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Off Topic / April's birthday bash
« on: 04/02/08 12:23PM »
So what are we doing for all the birthdays in april??

Bikes For Sale / Parting out my TL
« on: 11/06/07 10:58PM »
Well i'm parting out my TL unless someone wants it whole...if you're interested lemme know, or if you know somebody lemme know. I'll have pics up Wednesday. I'm asking 2K OBO. It needs a new gauge cluster, forks, front rim and fairings. want to know more just ask.


Wel the video code didnt work so follow the for work...

Off Topic / Lost phone numbers
« on: 10/14/07 12:11AM »
Hey for those of you whom I have phone numbers of...I lost the numbers in my phone book, so if you could PM me your number to help re-build things that would be great.



<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a><div><a href="" target="_blank">My Tongue[/url] | <a href="" target="_blank">Funny Jokes at JibJab[/url]</div>

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<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

check out this video, of course there are several ones out there that can help out in different ways. ^^^

Oh and just for fun, check out this supercharged Triumph Tripple III below.

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

Bike Nights / LA County Fair...Who's in??
« on: 09/14/07 04:35PM »
ok so the LA County Fair runs from September 7th until the 30th. Who's going?? and when?? I'm thinking of adding it to the Calendar for something midweek. It costs $10 weekdays and $15 weekends to get in. you can but tickets at and Cingular/AT&T for $9. Parking costs $15 so i suggest we meet up and Carpool in. If u guys thought the OC fair was cool....HAHA !!! its got absolutly nothing on the LA fair.

So who's in??

Off Topic / TLR parts
« on: 09/13/07 01:31PM »
ok so i crashed, now what...

Well i was thinking that i wanted to make a gokart of sorts with my TL's engine and tranny....anybody seriously want in?? i'm gonna need the help, i was thinking about making an off-road buggy or a killer drag machine. I'm gonna need some fab design and help so if you want in lemme know. i still have yet to determine if i get to keep my bike or but it back from the insurance yet. but if they take it i'm pulling pieces off the bike.

Ok so only a few of you guys know i ate shit Saturday night, thanks dane, thom, shai, michelle, jeremy, tanya, meikeilani, and jennifer for visiting me in the Hospital, and takeing care of me at the scene of incident. So i posted a few pics, and i have no more bike. What shall i get?? I'm looking at a GSX-R750 and a buell. any other suggestions? comments? concerns? complaints? anything??

Oh my injuries are as follows, mild road rash on my left knee, numb left knee, minor rash on my right knee if any. Fractured left pinky in two places, bruised right lung, and air between my lung and chest cavity, almost bad enough to have a colapsed lung, but i didn't. i also have a fractured right shoulderblade. very minor head trauma, cause my vision is still a little blurred. other than that i was discharged Tuesday evening and am up and walking around, yet just a little sore. I'm not gonne disclose details about the accident, other than what you see from the pics. When the whole thing is settled then i'll tell ya'll all ya wanna know. ENJOY !!

Bike Nights / Thursday's at Frisco's
« on: 09/06/07 02:56PM »
Hey everybody, late post here but who wants to roll out to Frisco's tonight?? Their located in Rowland Heights, right off the 60 and Fullerton Rd. next to the Home Depot. This event goes from approximately 8-12, with an average of 200-400 bikes. Good food, nice bikes, nice bad girls...the waitresess, its just outside the OC but worth the Ride. So who's going to this thing tonight??

It's every thursday night !!

Off Topic / Simple Misconceptions
« on: 09/05/07 10:07AM »
Hey guys and gals,

I'm curious to do you percieve me on the forum as opposed to after you meet me, or those who have gotten to know me?? this is just to clear up any misunderstandings as some have said i seem to have a bad ass dont *F* with me additude up on here, and in person i'm a chill kat. Honestly i dont care what somebody thinks about me, its not gonna change my life at all, but i was just curious.

How many other members get that "whats ur name?, whats ur screen name?, ....oh wow u seem totally different on the board. i had u pictured completely different." That can be either a compliment or a criticism. But the curiosity is killing me to know how different people have said u are seemingly percieved  on the forum rather than in person.

Thats all, have a good day. And dont worry its near impossible to offend me, so bring it on.  ;D  LOL  :P

Suzuki / Headlights ???
« on: 08/16/07 01:11PM »
So I've got a headlight problem. Problem is they dont work. The first time this happened, i checked the bulbs, fine... checked the fuses, fine... So i decided to start pulling fuses since their all good, maybe theres some corrosion between the connections. Hey whaddya know, its not the hi or low beam fuse, its the ignition fuse. I pull it out, pop it right back in, and they work. All untill last night at the Improv, where as, i could not get them to turn on period. So any suggestions? do i need a new harness? what's going on? the bulbs are fine, and the fuses are good still.

Bike Nights / Speedzone Bike Night
« on: 08/02/07 10:16PM »
hey guys and gals, here's an 'bout we all hit up SpeedZone one night. There's drag racing, three different kart tracks, a full bar, huge arcade, good food and more. Who's in?? Day is yet to be decided, can be moved around but I was thinking mid week...tues, wed, or thurs. They close late too. I'll post up a date in a couple days if there's any interest.

Off Topic / Having a Bad Day?? not anymore...
« on: 07/27/07 01:42AM »

I could have sworn I hit the brake pedal!
Car upside down in the bay - see guy standing on it?

Call out the wrecker!

Coming back up...coming...coming

Coming...almost there!


I could have sworn I set the brakes on that truck!
Time to get a Bigger Wrecker!

Ok, we got the car...let's get the other wrecker now!

O...O...oohhh No!!

Who's gonna explain this one to the insurance guys?

SEE...your day has not been so bad after all...  CHEERS !!  ;D

Bike Nights / BBQ Restaurant & Ice Cream Parlor
« on: 07/26/07 05:45PM »
Every Thursday night from 7-9p, Sierra Ave. Exit off the 15frwy. Hot links, jumbo hotdogs, BBQ pork spare ribs, pullpork sandwiches, tender tri-tip. This event happens every thursday night.

The restaurant is located at Sierra Ave. And Lytle Creek Rd. Take the Sierra exit from the 15frwy, located  in the Valero Market. Exit the Frwy at Sierra make a left...make another left on Lytle Creek Rd.

3740 Sierra Ave.
Fontana, Ca 92336

Off Topic / Kick Azz training video
« on: 07/25/07 01:26PM »
<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

So what'd ya think??

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / SKILLZ DAYS riding class.
« on: 07/24/07 02:37PM »
Hey all,

Jeff emailed me back today, and has availability this saturday and sunday. <--- It's the same class, just one on sun and one on sat. Its $30 dollars a head, but if a group/club goes there's a discount. You can check out His web page at . So who's in?? I'm waiting for his reply if there are any other available dates, like something in a week or two, so we can get enough people who might want to go do this... Nothing is set up just yet, but if we can find enough who would want to go, I can send him info.

His response to my inquiry is posted below..........


I'd be happy to put a day together for you and your crew.  The next
few weekends are available.  I'm looking at having one this coming
Sunday and if there's enough demand, one on this Saturday as well.

If you could give me an idea of how many riders you'll be bringing out
it would help me decide what parking lot I can use.

Could you send me a link to the thread on  I'm always
curious about what people say...  Thanks!

Ride safe,


"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Anywhere to ride here?
« on: 07/24/07 12:56AM »
Well i'll be in the LBC/SP area tues and wed, attempting to take care of some workers comp issues, and was wondering if there's anywhere to ride out here at all? Cause i know imma need a break from all this crap.....

Any suggestions on how to relieve my frustrations or where to ride out here?

thanks in advanced

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