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Racing Headquarters / Surfercross 2017
« on: 08/10/17 04:51PM »
Looks like the HB crew was haulin the mail at the 2017 Surfercross!

Link to article

Fakebook Page

General Motorcycle Discussion / KTM MotoGP
« on: 10/31/16 10:39AM »
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General Motorcycle Discussion / No Helmet required
« on: 10/14/16 12:16PM »
New Beemer - I guess you can't fall off or get run into.....

I'm not buyin it....

This is pretty cool....

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General Motorcycle Discussion / Fun commute!
« on: 04/06/16 02:24PM »
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CHP: Motorcyclist splitting lanes on Highway 101 when fatal crash occurred.  This article is trending on Fakebook right now.


They really downplay the speeding part and put the focus on Lane Splitting...  Biased reporting much?  :6:

What is really frightening is some of the comments.  Mission accomplished for the anti-lane splitting crowd I guess...  :13:  :13:

RIP Ronald Garcia

General Motorcycle Discussion / New Honda
« on: 07/24/15 11:39AM »
Looks interesting....  Dual Clutch Trans  :26: 440lbs  I didn't see any MSRP, only speculation in the $12k-$14k range.

Africa Twin 1000

Off Topic / 28 Liter 4 Cylinder
« on: 12/02/14 05:57PM »

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General Motorcycle Discussion / Production Turbo
« on: 09/03/14 03:59PM »
Looks like Kawi might be pulling the trigger on a Turbo Hyper Ninja.  Sounds pretty Rad.

Sound Clip Here

Sorry, I just saw this...  and unfortunately only a few hours left for reservations.

There is a "Gathr" listing for the John Penton movie at Kaleidoscope in Mission Viejo, Thursday August 14.  They need some more reservations to lock it in.

It would be very cool to see.  Hopefully they will get the required reservations.

So, I get this letter from the DMV and my initial thought is "Oh $hit, what now?". 

Turns out it is an offer to participate in a national study on motorcycles.  They mount a camera / GPS / transmitter, etc. on your bike and record your activity for up to a year.  It says they will give you $300 or $500 compensation depending on which equipment package they mount on your bike. 

There are disclaimers about the data being anonymous, that it can never be used against you in court, your bike will be returned to its original condition after the study, etc.

I think I'll pass  :32: 

Anyone ever heard of such a thing?  Would you do it?

Saw this on another forum.  Pretty cool.

Honda Collection Hall

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