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Selling my 2015 Honda Fury. It is the first 2015 off the line so the vin ends in 0001. I love this bike but I need another crotch rocket before I can have a cruiser. That is the reason I am selling it. I am the first owner of the bike. Bike runs strong and extremely well. No problems at all, and only has 600 miles on it. I'm about to get the 600 mile oil change and it will be done by the Honda Power House dealership in Long Beach. Bike is in great condition. I owe money on the bike to the dealership still, but will take care of paperwork for the new owner as quickly as possible. It also comes with the warranty that is good for 3 years. I will sell the bike with the stock OEM exhaust for smog purposes.

Asking Price: $11,000 OBO
Bike: 2015 Honda Fury(Purchased through Huntington Beach Honda Motorcycle--1st Owner)
Mileage: 700

SLK 2 into 1 Exhaust

Included with Bike:
Stock Exhaust

Bored at work? Watch this video on 250s and enjoy some awesome riding while gaining knowledge.  :27: :27: :27:

Was a great day riding. Going to be planning a shooting/riding/camping trip for later this year once it warms up. :27: :27: :27:

So I have been pondering the idea of riding my S1000RR all the way to Florida and back next year. :17: I recentley went there on vacation and was missing my bike. Was wondering if anyone has done the ride before on a crotch rocket and how many days it took them and what rest stops were made. :2:

Stops i was thinking:

1st El Paso, TX                      11hrs
2nd Houston, TX                    10hrs
3rd Tallahassee, FL                10hrs
4th and last Miami, FL              6hrs

Pretty much thinking take a week to get there. chill there for a week and then take a week getting back.

Any input and people interested in doing this ride?

Any members with a drivers license from out of State living in California because you are stationed here in the Military?

Is it a fact or myth that we don't need to change our drivers license to california since we are in the military?
I thought we didnt need to and have had no problems when being pulled over until this month.
I recieved a ticket for driving unlicensed.
Cop pulled me over 2 weeks after and smiled and said i havent learnt my lesson but i googled it and found plenty of sites including the CA DMV site saying we dont need to change our license which i told him the second time he pulled me over and he said he knows the law and enforces it....
Is there a CA Vehicle Code somewhere that says military is exempt that I can throw in is face next time?

Any insight is welcomed.


Misc. Motorcycle Videos/Pictures / The Dirt Bike Kid
« on: 05/06/14 08:12PM »
Found this old gem on youtube today. This is the movie I saw as a kid that got me in to nagging my parents for a dirt bike. This movie started the motorcycle madness for me.   :27:

Misc. Motorcycle Videos/Pictures / Redbull Romaniacs
« on: 04/18/14 09:59AM »
dos this ever come to Cali? I would love to check it out live.  :27:

Misc / Billiards Bike Night
« on: 04/12/14 07:42PM »
Meeting at 8:30pm possible ride after.

International Billiards
6328 Westminster Blvd
Westminster, CA 92683

Bike Nights / Billiards Bike Night
« on: 04/01/14 09:18AM »
Meeting some folks tonight and will probably do so at least twice a month for a bike night, all are welcome. Tuesdays wont be the set day as of yet. It's a nice Pool Hall with plenty of tables located beside a IN & Out.

The tables are pay per hour so bring singles to throw in for the total table bill. The owner and bartender are pretty cool so if this becomes a regular thing ill ask if we could get a set group rate to play.

Meetin at 8:30pm possible ride after.

International Billiards
6328 Westminster Blvd
Westminster, CA 92683

Bikes For Sale / 2005 ZX-6R $1,500 O.B.O title in hand
« on: 01/02/14 07:57AM »
Selling my baby. The engine is seized and I don't have the resources to fix it so that's why it is so cheap.
She has over 25k miles on her.
The bike has been down once on the right side going about 10-15mph downhill.
No rear brake on the bike either. Have the rear brake but no pedal on the rearset.
Bike has a full Yoshimura exhaust and a powercommander.
The blue fairings on her are the OEM ones that were costum painted by BushiWolf and arent the ones that have been down. I have the aftermarket fairings (black with candy red flames)that were on when she went down and will include them in the sale. I also have the OEM tank that was also painted blue. Bike has a up 5 rear sprocket.

Bike is located in Long Beach by the 91 and 710 if you want to check her out.

Miscellaneous / 12 inch subwoofer - price drop
« on: 09/21/13 02:46PM »
Asking $150 O.B.O for this awesome sub. It packs a punch.

I finally sold my car so it must go.

Misc. Motorcycle Videos/Pictures / But hows the bike?
« on: 08/05/13 04:42AM »

HAHAHAHA. True rider in the making. You always gotta check the bike.

this guy forgot all about his girlfriend, i hope she ended up ok. And unless the lights work differentley over there the driver clearly ran the red light.

Im trying to extend a ticket i received in Bartstow and can't find the link to do it online. It all refers you to their automated telephone number adn when i call it tells me a duplicate citation has been submitted and I need to call in and speak with a clerk. If i could find the link onlije it would be much easier. I called in a few times alreayd adn it tells me they are receiving a lot of calls right now and to call back later, they dont put you on hold....

Anyone know where the link is for Barstow traffic ticket extension?

Going on right now.

So I'm selling my old Mustang and as of now getting a newer not a brand new BMW. Looking at a 2007 3 series or any BMW newer than 06. I know my spending limit and what I want my monthly payments to be. My credit I s average.
My problem is, I also want a new motorcycle. I have a paid for ZX-6R and won't be getting rid of it. My original plan was to pay off my Stang and then get a Honda Fury with a loan on it and gladly make payments on it.
Maybe I just need to make up my mind but right now I'm thinking get a newer BMW and make the payments on that or get a new Honda Fury after I sell my Mustang and buy a $3,000 or less car or truck...... Either way I'm keeping my ninja.

What would you do?

Miscellaneous / 2003 Mustang Mach 1 $10,000 O.B.O
« on: 05/10/13 10:42AM »
Selling my baby Mach 1 Azure Mustang. Just over 2,000 made I have only come across 3 others 1 of which was in Florida. I love this car but I have been wanting something new for a while and since i'm not rich I must get rid of it.

Has 85,6xx miles

6 Speed Transmission (Installed last year)
Stage 3+ Spec clutch kit (Installed last year)
Staggered Wheels
Pioneer DVD player
Pioneer Speakers
Rockford Fosgate Amp
12inch sub

My baby has some marbling sound that goes away when the clutch is engaged. I'm thinking it need a new throw out bearing...

And the front bumper was scrapped on both sides when it was transported here from Florida. I have a brand new bumper and chin spoiler, just need to get it painted and mounted. Found a place to do it for $250 in West Covina.

Bike Nights / Saturday Night Pool Night Long Beach 8PM
« on: 04/23/13 07:50PM »
Come out and enjoy a nice cold pitcher and shoot some pool at The Port on Broadway Ave in Downtown Long Beach at 8PM. There's parking right in front and with big glass windows you have a visual of your motorcycle the whole time while you're shooting pool.

The Port
143 W. Broadway Ave.
Long Beach, CA 90802 

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