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General Motorcycle Discussion / long time no post!
« on: 04/09/16 03:10AM »
hey everyone, been awhile since ive posted (like...***years***), so firstly, wanted to say hello again! still see a few of you here and there on facebook but wanted to say hello to the board :). hopefully some of you old timers are still around. anyways, got busy with work and all that crap as usual blah blah blah, but recently have been pushing hard to get back on my bikes. not exactly a new member post, but hey, havent been around in a while so maybe that counts. hoping to see some familiar faces (and handles) again!  :30:

ps: finished 1 of my bikes, but working on the superhawk now so happy for any recommendations for any of the mechs/shops here that are willing+able to possible work on a carbureted vtwin thats been sitting for many years!

hi everyone, long time since i've posted. been busy with life and been away from motorcycling for a good while, but now giving my bikes a good look over so i can start riding again...

anyways, what are some local places to check out and grab a new battery? yelp says cycle parts west is now closed, there's always cycle gear, but just trying to do my homework and see what else is out there.


officially it was a "swing arm" more details anyone?

Product Reviews / what!? bridgestone has a new tire!?
« on: 02/14/12 09:31AM »
apparently...there is now the S20, slotted above the bt016 pro. i havent heard so much as a rumor! apparently, better wet performance due to new pattern and compounds, but also mileage and grip (as usual).

has anyone heard ANY thing about this?

Product Reviews / best bang for buck glove these days?
« on: 02/02/12 09:11AM »
hey guys, anyone been shopping for gloves lately?

my all time faves, spidi sport comp r's, have been retired due to wearing out at the tip of my brake finger :( ive had them for a few years, 2-3 i think. LOTS of track time on those things, plus tons of commuting time on them.

so im looking for some replacements, main things im looking for is a full length/gauntlet glove. the cortech adrenalines USED to be the best buy in this category (VALUE+QUALITY category, dont get confused lol), but it seems theyve been discontinued.

anyone have any suggestions?

looking around right now--not quite shopping yet. thinking something in the 50-65w rms rating range. i intend to run a mild 4 ch amp eventually to power the components in front and 2 ways in back.

any fav brands? not looking to drop a fortune haha :)


ive been using the 1054 compound from galfer for many a years now. im very accustomed to their feel and quite like them (except when they fade due to heat on really hot track days with the pig of the rc51). but they're a great budget every day pad. nearly zero warm up necessary. great feel, decent bite but nothing too aggressive. and they work pretty decent in the rain...

my question though, anyone done hh rated sintered pads for rain riding? im shopping for pads to go on my daily commuter and theres always a good chance ill be riding it in the rain. how do they perform in the rain? they take a tad bit more warm up in the dry already compared to the semi/orgs as far as i know. and kevlars are horrible for the rain too i hear. but hh-sintered in the rain? any comments? metal to metal doesnt sound like a good combo for rain haha, but that's just a really really really big generalization.

you guys have any first hand experience?


Racing Headquarters / motogp 2012 crt?!?! ;)
« on: 10/18/11 02:00PM »
found dennis noyes' latest entry in da notebook to be particularly interesting.

this CRT thing is complicated without a doubt, but there are some interesting tid bits here:

Team Gresini wants to run a single CRT powered by a Honda CBR1000RR engine alongside the factory prototype of Marco Simoncelli. Gresini has opted not to lease a second Honda factory satellite bike (as he has done this year and in previous seasons) and was talking to Aprilia about using an RSV4 motor, but, under pressure from Honda, he opted for the Fireblade engine. If this actually happens it will be significant because Honda has always opposed the use of production-derived engines in MotoGP. Gresini may have his foot in the MSMA door now but Honda could still veto the Gresini CRT plan. The rider is expected to be Yuki Takahashi. Some Italian journalists believe that Gresini is threatening to run a CRT in order to lower the lease price of a satellite bike. What happens with the Gresini CRT project will tell us whether Honda has acquiesced or not.

Team ASPAR...Martinez, committed to running both a Moto3 and a Moto2 team, will opt to get in on the ground floor of CRT development since he can afford to run two CRTs, thereby helping Dorna fill the grid, for less than the price of leasing a single satellite Ducati.

NGM Forward Racing will run the evergreen Colin Edwards on a CRT. A Yamaha R1 engine with support from Yamaha USA was rumored, but it seems that Yamaha Japan nixed that. The bike will probably be powered by a BMW S1000RR engine in a Suter frame. If Edwards maintains his motivation this could be the CRT team that sets the standards for others to aspire to in 2012.

sooooooo i dunno what to think of CRT yet, but actually, i think this might prove kind of exciting.

obviously, these bikes will not compete with the factory machines, no way. but it will be interesting to see what these teams can do to TRY to compete and how far they get. think of it as 2 seperate technology development channels for motorcycle road racing in general--we may get to see some cool feats of engineering by the CRTs in attempts to stay competitive.

anyways, as far as i can tell the evolution of the CRT rules is as follows:
- introduce a sub-class that will fill out the grid (good for the show) and reduce cost to race (good for the teams)
- to do this, CRT teams will be allowed 12 engines to be competitive (implying that they can build the shite out of a production engine--more revs + more compression = more power--meaning cheap power, at the cost of reliability, but you have twice as many as a factory team anyways)
- to counter this advantage though, other teams will be able to claim an engine from a CRT team, taking away from their total of 12 count, and potentially being able to use it for themselves? this rule seems to have been changed though, and only factory teams will be allowed to "claim". this apparently is to keep factories from sneaking in factory engines into a crt team with its 12 engine advantage.
- in theory a CRT team can source a purely prototype engine (as well as its frame which is implied) from a small builder also--it doesnt have to be a production engine, but theres little point in that as production engines would be cheaper anyways.

what else has your guys' interest for next season?

Flange bolts shook loose while riding to the valley for work today. Anybody here in the valley or know a shop? :( honestly it's a 5 min fix and I can do it myself I just need some bolts and a wrench haha

got yet another suit for the grind, a mesh panel-ed hot weather suit this time. i now have 2 suits that i can alternate depending on the conditions. the fieldsheer cyclone for sub 75 and/or rain in the forecast, and this stealth for the hot days--such as the 90+ degree day coming up!

without further ado, here are some quick pics i snapped, ill talk a little more after:

obviously, the best protection that one could buy in this segment would be a motoport mesh kevlar. but for me, weighing the cost vs protection, i was ok with the reduced protection offered with the olympia--regardless, i will be much much much better protected than riding to work in slacks and a jacket, or probably even jeans and a jacket. i was able to read and run accross at least a few CRASH reviews of this suit, and they werent the horror stories i was anticipating. mesh will not protect as well as solid ballistic nylon, nor kevlar, nor leather, but it still protects, especially when you factor in the ability to maintain CE certified armor at all major impact zones. the crash reviews i was able to find resulted in the rider getting up and walking away--maybe a scratch here or there, but NOT any major broken bones, and not any major road rash. i'm fairly confident a crash for me in this suit would result in the same. *touch wood*

having ridden with an oversuit on the commute for the last year or two, i dont think i could ever go back to anything else. theres a nice blend of security (the sense of) and convenience to be had with a suit, and it's just my preference. my fieldsheer is great, but its too hot for anything over 80 degrees. the trade off is that its a fantastic cold weather suit and fantastic rain suit (tried and tested!). this fills the void and offers me an option on the really hot days.

as always, i wear my work clothes underneath these suits. for the most part its never an issue. only time it is is when its stupid hot, the shoulder part of my dress shirt sleeve gets a little wrinkly. pants have never been an issue though. hopefully this suit being a bit cooler will help alleviate that issue, not to mention the comfort level for the ride home.

the fit on this olympia stealth is a bit closer than the fieldsheer. i think the fieldsheer was designed to be fitted while wearing the quilted liner, but ive taken that out since day 1--never needed it here in ca. i'm 6' even and 200 lbs (if im not being too much of a glutton) and the overall fit is pretty much perfect. my inseam is 32 and the length is just a smidge long, but i think the suit was designed that way to be hemmable. i will prolly forgo hemming. the suit also has a stretchy and adjustable waist. its a wee snug around that area for me (too much beer for me!) but by no means is it uncomfortable. i could slim down a bit and it would fit great around the abdomen. i MAY have considered exchanging for an XL, but im afraid it would be too big. right now im quite pleased with the fit of this suit as an L. probably would be more so when i slim down a bit more.

i havent given it too much of a scrutinous look over, but the tailorship (i beLIEVE thats the proper word) looks good. no funky hurried stitching, no bunching, material lays as it should. armor doesnt feel out of place (with the exception of the knee pads which are only slightly so and ARE adjustable and need to be adjusted for me--3 positions available). im glad i went with the dark pewter+hiviz combo. throw my vest on top of this and i dont think i can get any more ridiculously bright, hurray for visibility! not too big of a deal for me, but maybe for others, this suit uses official cordura and 3m scotchlite. armor is also ce certified. most other suits in this category use off-branded ballistic (denier count usually is the same though--just the licensing for the actual cordura fabric isnt used) nylon and reflective material. could be a big deal to some, but its not to me.

anyways gonna post this real quick, and when i decide to finally roll out of bed, i'll snap a few donned photos as well.

i know a few ppl here have dont the ride before...stopping in phx.

how is it? fueling spots? anything to watch for?

if i do this, its going to be in a few weeks, no leather, hopefully my new tour/commute suit comes in. range on the cbr is like 120 miles per tank, superhawk maybe a hair over 100. not sure which ill be taking.

where to fuel up? my plan was palm springs-blythe-phx and coming into tus with just enough fuel.

maybe its time to go find a camel pack -_-

anyone have experience with these?

i bought a HF tire changer a while back, and it works great, except the mount bar is horrible. i use rags with the clamps right now, but i have some plastidip to put on them.

im using pieces of plastic bottle on the bar to protect my rims, work ok, but definitely not a long term solution.

i think the more important thing for me though, is having a bar that actually mounts effectively. the HF bar doesnt do that very well.

is there a difference in effort needed between the nomar and mojo? right now im leaning towards the nomar--it has a mount tip design that i like. dont know if its worth the extra $40 or so dollars after shipping and taxes though...

help! thanks.

stuntin folk: is there a general theory/bible/build manual/school of thought when putting together a "stunt" package?

as far as i know (which is VERY little):
- vtwins bad, i4 most common
- less crap to break the better haha
- do tires REALLY matter?
- why sport bike chassis only?
- USD vs regular forks?

thinking about this made me curious is all.


went to walmart over the weekend, they didnt have any t6 left and i didnt see it on any of the labels...

this was at the beach and trask walmart--is it happening at other walmarts too???

need to change the oil on the cbr and the sequoia haha.

btw, last i checked, it was $22/gal up from $20/gal a few months ago :\

last resort, $26+ at pepboys haha...

hey guys, starting the moto commuting again. been doing it on the cbr, which is great and all, except i need to show my main commuting bike some love--the superhawk.

so in order to start riding it, im looking for a few things, and im hoping you guys might be able to point me to some local sources, hopefully part of the ocmoto network :)
- 11.3mm valve stem, im totally ok with a plain jane rubber one, but wouldnt be opposed to a 90° metal on, so long as it doesnt cost $15+ each :\
- brake pads--probably will go with galfer 1054 compound pads, they're cheap, ive used them before, and i know what to expect from them. they're not bad either. p/n FD148-G1054
- another set of rotors, these ones are getting warped, but im searching ebay and the superhawk forums for them. kind of an obscure item. not looking to drop $500 on a set of galfer waves. theres really no need for that haha.
- summer gloves! my main gloves have very little perforation, but the protect amazingly. they work great for me at the track, where im not on track for very long, but on the commute, they're pretty bothersome. ive been using my shift racing short gloves--protection doesnt seem adequate. anyone have suggestions? i suppose i could do a short, or half gauntlet. not sure i want to do a full for commuting, but im not totally opposed.
- looking at a headlight relay kit, probably eastern beaver. anyone know any other places local that will make one? how about light bulb recs? i think its just a standard dual beam h4 bulb. i do however would like a different color to differentiate myself from a car when seen thru a rearview mirror :\


Off Topic / where to get deep cycle batteries?
« on: 07/13/11 10:47AM »
looking for a good place to get a good price on a deep cycle battery lol thinking about picking one up, any ideas?

Off Topic / anyone ever fish kern/isabella?
« on: 07/08/11 11:16AM »
going camping next weekend, looking for a little knowledge before i go up :)

camp site will be middle kern, south of the river, but ill probably head up to the river to do a little fishing sometime during the weekend.


just saw this from another forum, i was considering these tires at one point, but this is pretty hoping its just a bad batch. dissappointed to say the least with how it seems mich is handling the situation! no returned calls or emails...

like i said, im just hoping the guy had a bad batch...

Product Reviews / my new tire change setup! :D
« on: 06/11/11 08:18PM »

damn thing nearly paid for itself today with the 4 mount n balances i did today, not including all the practice runs!

will need to add like 2-3 more things though, that harbor freight bar is pretty tricky to use, and the clamps could use some real protection rather than rags...

so far, i give it a thumbs up!

comes with:
- 4 cables, different lengths
- the timer
- the IR sensor/receiver
- manuals and registration cards
- some extra velcro
- lap timer holder
- (not shown) the box

ive never used this one btw, i have another mini and have used that one, so this one stayed in the box lol. i recently got a gps setup so i definitely wont be needing this any longer. as you can see from the pics no scratches.

all the stuff

backside of IR sensor

frontside of IR sensor

backside of timer

front side of timer, still has plastic!

product pic of the holder, mines been mounted but no blems or anything

asking $160, brand new runs $200 + s/h, and only comes with 1 cable, and NO holder ($40)

thanks guys! :)

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