radio sounds great.

It has low profile 17" BMW motorsport wheels.

There is nothing mechanically wrong with the car, it is very fun to drive.

The car is very clean, the only things cosmetically wrong with it are some scratches on the trunk and the front seats are ripped. Other than that it looks very good as you can tell from the pictures.


Send me a text if you would like to come see it or want more pictures. No low ballers. My number is (562)338-3232. Thanks.

VIN: WBSBK0337WEC39688

hey so i was wondering if anyone in the long beach area wants to let me barrow their chain riveter tool? something like a d.i.d. chain riveter or the rk chain tool? total shot in the dark! but youd really be helping me out, becuase the other alternative is getting my buddy in arkansas to ship his to me, then ship it back, and the other other alternative is to buy one so i thought i would ask on here if anyone wouldnt mind letting me barrow it! id only need it for an hour or so then id be able to get it back to you. ill pick it up and bring it back, or whatever you have in mind! let me know on here and ill pm you!

I did a quick google search to see if you guys play this game on here. Doesn't appear that you do. If you do already have it on this forum just link me to it kindly. it's cool to have this game going on worldwide but to have it locally would be pretty cool as well! I can just picture us sitting at our computers refreshing the page in our gear waiting then bolting out the door when the next challenge is posted. THE PURPOSE OF THE GAME IS TO GET OUT RIDING

Name a place or thing to take a picture with your bike. First person to go out, take, and post the picture picks the next one. Must be a picture taken after the challenge is posted. Try not to make it impossible. Easy challenges to get the game goin. no photochops. If nobody else gets the picture within 1 week the person that picked it can choose a new one. New challenge must be picked when picture of the last one was posted. Please read the rules CAREFULLY. Once the game gets going (hopefully) I will start a results thread and link it here.

Also, you guys can comment on how long you want the game to go before we wipe the slate clean and start another one. I know it gets tough to think of new challenges after a while. Just choose a number to go to. 250 is a good starting point I think.

If this game takes off I'd greatly appreciate it to be stickied so new members can easily join in! Thanks guys!

1) After 3 days, the person who made the challenge can post their own picture and pick another topic.

2) If a challenge is not met after 1 week a new topic is picked by the previous challenger winner.

3) If a pic is in dispute, it needs 3 yes votes to be accepted.

4) After any comment, please put the current challenge at the bottom so everyone can stay up to date.

5) Pictures must be taken while OFF of the bike.

6) Pictures must be taken AFTER the challenge. Rare exceptions such as pictures taken on the said day BEFORE the challenge may be accepted only by 3 acceptance votes.

7) The following types of challenges are not allowed:
action shots
challenges involving other people
duplicate challenges
illegal challenges

9) If a picture has been posted but a new challenge has not been picked, the current challenge is still active until (a) new challenge has been picked or (b) another rider posts another picture satisfying the challenge and picks a new challenge.

I'll start off with posting a challenge (I'm in Arizona with no bike so can't do it)

First challenge: at the gas pump!

New Members / New member in Long Beach!
« on: 05/10/12 04:11PM »
Hey everyone.  :30:Saw this forum while searching for paint shops in orange county. I am also on under the same UN and pretty active over there. I live in long beach right next to Seal Beach. Major cross streets are probably studebaker and seventh. Reading the new members sticky i see this place is more so against squidding. Makes me excited to be here. I wear my jacket, boots, gloves and helmet everywhere i go. I was involved in a traffic collision a couple weeks ago. Guy cut me off making an illegal turn and i swiped up against the side rear of his car. nothing too bad and rode home. got my insurance check and now just working on getting everything fixed up to better than it was! i would totally go to the bruxie meet tonight but i want to wait to get my new helmet! well looking forward to meeting a lot of you guys! ride safe and smart!  :7: ps sorry for the long post!

here are some pics of my cbr:

and hopefully what it will look like when im all done with it:

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